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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

By , Hartland, WI
The year: 1930. As Bonnie Elizabeth Parker’s crime spree with her lover Clyde Barrow happens, I would ask her, “Why? Why start a life for yourself full of trouble and crime? You could have married a nice man, had nice kids, and had a nice... (more »)
We can't hear the silence
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Dear Mary,         10/6/1967 Right now I’m sitting in the big community tent, the guys are playing card games, to get their minds off the cold reality. It is a warm Saturday afternoon, in June in... (more »)
stock market crash of 1920
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A man steps into the casino. He is wearing a white tee along with distressed jeans to accompany the casual look of just a normal man. He is a normal man, he is like every other human being in the casino and they are all there for the same... (more »)
The Grapes of Wrath Intercalary Chapter
By , Peoria, AZ
     The neatly sectioned off plots of land that are gently painted with the colors of the rainbow, stretch beyond the horizon to where I can not see any further. Small gusts of wind here and there blow over the grassy plains of... (more »)
The fire within
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4th June, 2014 Who is a criminal in reality? A person who deserves to pay for his heinous sins; a person who was perplexed enough to commit to a life of perjury; or is it a person who raises his voice against tyrants? For twenty five years I... (more »)
The One on the Far Left
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He was in today's newspaper. At least that's what the paperboy had told him. It was no surprise to him, he was barely able to pull himself out of bed all week. His canary died on Wednesday. Not that he had any personal relationship with the... (more »)
The Ants
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Back and fourth, back and fourth the ants go back and fourth. They move at a quick pace some faster than others trying to bring back food to their colony. They all follow in a line, one after the other after the other. There's rarely any food... (more »)
Descending into Dusseldorf
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Descending into Dusseldorf Once the street lamps flickered on, I realized I had been sitting here for four hours. The chill fog of the Rhine river began to wrap itself along the banks, and I became sore afraid. Perhaps stooping on these steps... (more »)
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The only words they ever bothered to share with us were yelled, angrily, as though we were the inconvenience. As though their families were dying, and they were locked away for their beliefs, and we were the cruel ones. As though when they... (more »)
The Storm
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They said it was pneumonia. From the dust. It took over her completely, clogging her lungs and eventually stopping her heart. And it was over so quick, I didn't even know it was happening. The dust sneaks its way into every possible entrance,... (more »)
Montresors Reason for Revenge
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Today is the day the new Renaissance Mall opens and Montresor races to grab his phone. Montresor and Fortunato have been waiting weeks for the mall to open so they can go together and today's the day. Montresor quickly grabbed his phone and... (more »)
E Pluribus Unum
By , Mashpee, MA
It was May 10, 1776. Tensions between the British Empire and the Western Colonies have escalated to an all-time high. The American Revolution had just begun about two weeks ago, with the Battles of Lexington and Concord. Paul Johnson, who had... (more »)
Not a Soul
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The night was black, just the way he liked it. His eyes glimmered in anticipation, and his gaze fell on the ever moving hands on the clock across the eerie square. Hours had passed, but this did not faze him. He was used to waiting; he had... (more »)
The Hands of God
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February 11th, 1989      I sit at the breakfast table as Jacqueline prepares us coffee and muffins. The mornings are always filled with nuances of contentment. From our comfortable silence to her hair haphazardly tossed into a bun with... (more »)
Fate in the Stars: A Holocaust Diary
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February 3, 1941 It has seemed like mother Nature herself has relflected life as it is for my people with the bleak, cold conditions. Rabi Gregory always told us that God will not give us more than we could handle, but I am not sure how God... (more »)
A Sense of Solace
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I dive into the trenches, mud splattering everywhere. Dirt and blood cover my body. All I see is rain and sharp flashes of light erupting among the blur. “Hold your own!” I faintly hear through the boom of explosions and the cries of fallen... (more »)
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