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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

Crooked Alley This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Many years later, as his curious grandson asked about the blade-shape scar under his left eye, Luo was to remember that distant afternoon when he encountered three upperclassmen in a crooked alley. At that time, Chengdu was an ancient, quiet... (more »)
Roses to the Wind
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The bluff lies overlooking the meadows of the rolling countryside. We sit at the crest, kicking our feet and knocking dirt clumps down the slope. Who knew that I, a girl who grew up on a little Washington island, would end up sitting in a... (more »)
The Unpromised
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She waited on the docks accompanied by the unseen presence of a man, a man she hoped she would never see again. His image burned beneath her eyelids. He taunted her, making her relive a previous life, a life she desperately wanted to leave... (more »)
The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas
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When Bruno and his family decide to move away from Berlin and go to Auschwitz, Bruno discovers a farm near his house. He is so miserable because he wants to go back home to Berlin where all his best friends are. He soon forgets his friends after... (more »)
Maiden's Unfair Heart
By , Edison, NJ
Rumors said that Lord Fitz’s son was returning from battle unscathed. The young boy who had left home to fight mercilessly for his country, tearing skin and breaking bones was finally recognized as a hero for the barely thriving land after... (more »)
The Last Alchemist: The Beginnings
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“Aye, Adrianna keep your back straight! Por Dios! Adrianna, we have a show tonight, you have to be on top of this! Tonight is the grand finale to our tour and I cannot have you mess this up for me!” Jose kept on shouting at me as I tried... (more »)
The Great War
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People say war is hell. I fully agree with those people. The artillery guns boomed, sending explosions in the enemy trenches. I heard screams, shouts in German I will never understand. Our commanders were screaming at us as well, giving orders,... (more »)
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I had only one fear. I did not fear my fate: my death that was approaching all too soon. No, I feared for my helpless siblings and friends. Above all, I was afraid of what would become of them. Would they be killed too? Would someone feed my... (more »)
Starting of a Revolution
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“Cast aside your differences men, we are all of the same creed and union. The Bourgeois seek to tear us apart, but like the chains we make we will not falter and we will not be divided. We will stand strong and bring ruin to them!”... (more »)
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-Captain James Rason-  I remind myself everyday what I’m fighting for and why I am here. I grit my teeth and remind myself of my brothers, my sisters, and home. I breath even though I know that my life may be for nothing. I breath... (more »)
For Patroclus: Because No One Ever Thought...
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My beloved,   Where are you? Patroclus, my dear. You were never the stain they had you pinned as. You were the hands around my waist, the one who kept me from stretching my arms out too far… who kept me from chasing sins that would... (more »)
The Escape
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I was strolling down the leaf filled trail with huge sequoia trees encompassing me when it happened, I heard the clunking of the bell. Everyone knew what that meant, it was time to fall in line. I made it to the edge of the woods on the... (more »)
Dusk and Dawn, 1917.
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Mr. Rochester trudged down the dilapidated pavement of the vineyard he once owned. Every step descended upon the ashen earth was as heavy as the fragments of his broken heart. The devastating conflagration, which set ablaze Thornfield hall for... (more »)
The Treacherous Flee
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  I awoke abruptly knowing another day’s labor lay ahead for me. I came to realise that I would work until my bones were weak, just like any other slave you could ever come across. The bell rang loudly and signaled the slaves... (more »)
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*Please note that the "citations" heading each section are purely fictional and an attempt to place the work in historcal context. All writing is my own original work*   From Life of a Literate Slave by James Sorensen, 1871. Excerpt from... (more »)
The Sphinx
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There it stood, the great sphinx of Egypt, towering above me now like a skyscraper made from piles of dust that have stood the tortures of time. How the ancient Egyptians built a colossal structure with no modern technology, we may never know... (more »)
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