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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

Five days till death
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April 25th 1945 It’s only been five days since the battle for my capital began but it already feels like eternity. The sweet sense of victory has already transformed into a vague thought that cannot capture its true nostalgic taste that... (more »)
Counting Days
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“Skrrreeek,” went my fingernail across the moist wooden plank, scratching a line for the first day at sea. I tried to cover my mouth to keep myself from throwing up, but the length of the chain I was tied to allowed little to no... (more »)
A Better Place
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     The darkness on this cold night is blinding.  The silence is so loud it would shatter any mortal’s ears.  I alone can hear the unheard shrieks and forgotten cries of the poor souls held captive at the... (more »)
The Capturer of Dreams
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Reminiscing, I exhaled and thought of the time when my mother laid me in this bed of mine, tucking me tight and telling me to never let go. She quickly looked up from my bed, telling me that the dreamcatcher above me would be my protection from... (more »)
Just a Building This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I know the comings and goings of every executive, secretary, mailboy, and janitor. I know all their secrets, their illicit affairs, their hopes, their dreams. They don’t know me. They don’t see me. Well, they sort of do. I’m hard to miss,... (more »)
By , Washington, DC
My name is Cyrus and basketball is my life. I love it and have dedicated my life to it. I’m gonna be the greatest basketball player ever. Unfortunately, my plan isn’t going so well. It’s my 12th grade year and I’m still a benchwarmer for... (more »)
Red Boots
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The cattle car grinds to a halt in the middle of the night. Hundreds of us from Kraków have been traveling for days. I can barely move. Around me is a stench that makes it impossible to take a full breath. I peer out from the wooden... (more »)
Voltaire and Vulture
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“In 1789, the French Revolution started. It marked the beginning-“ his head cocked like an interested dove. His nose was always shriveled, but today it was like a raisin. After an austere stare, Mr. Johnson continued. Old,... (more »)
Day Of Devastation
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Chapter 1 I open my eyes. I am scared to death when I hear the loudest noise I have ever heard. I look around and realize that I am not myself anymore. I am very small now; I am probably 5’8” tall and not very strong at all.... (more »)
Sent to Die
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My Grandfather was an Army Official in Austria. He and other soldiers were tasked the impossible for their mission was to conquer Stalingrad. As we know from history books, this battle was very one-sided and thousands of valiant soldiers were... (more »)
The Gun This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The sun was beating down upon me as I clutched my daughter close to my heart. I was in a field amongst two other women, desperately attempting to pick enough potatoes to sate our hunger before the officers came around to kick us out of the... (more »)
Oh The Places We'll Go
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All I can hear is the clickity clack of the wheels along the dirt road. This never ending ride is not even halfway over. This little party next to the sea of men marching behind us just outside the borders of Greece. All I see in these men was... (more »)
Castle in the Suburbs
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There is a photograph, no more than seven years old, which sits upon the mantel above the fire. There is a young couple who are smiling wide for the unseen cameraman. The husband is playfully kissing her neck, arms squeezing her waist in a tight... (more »)
Hands of Men
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General?How spectacular, people give up their freedom in favor for total unified coordination and synchronized action. While I stand on this hill observing the unconditional effort and toil of nearly two-hundred-and twenty-thousand men,... (more »)
Letters from Dad
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         During the war, I had grown up not knowing my father as a person, but rather as an idea or a voice in the letter that I got once a week. Even though he was thousands of miles away, he always had a way of knowing... (more »)
All I wanted Was Peach Cobbler
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Maywood, Illinois April 4, 1968       I was itching to play ball. Spring was finally here. I could tell by the warm breeze that hit me when I walked out of school today. The whole neighborhood had caught spring fever.... (more »)
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