Sixth Grade Stinks (chapter1)

February 17, 2009
By dancinann96 BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
dancinann96 BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
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That was it. The last item in my suit case. I can’t believe that it is already two days left until middle school. Everything is going to be different this year. New friends, new house, new state. I just moved from Florida to Texas. I don’t know how I am going to get used to not seeing a beach when I walk out of my door. Also, I don’t know how I am going to survive middle school without my best friend Julie. Mom wants me to join a school team, and I am not an athletic person. But, I guess the only sport that I would kind of like would be dance. The only problem with that is my new school (which by the way is called Meadow Ville Middle School) doesn't have a dance team! No, I have never actually tired to dance before, but when I go to Ally's recitals, she is so good. I don’t even know how we are related. She is so pretty with her dark brown hair, green eyes, and flexible body. I have stringy dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and if I tried to do the splits, I would have to be sent to the hospital to get on crutches! Ok well I think that is enough writing in this journal for tonight. Mostly because mom just yelled at me because it is 1:00am and I am still up. Hope tomorrow is a better day.

Sunday August 20
I just woke up, and I’m starving! I can’t believe I woke up at 11:00! I missed breakfast!

So, I ran downstairs as fast as I could. That wasn’t my best idea though because I ended up falling on my face and now I have a scrape right on my forehead; just what I needed for my first day of school. I already looked bad enough and a scrape right on my forehead will make me look extra bad! So, I get up and go to the kitchen. Of course my sister asks what happens, I tell her, and then she laughs at me. I’m used to it though. I am so clumsy.
“Ding Dong.” Oh just what I need right now. Someone to come to the door. I am in my pj’s, my hair is messed up and I just got that scare. “Julie, go get the door. “ Oh, and by the way stop being a show off dancing to the door. She opens the door and all I can see is the cutest boy EVER. And, well all the other people around him. I race up the back stairs, and mess up my whole room tiring to find my favorite outfit to put on. Then I mess up my whole bathroom to find some makeup to cover up my scrape. Finally, I look alright. I walk (carefully) down the stairs and say “oh hello, I am Lea, what’s your name?” He didn’t say anything. His sister did though. “Hi I’m Chelsea my family saw your moving truck yesterday and we baked these cookies for you!” By the way we live right next door and that’s Jake, my brother. He doesn’t talk much at all though. Oh, um thanks! Do you want to come in for a while Chelsea? Sure! And that is where my whole sixth grade year begins.

The author's comments:
I really wanted to post this story becuase one day i was just bored so it is right from my mind.

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