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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

Autobiography: On Annabel {Derived from...
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My Autobiography: On Annabel Her smile brightened even the darkest of my thoughts, leaving me to relish in its splendorous light. She was the most cheerful and optimistic girl I have ever met, and she was gorgeous because of it. I don’t... (more »)
The Stock Market Crash
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October 29, 1929... (more »)
A Lesson Before Dying
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A Lesson Before Dying In the novel A Lesson Before Dying, published in 1993, Ernest J. Gaines goes back in time to the late 1940’s and creates a scenario that we all know too well. A black man named Jefferson is found in the middle... (more »)
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 How long does a single day last? For me everyday has been an eternity. I work myself senseless from dusk till dawn. My entire body is covered with dirt and grime. The creases of my hand are lined with soil. My feet are covered with blisters... (more »)
Smoking Gun
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    John sat behind the wall of the crumbling saloon hearing bullets whiz past like tiny rockets.  Rodney sat next to him clutching his left side where he had been shot just minutes before.  On the other side of the... (more »)
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Just Like My Father
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The tension was high. Identical brown leather boots scuffled around the tavern, anxious for their arrival. Muskets were ready, poised on their backs. The minutemen, with their angry facades, were ready to go. Among them was a teen, not yet... (more »)
I'll Be Seeing You
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It was a warm August day. All the heiresses held feather fans while their hair fell back in the breeze. The home was lit as if it was daylight, making all the white furniture sparkle. But all eyes fell on Lilith who was by far the tallest and... (more »)
I'll be Home for Christmas
By , Smithville, OH
The steady hubbub of people coming and going surrounded us. “All aboard!” The conductor shouted, the train giving its warning whistle, letting everyone know it would be leaving in five minutes, but I was oblivious to all of this. I was... (more »)
Silver and Silence This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Dusk descended upon the forest like a thick blanket, bathing the land in pitch, aside from the single light illuminating a decrepit room. Martin sat hunched in the rickety chair of his cottage, shoulders drooping, pale and skeletal fingers... (more »)
Airborne of WWII
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The airborne of WWII was a struggle many thought it would fail. Did It? U.S airborne was a long shot many thought it would fail.  A General of the U.S Army said “I don’t believe in the Airborne Division.” It was Risky... (more »)
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The flames from the fireplace give off a pleasant warmth with an agonizing discomfort as well.  I have not felt like myself since the bomb has been dropped on Hiroshima. I hear your voice in my head all the time telling me, “I love you! I... (more »)
The Hero
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The majestic golden sun was setting against the Appalachian Mountains. The silhouette of a small, thin figure marked the rugged peaks. I stood in front of my small, cozy house, praying silently for my father. Let him be all right. Let him live.... (more »)
Ibrahim This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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First Entry I’ve decided to start reflecting on my life in this journal. one cannot keep a memory forever, especially with having many life changing moments in such a short life. My name is Ibrahim Hassan al Moslawi (al Moslawi... (more »)
Epilogue to The Scarlet Letter This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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                                       Epilogue                                     20 Years Later Now, where was little Pearl? The one borne from sinful acts, from Hester Prynne, the woman with that... (more »)
Lincoln HN
By , Oak Creek, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Isl
War Veteran Tonight is going to be great. Even though I feel a bit empty inside after the war, I know that a night out in the theatre with Martha, my fiancé will make me feel better. After the war I thought I would never be glad again, but... (more »)
Wall Street Bombing
By , Oak Creek, WI
  Dana Couch Hour: 6 11/18/14 “Tomorrow, I'm going to Wall Street,” I boasted to Morris, my lunch partner for school. He was chewing on a sloppy tuna sandwich. “Cool,” he said, with food still in... (more »)
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