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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

When It All Comes Down
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“Do you deny it? Do you deny your crimes?” The man thundered from high above, seated as his raised desk intended to make him look powerful and dangerous. The boy he had addressed, about seventeen years old, stared into his cold, grey eyes... (more »)
Paleo Indian
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Waking up to the birds chirping at first daylight in the cool brisk morning on a sun shiny day. Laying on my deer skin bed in a cave on the side of a mountain in what will become North Carolina. I quickly get ready for my day of picking berries... (more »)
On The Front Lines: Journals of a WWI Soldier
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August 10th 1914 It has only been two months since the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Two months, that is all it takes for all of Europe to fall into chaos. A month afterwards Austria – Hungary declared war on Serbia. Germany... (more »)
The Truth
The Truth There are many things we don't know in this world. The one that got my attention is, what happened to Hitler in his supposed last days? Did he take that pill and shoot himself or did he sneak away and the Nazi generals covered... (more »)
Leather Bound Journal
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Tears streaming down my pale ashen face as I caress the one thing that was mine. A leather bound journal filled with my secrets and stories. Now it’s desecrated, shattered from existence. The tears fall, sliding down the once smooth leather. Now... (more »)
Violent Sky
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Wind blew across the prairie, making the long, hearty grass look like ocean waves, not that Alan Jones had ever seen an ocean. The boy, Alan, sat cross legged on the roof of his family’s dugout home, and watched the air tickle the grass and... (more »)
Asylum Scares
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ASYLUM SCARES Hello my name is Sidney Sparkers, and this is my last breath. It started as a normal day, but little did I know it would be the worst day of my entire life. It all started when my family and I moved to Athens, Ohio. I will... (more »)
The Clouds
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The Clouds The clouds flew down over the fields. Well, actually, they flew up out of them, but I didn’t know that at the time. Back then, I thought that they were just special clouds. I thought they were clouds that were full of monsters.... (more »)
Broken from the beginning: a Pompeii story
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I can remember it all. The screams, the shoving, the running. The heat from the lava beating on my skin like i was tanning on a beach and the ash falling from the sky like black snow covering every thing in its path. I remember all the... (more »)
To Build a Fire Rewritten
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David started to lose feelings in his arms. He picked it up in his teeth and scratched it on his leg. Twenty times he scratched before he succeeds lighting it. He held it in his teeth to the birch bark. But the burning brimstone went up his... (more »)
Tell Tale Interactive
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Reality is not worth it; being as it’s cruel and heartless. Mapped in straight lines and sharpened edges, creativity is limited. As a child, my eyes saw things differently than most. A tree was not simply a tree, but a mystical castle built to... (more »)
In the beginning: Cleopatra
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Things were different then; more savage people’s lives were played for sport, Virtue was a word unheard of. Cleo’s dress flowed behind her in the wind; her mind was racing as she walked towards her fate. Today was that day, the day it would... (more »)
Roar of the Past
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Fluorescent lights buzzed from the ceiling above and illuminated the entire mall. Various people hastily bustled about the large mall going nowhere. Among the vast assortment was seventeen year old Gale Nightings. Sauntering down the wide,... (more »)
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Growing up, I never imagined how my life would turn out. In some ways I’m deeply blessed, and in some I suffer from an insurmountable curse. But I try not to reflect on the negative; if I do it swallows me. I’ve been known to spend days... (more »)
We Wont Shut Up
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Paris France, 1794 "Stop this nonsense! This is barbaric! Horrible! How many people must go to there deaths before you people see that the rich are not the problem! Everyone is at blame! We must all be equal and slaughtering, no murdering... (more »)
My Name is Eliot Carlson
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My name is Eliot Carlson, I'm a 20 year old male who was drafted into World War l. The Date is October 21, 1916. I’m not for sure on why I am writing this letter or what I shall ever do with it. All I know is that thousands are dying at... (more »)
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