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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

Bloodied Snow
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Isaac toyed with the little etch marks on his gun, rubbing his fingers soothingly back on forth over the six tally marks engraved in the metal.  He crouched in the boat, cradling his machine gun, eyes fixed on the rapidly approaching muddy... (more »)
A factory Boy
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He kissed his blood covered knuckles pushing the pallid freckled boy out into the freezing rain. “your nothing but a hired ass, nothing but an ignorant carrot top and don’t you forget it boy.” The boy trotted away from the... (more »)
Asylum Diaries
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Dear Diary,                                                         July 6th, 1868       It has been four days, six hours, and three minutes since I was put in solitary confinement. Strange people come in my room... (more »)
On the Run This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Run. The sole movement was consuming his thoughts, his mind, his entire body. Alfred’s gritty feet pounded against the raw farmland, and the blazing sun blinded his vision. Sweat trickled down his crooked back, seeping into his jagged... (more »)
The Hope of Suffering
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*Note to reader: some parts of the short story are quotes from books and songs including works such as The Color Purple by ALice Walker and the song “Sun Hands” by Local Natives. The rest is all original work of the author. The Hope of... (more »)
Rubber Bands
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 In my time, I’ve been on plenty of trains, riding around looking for new opportunities. In all my long, hard years though, one ride in particular, for one reason or another, has stuck with me. It was late summer in the year of our Lord 1929.... (more »)
The Girls with the Shattered Shoes
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We were dancin’, the miss and I, swirling through the air on a cushion of cloud. How we did, I’ve no clue. Her shoes let out a little musical clink every time the glass struck the ground, and she had confided in me that she had... (more »)
Love, Not War This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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   Whenever I think of home, I don’t get the fuzzy feelings most would. When I step into my house, I feel like cardboard. Stiff and useless. My mom was always there for me, a bright sun against the cloud of my father. My sister was a... (more »)
Left It Behind
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It had been five years since I had first taken a job as Manager-Director of the Therapeutic Furniture Company. It had been twenty-five since the Afrikaners had taken control. I never thought it would be these two things that would push me out of... (more »)
Santa's Secret Weapon
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            Anger was plastered on my face. I was frustrated, I wanted to slam my head against the wall. I was grounded, again. For what, you might ask. All I did was kick my sister, call my brother names, and not do my homework. In... (more »)
From Here to Georgia
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June 14th, 1732                               Mother told me today that we would be starting a new... (more »)
In The Clouds
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May 3rd, 1937 – The Journal of Nathaniel Crawford I swear, these fumes will be the complete and utter death of me.  Black, noxious, and suffocating. I can almost feel them either creep or force themselves into my lungs, only to... (more »)
A Soilders' Courage
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So there I was, In the bloodiest battlefield of the Civil War, Antietam! As I was walking through the battlefield I saw my friends and others from my regiment fallen. How did I survive the bloody battle you may ask? You will soon find out.... (more »)
Because He Ran
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P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } The silence swept over him, like a shroud of some sort, concealing him from the world outside and locking him back in his cage. He fought it—but then again, he always fought it. He pressed his hands to his lips,... (more »)
Special Agent: Sanders
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PART I: The Departure Episode 1: Call to Adventure US Senator Sanders is getting ready to leave for his favorite job. Before he leaves however, he flips on the TV to watch the news before he heads out. As he watches he has scrambled... (more »)
Haziq's Story
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I think back to the time I joined the army two months ago. It was two days after my eighteenth birthday, on October 25th, a week before the war started. I promised my family that I would make my country proud. My thoughts are interrupted when... (more »)
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