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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

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"They fight not for the lust of conquest. They fight to end conquest. They fight to liberate."- President Franklin D. Roosevelt     “Have ya got anyone left?” A portly man spoke to the slouched young man... (more »)
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          The wind howled in the otherwise quiet town without many sound barriers to boost its resonance. All of the townspeople had passed away years ago, leaving only wispy trees and dilapidated buildings. The darkness of the night... (more »)
The Titanic Band
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As we played a jovial tune, pastel skirts and starched pant legs flashed across my vision. Smiles graced the faces of every stranger that danced to the rhythms of our song. That is why I played. That is why we played. We played for young love,... (more »)
The Assassination of Hitler
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“Everyday I walk these streets and think of the horror these people must face from day to day.” Dalton muttered with misery. “This may be horrible now, but I have confidence in our new chancellor. He wants change that will make Germany... (more »)
In Rhuddlan
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Aeron Wilmot was heir to a name revered by nobles across vast hills and histories, riches stretching beyond the comprehension of a human mind, and a knack for zoning out during his history lessons. It wasn’t that the subject was dull; learning... (more »)
Chesed's Broken Muse
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A dancing flame flickered shadow puppets across the fabric of tents. Snowflakes fell slow as a sleeping breath to the pine branches above him, a net, saving him from the bitter cold. Chesed took shelter under the rough trunks, shivering his way... (more »)
The Fall
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“If only we had held the walls they wouldn’t have entered so fast. A city burned last night when those beasts invaded” I reported to my boss. He stood quiet for a minute, thinking. “The danger isn’t at the surface.” He answered. I... (more »)
The Sphinx
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There it stood, the great sphinx of Egypt, towering above me now like a skyscraper made from piles of dust that have stood the tortures of time. How the ancient Egyptians built a colossal structure with no modern technology, we may never know... (more »)
The Day That Never Left Her MInd
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There she stood unable to move. What she saw around her was people who were fearful that their untimely deaths were upon them. Shocked and unable to process what was going on around her she acted upon instinct. She thought to herself ... (more »)
The Promise
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Jack gripped his rifle in ill concealed terror as the shrieking sound grew deafening. A moment later a thunderous boom rang across no-man’s-land, blinding heat washed over him and his eyes were dazzled by a red flash. He wiped the sweat from... (more »)
The Machine
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“Calm down!” My mother said as she grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him like she did to us kids when we were young. “Aubrey come help me with this troublemaker”, she said gesturing towards me. “Why are you running around... (more »)
Homeland Calling
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  I wipe the thick layer of sweat off my forehead. My hand is soaked. Suddenly everyone starts moving faster. My troop is running towards the sound of cannons and muskets. My shoelace comes undone. My body lurches forward and my face... (more »)
Wicked Woman
By , Miami, FL
It was because she had broken with Billy that Loretta had come visiting to Santa Clara. Billy could not understand. His sister had reported that he had walked the floor and cried all night. Loretta had not slept all night either, while she had... (more »)
Son of the revolution
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Christopher Washington, son of world-renowned general, General Washington, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the year 1765. He was born in the month of February; approximately 10 years before the start of one of the biggest wars in... (more »)
The Mighty Woman: Margaret Cochran Corbin
By , Oconomowoc, WI
My father got killed during an Indian Raid, and my mother was taken captive. I never saw her again. My eldest brother John and I moved in with some uncle. He was never home. I played alone, learned alone, cooked for myself, and grew up alone.... (more »)
Dog a Mans best Friend
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 Dog a man's best friend an animal that brings people together. My family had a dog that brought our family together. I remember when we picked him out, he was just the most adorable little puppy to ever seen. He came over and jumped right on... (more »)
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