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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

From Here to Georgia
By , Northbridge, MA
June 14th, 1732                               Mother told me today that we would be starting a new life in a new land at last. She handed me this journal explaining what I write in here will be of importance one... (more »)
In The Clouds
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May 3rd, 1937 – The Journal of Nathaniel Crawford I swear, these fumes will be the complete and utter death of me.  Black, noxious, and suffocating. I can almost feel them either creep or force themselves into my lungs, only to... (more »)
A Soilders' Courage
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So there I was, In the bloodiest battlefield of the Civil War, Antietam! As I was walking through the battlefield I saw my friends and others from my regiment fallen. How did I survive the bloody battle you may ask? You will soon find out.... (more »)
Because He Ran
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P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } The silence swept over him, like a shroud of some sort, concealing him from the world outside and locking him back in his cage. He fought it—but then again, he always fought it. He pressed his hands to his lips,... (more »)
Special Agent: Sanders
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PART I: The Departure Episode 1: Call to Adventure US Senator Sanders is getting ready to leave for his favorite job. Before he leaves however, he flips on the TV to watch the news before he heads out. As he watches he has scrambled... (more »)
Haziq's Story
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I think back to the time I joined the army two months ago. It was two days after my eighteenth birthday, on October 25th, a week before the war started. I promised my family that I would make my country proud. My thoughts are interrupted when... (more »)
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“CAROLINE!” Justine screamed up the stairs to her daughter. She shook with fear, four Nazis surrounded her with their guns pointed towards her and her husband’s heads. “Caroline get your brother and come downstairs please!” “What is... (more »)
Justice and Equality
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December 1st, 1955 -  The sights I see as I walk through the streets of Montgomery, Alabama are egregious. The signs of  “Colored” or “Whites Only” pain me like knives staked in my side. This is not right. This... (more »)
The Shepherd
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The sky is a dark shadow when I awake. The envious moon still concealing the fair sun as I tie a hollow gourd to my clay jug handle, and straighten the knot in my back. The astounding crack is like a firing pistol, and the excruciating pain is... (more »)
The Tudors
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Henry Tudor smirked with arrogance as he mounted his horse. He knew what was about to happen. It had happened a thousand times before. He would ride out to the field, look his opponent square in the eye, and charge. The crowd would cheer as... (more »)
Two Words
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The folder laid on his desk. The haunting key to his future. He had ignored it for the last past 5 months - always knowing it was there, but paying it no mind. He had not known of this "God weapon" before April 12, 1945. A tool of... (more »)
Saving Slaves This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The creaking of the big, oak door made the quiet murmuring fade away into the darkness.  Mary’s lantern shone on my face and she held a hand out to me. I took it and the tenseness in the room faded.   “Maua,”... (more »)
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Lieutenant Arnold
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The day was January 1rst, 1975. We had just spent a whole day trying to navigate to a safe town, village, or really anything that would grant us to a good night’s sleep. We had been ambushed by enemy troops two days ago when we were trying to... (more »)
Dusty Letter
By , Philly, PA
The letter lay untouched on his desk, its creases marked with dust. I knew my father very well, well enough to know something happened and I was not supposed to know. My name is Thomas, I am the son of John and the brother of Anthony. My brother... (more »)
By , Fort Loudon, PA
The man will be resting all night. During his slumber, everything prior to that night replays in his head. “How are we supposed to find this here cat, the tracks done froze over and we don’t got no dogs.” Says Fitzgerald. “Kane asked... (more »)
Hourglass in Auschwitz
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When we are young time goes by but it seems abundant and never ending. It is like an hourglass full of sand seemingly never to run out. My family and I thought our family hour glass was full and would never empty so quickly as other did. But... (more »)
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