Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

Wind in Her Sails
By , Culver, IN
James had never truly fallen in love until he set sail with her. The Voice, James’s family boat, as in his name, James Matthew Voice. She was the smallest boat on the lake at twelve feet high and seven long, but with the tallest attitude;... (more »)
The Tale of Scarlet and New Salem
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In the years after the Civil War strange events started happening such as men seeing beasts in the night, ghosts fighting in battlefields, and magic flowing from people. Needless to say people were getting afraid so the government made a small... (more »)
Dear Violet This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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   There were violets lining the path back home.    Every spring, there the angel was, with her delicate hands in the dirt. She chased the cold away, opened the windows and hung the rugs out to dry.    She didn't like sharing, but she... (more »)
To see is to believe.
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Mathew stopped at the hilltop and surveyed the scene around before him. The last time he had walked there it had been beautiful, a quiet meadow – dotted with flowers and carpeted in fresh green grass. Children had played there. But that was a... (more »)
Fulton's decision.
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The door was not notable. Made of pocked brown wood, it lacked a door knob, and the hinges were white with rust. Nwoye shook his head- incredulous – material for power was found in such odd places. The door was locked by a chain passed through... (more »)
A View of Pascal. This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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It was a thick tome. Large and musty with a grey cover and closely scrawled text, first written in 155 BC. Not what you’d expect to be lying on a five-year-old’s bed, or anyone’s bed for that matter. But, there it was, proudly displayed atop... (more »)
Da Vinci's secret. This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Da Vinci could not help wrinkling his nose at the scene that lay before him. He stood on a rotten deck of wooden planks. The bottom and edges were covered with algae and barnacles, and barely a foot below him the brown water of the Arno rushed. As... (more »)
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Look Back
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They’re here. They’re here. Today’s the day. I can’t even cry.   I knew this day was coming, but I don’t feel ready, I won’t ever feel ready. I want to cry, to feel the sticky, salty water dripping down my cheeks. I want to feel... (more »)
my new family
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Just 1 month ago I was a performer in Brooklyn's finest club the cube and now I am a killer.I was the pomp of the cube and now I was slitting throats and blowing up German flak 44's.This all started 4 months ago when I finished up my meal after... (more »)
Girl in the breeze
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The first breeze of October 1946 in Poland was an extraordinary one. Although the day appeared to be normal, it later became apparent that it was unordinary Saturday morning in Czemierniki. The calmness, especially on this small town’s... (more »)
The War
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It's time, we have to take the church, if we don't the Germans have the upper advantage. It's now or never. My name is Private Daniels , and I’m  about to tell you a story of the bravest man I ever fought beside. I only wish they were here to... (more »)
The Lithuania Escape
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  1939 I still remember her screams like they were yesterday, they still keep me up late at night, haunting me. I held Abbey close to my heart and gripped her hand like I was holding onto my own life. Nothing could separate us, now,... (more »)
When my Father Left
By , Turner, ME
May 21, 1829 I just spent the last hour balling my eyes out. Not because I am upset. No, not at all that. I am devastated. My father left our small home in search of a piece of land for the new home he is going to build. Father has not... (more »)
the life of a slave woman
By , Sanford, FL
Do you know what's it's like being afraid? Well i sho nuff was scared to the death of me. I had escaped with my infant baby girl to freedom. I thought i was going to get  captured and thought they was gone hang me and my child but we just so... (more »)
Ivan Adair
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IVAN ADAIR   A warm breeze is present in a peaceful noon Texan countryside. Few cattle graze behind the protection of white sturdy fences. In between them is a great brick archway leading to and through a path of a few long... (more »)
Hate's Genesis
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      I remember the morning my first mother died. I sat at her bedside, legs crossed, staring at the floor. An aching sensation tore my chest, my heart constricting under its weight. I couldn’t bear to look... (more »)
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