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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

The Unwilling Kamikaze
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In the last moments I remembered the time when I was a child. In the last moments it all came back. Promises I never kept, hopes I lost, and dreams I deserted. I realized, before the peril came, that there was nothing good that could come from... (more »)
Printing Fire
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Rosamund’s husband burned with the power of words. He spoke of it with that wildfire in his eyes; he had an intoxicating way of speech, an enthusiasm for the manuscripts he printed, sheet after sheet, until his fingers were blackened with ink... (more »)
The lost Princess
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She was Mona Lisa, Propped up as a masterpiece for a lucky prince to purchase To hang in his own halls Her smile was deceitful Her poise was forced She envied the freedom of the breeze That ruffled her hair as she stood on the ledge It... (more »)
The Winter Rains
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The summer sun shone brightly, warming the earth. Beneath the heavens, was the pinnacle of the breathtaking Eagle Cliff. The gem-like rocks and towering cliffs overshadowed the majestic Pearl River, winding to the east. Yet when the water... (more »)
Witch's Trial
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Thick smoke clouded around her. She caughed and gasped as she inhaled the dark smoke. A bright raging fire thrived all around the small platform she stood on. she felt the scorching heat of the fire as it slowly began searing and blistering her... (more »)
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The Offering
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Wrists aching, they trudged up the magnificent beast.  The arid heat from the sun, as it powered behind the temple and cast shadows down towards the crowd that gathered below, was stuffy.  Claustrophobic even. The Mayan Temple stood proud,... (more »)
The Dairy of Nurbiika Umarov
Jessica Toensing September 3rd, 1996 The 20 month war has ended just a month ago. Those were very dark times. During those times I gave birth to my third child. My oldest, Mairbek, had to stop going to school ever since my husband and I... (more »)
A Great Calamity
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I was completely and utterly lost. The streets of Ukraine bent and twisted in unnatural ways that were extremely unfamiliar to me. Glancing around in every direction, I began to think that coming here was the worst mistake of my life. I searched... (more »)
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Escape! A Tale About World War II Introduction: It was about 2:00 in the afternoon when the bombs were dropped. The city’s alarm, the most ear-splitting sound anyone had ever heard, blared throughout the city of Munich. The buildings came... (more »)
The Medieval Jay
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 It started out like an ordinary day, peasants roaming the dirty streets, carriages pulled by well-groomed horses dragging lords and ladies along the rocky paths, street beggars calling out in desperate need. As the carriages passed,... (more »)
My Brother Cody
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When I was younger, my best friend was my older brother Cody. He was six years my senior, and to me he was everything. He was the one who taught me how to ride a bike and how to read. He was the one who would come into my room during a... (more »)
Journal Entry of a Union Soldier
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 8th of April, 1862 I killed four men yesterday, and I only remember one of them. He was a lot like me, but he was wearing a grey uniform instead of blue. It's funny how I could decide to kill another person based off of a colour. Because of... (more »)
By , Staunton, VA
It was 1906, the day set on the hottest time of the year. As the sun stretched further and further up high into the clear sea of sky, afternoon approaching steadily, the mid-July weather remained dusty and barren, only the temperature gradually... (more »)
Nazi Walk
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While I was walking down the street with the Nazi men pushing me along. I looked around at the people on the street watching. Some look happy to see us pass and then some look sad with sad smiles watching us.  My thin clothes cling on to my... (more »)
Julia's Journey
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3rd September 1904 I boarded this ship with a heavy heart. When I was younger, I wished for escape from Britain, and all the conventions it rigorously upholded. Then, as my Father got himself further and further in debt, I wished for escape... (more »)
The Lost King
So you have heard that I am a storyteller? Most seem to think of me as a delusional old man who has dreamt himself into being royalty. But they are wrong, for who you see standing before you is a forgotten king. You may laugh, but I know this in... (more »)
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