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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

Magum Pictures
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The year was 1958, and fresh out of college at NYU, I took the first flight out to California to make my name on the silver screen. I don’t quite know what I expected, perhaps the city would be my oyster and I’d be instantly recognized for... (more »)
The War
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War                                                                   Bam!... (more »)
A Party To Remember
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The graduation day of SK TUNKU AZIZAH is a party to remember in my mind. I will never forgotten that day. That day is the best day in my life. I'm felt very happy. 19 November 2014 is a date of graduation happen on 8pm. We were happy during... (more »)
The Journey of Faith
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The Journey of Faith Drip. Drip. Drip. This was all they listened to, the sound of the broken pipe in their living room. They sat in the corner, away from the windows, hiding from the gunfire throughout the dirty, filled streets (Syria... (more »)
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                                       On Thanksgiving day, George and his family were celebrating the very special occasion. Laughter and... (more »)
The Aftermath of the Boston Tea Party
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Narrator - Tensions are increasing hither in the American colonies.  The sovereign British Parliament has decided to pass a new act - the Tea Act!  Now, the British East India company can directly their low cost tea to the colonists, but with... (more »)
The Face
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"Watch your step, Father - the stairs are beginning to molder." Something about the jailor's face, gray in the flickering torchlight, reminded Father Adrian of the face of his father's murderer. Only, that face had had a cruel glimmer in the... (more »)
The Golden Girl
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It seems funny when you think about the irony of wheels.  There was once a time when the sounds of crushing gravel would send a chill down your spine.  Now it brings a message of freedom, but it doesn't seem to have the same ring to it.... (more »)
The Saint This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Benjamin closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Well, this was it. He had known it was coming.   The Saint loomed threateningly over Paris. Today, he would be meeting it. Benjamin swallowed, and he took another deep breath. Nervousness had... (more »)
The Big one
By , Hilmar, CA
The Big One They were eating lunch at subway together in which they were having a good conversation about what they were going to do during the weekend and how they would have a great time with her son and his daughter. They all are really... (more »)
The Tour
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The twenty-eighth of June wasn’t anything unusual, at least not to Europe. The city was alive and moving, and the people cheerful and sociable. Nobody suspected a thing. It was just another bustling, busy, and patriotic day. The streets were... (more »)
Pluto and Proserpina -A Roman Myth Retold
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From within the Dark Castle of the Underworld, I look into my cauldron and watch scenes of Earth play in the liquid. I find myself doing so often now, feeling lonesome in my large, empty home of darkness and riches. Many mortals would love to... (more »)
Who I Really Am
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The year is 1979 Josep Escolà is 65 years old and retired from all his jobs. Josep lives in his birthplace, which is Barcelona, Spain and Josep Escolà’s son, named Junior just got home form school. Junior went and sat down next to his dad... (more »)
Before the Trials
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November 20, 1945 Nuremberg, Germany Robert met Nicole at the corner. They walked down the crowded streets together. This would be the first time they saw each other since the funeral. They found an old iron bench in front of a shop after... (more »)
Child's Play
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The girl's  face was the color of sun. Her glowy yellow skin, tanned from the sharp contact with the sun, gave an eerie golden light. She wore solid light colored clothes, just like a commoner, that manly came just to her knees. She wore no... (more »)
Why they call it the Black Sea
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They were a day out of Constantinople when the ship flipped over. Seeing as this was not a naturally tenable position for a ship to be in, a large majority of the crew died simply of shock. When the ship flipped again another third fell off the... (more »)
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