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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

Tragedy of War
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A tear trickles down. She doesn't bother to wipe it away. She is powerless. Powerless to stop the flow. The flow of life, the flow of death. The constant never-ending pain. She sinks to the ground, oblivious to the screams of torture around... (more »)
Primrose Path
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                                                                 Primrose Path                                    New York... (more »)
Rest For the Wicked
Chapter 1 Momma always told us that the wind blew nothin’ but sin into Harrom.  She said that’s why nothin’ ever grew there, that the flowers were too pure to bloom in the dust that layered over our town.  Momma made me and Kat go to... (more »)
12.14.12 “Bye Mom! I love you!” I shut the door to the grey volvo, and ran up to the big brick school. I saw one of my friends walking into the school. I only could see her from behind but I knew it was her because of her movie... (more »)
The House for Wealthy and Unstable Girls This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
Lucy used to hate the flaccid cherry blossom branch ceaselessly tapping against our window; the builders stuck that only hole to the outside near the ceiling light fixtures- an afterthought. Lucy’s gone now, of course, most of the girls come... (more »)
The Victory of Trenton
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Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.      –George Washington December 26, 1776   Trenton, New Jersey  6:43 a.m. On the Delaware River General George Washington of the Continental Army bit his... (more »)
I am afraid. More than I have ever been before. I lay in my bed, unable to sleep. I waited for 4:00 AM. They say that if Major Robert Anderson does not except our terms at four AM, he is to, without a doubt, is to be fired upon. I waited and... (more »)
The Lochness Monster
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I hopped up from my bed to hear the shrieks of my alarm clock. I quickly slammed down the buttons on the eyes of the panel in hopes the ringing would stop. It was 4 am. I really had to go. I told my friend, Elounour that I would meet her at the... (more »)
The Fall of Tarra
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The once alluring young woman, royal in heritage but no more than a peasant now in the shadowy, doomed city of Tarra, rushed down the cobblestone streets.  Her eyes were wide in panic yet she saw nothing, hearing so heightened that her ears... (more »)
The Cacique’s Son
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The sun pierced through the thin wisps of clouds and warmed my skin. I squinted up at it warily. Even though the summer never left our land, I usually appreciated the sunshine everyday. But today was different. A peculiar nervousness lingered... (more »)
Louis Jordan
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       Warmth engulfs the space around me, smothering me in a pillow of velvet. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, and it’s awful! I wasn’t meant to lie around all day!  I was made to sing, to breathe,... (more »)
Peterson Avenue
“The concentration on military means has helped to breed fear. It has bred fear and insecurity partly because of the horror of atomic war. But… Fear has many manifestations. The Communist threat inside the country has been... (more »)
Red, Crimson Red
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In 2980 A.D., the last country signed the treaty to adopt monarchy, and the whole planet Earth entered the era of complete monarchy. One of the largest countries, Hardiyan, is where this story unfolds. Hardiyan, or Hardiyan Kingdom, is a... (more »)
Open Windows
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Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh waking up from an unwelcome visitor. Screeching and more whooshing the bat has dive bombed them for 10 minutes. Mother Sally has decided her and her  growing baby are going for a scavenger hunt. Freddy is kicking and... (more »)
Reactions to Charles Darwin and his theory of...
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Christ’s Herald Darwin’s controversial and biblically incorrect ideas, by Bishop Pius Pertinax of the Church of St. Sebastian in France Aboard the HMS Beagle, returning home from the land of savages, comes Charles Darwin a bumbling... (more »)
Cappello di Bianca (Bianca's Hat)
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The new model that Giovanni unearthed for Camilla was a boy in every sense of the word; slender and willowy, he moved with a forced stiffness that suggested the concealment of natural grace.  His jaw, angular and elegant, held no shadow of... (more »)
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