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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

The Other Keller Girl
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  It has been told to me that a true southern lady carries her parasol when the sun is shining on her face. If our souls need the same delicate protection as a lady’s skin, then I never needed a parasol. I was always in Helen’s shadow, and... (more »)
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Slave in mind
When I saw the leather rope strike him in the back and ripped his skin off to a point where you see the next layer after your skin. My dad’s right hand man must of hit that kid about millions of time before he passed out of pain. He was... (more »)
Ruin- A Tale of Two Girls
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Tiptoe. We tiptoe past the similar wooden houses, each the same melancholy brown with a hint of colour at the front doors. Shana’s boots are thick and heavy, and she is trying hard not to step on a twig or do anything which could alert... (more »)
New Horizon Mission To Pluto
  Finalllyyyyy the moment we’ve all been waiting for has came, New Horizons will pass by Pluto after nine and a half years! That’s what they wanted, they had guested New Horizons would get there in nin year and they were close. This mission... (more »)
As the Rooster Crows
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A rooster crows, signaling the beginning of the new day. You stand in front of your store watching your customers pass by. The air is crisp and cool this morning. A stream of people pass your store. I walk with them, only another unknown face. A... (more »)
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  Reichsadler Prologue: January 15,1942   World War II is on the rise, but for Hitler, the tides of war are changing from the west. America has just joined the war, and on the eastern front the Russian army has managed to push... (more »)
Abigail Williams's Diary of the Salem... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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1961 December Despite the persistent cold in the house, today has been marvelous!  Betty, Anne Putnam, and I, after I brushed off the last little bit of dust to conclude the morning’s chores, which I must painstakingly do on my... (more »)
Broken Dreams
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     I can hear them talking clearly through the paper thin walls that separated my room from the kitchen. My little brother is fast asleep. He is blissfully unaware of the conversation going on in the next room, unaware of the... (more »)
Jackie's Dream
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The fifties were a very difficult time in America for the black population and that was no different for Jackie Robinson. He was a poor boy growing up, and was never considered equal to society. He always loved baseball though. As a boy, he... (more »)
Living Through the Dust Bowl
In 1930, on our small farm in Oklahoma, our lives suddenly changed. I was six years old then. After the stock market crashed in 1929, Pa was stressed out all the time. It was hard for him to sell goods like corn and wheat, and Ma seemed to yell... (more »)
1980: A Race for Power
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 ... (more »)
The Last Letter
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    Why? Why am I here? Why should I have to suffer for the poor choices others made. For their greed and pride...     I have a family too. I have--had--a life. Whatever happened to every man is equal America? What, did that just not apply... (more »)
Loyalist Daughter
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    Battle. They're preparing for battle. HA! How ridiculous. They really think they can defeat Mother England? Preposterous. Mother England is our HOME! Why should we fight like a bunch of six year olds who don't want to go... (more »)
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Lil White Wolf
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     My fingers dripped in sweat as I wiped my forehead. The hot dry sun boiled my face as I galloped alongside Anna on the rough uneven trail. The thumping of the horse hooves on dried dirt as I grew up being so used to.     “So uh... (more »)
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 In the ghostly light of a candle, an older man sits drinking. He stops, clears his throat, then puts his head in his hands. No tears escape his eyes but despair shakes his shoulders in the silence. He takes a moment to glance up at the things... (more »)
Tragedy of War
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A tear trickles down. She doesn't bother to wipe it away. She is powerless. Powerless to stop the flow. The flow of life, the flow of death. The constant never-ending pain. She sinks to the ground, oblivious to the screams of torture around... (more »)
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