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Before 18

September 28, 2018
By Brandongarzaofficial SILVER, Hemet, California
Brandongarzaofficial SILVER, Hemet, California
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I wish I could take it all back, the love I’d shown you, I wish there was away to turn and leave it all. To wake up with amnesia and forget the love we shared. Sometimes I wish we never met at all, and sometimes I wish you never left. I wonder what we could have been, those nights you'd take me out to watch the beautiful night sky. We’d talk about the future. The future neither of us knew would never become a reality. I never know what to feel with you, angry, sadness, were the only man I loved, gone.

    Do you remember when we met, the night it all went down. You were just a scared kid and so was I; lost in the stars of the endless night, wondering what we would become. Lost in the dark of our own minds, trembling at the thought of life just passing us by. You found me, sitting under that dark twisted tree, alone, but so were you, running away from your father and his view , and from there our two halves, whole. You put color into my eye and made me see things in more than just black and white. You and me against the world, well now it seems we’ve lost that fight.

I remember when you left,  3 years of love thrown away.  You took me to the carnival on my 18 birthday. We talked about where we would go, the places we would see. Little did I know, you lied, those piercing lies that I believed. Said you’d take me around the world and travel, just you and me. You said you’d never leave, promised when you broke my walls down you'd treat me like your king. Well look where we are now, you're across the world it seems, you left me with no warning, left my heart to bleed.

      Is it wrong to miss your kiss, miss the way we interlocked and created something so bliss. We shared promises, that were sworn to be kept, but now fade away into the stars, for they are the only ones who knew about our love. The only ones who knew our light. A love so forbidden, that if annihilated would not be too missed. I heard your with a new, someone who will help save you, from flames as your father put it.

      I hope she brings you joy, and gives you the things I missed. Does she keep your promises, do you share them with your kiss? Does she know the secrets that you hide away from the rest? You followed society instead of your heart, and now your trapped in a life, a life that isn’t yours. One that is being ruled by those who say they follow “true joy”. Maybe one day you’ll open your eyes and see, that love we shared was no sin nor evil, but something real and unforgettable. If you ever read this know, you don't have to run from who you are, turn away from what we both know is in your heart.

The author's comments:

This storys, although in fiction, is of true events with 2 lovers in the span of 3 years. This piece is extrodinarly sentemental. It gose threw the mind of a boy who's love for another is ruined due to the religiouse views of his lovers father.  Striped away and forced to be with a women. 

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on Oct. 4 2018 at 7:42 am
Hermione-Granger BRONZE, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
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Cool story.

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