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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

Julia's Journey
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3rd September 1904 I boarded this ship with a heavy heart. When I was younger, I wished for escape from Britain, and all the conventions it rigorously upholded. Then, as my Father got himself further and further in debt, I wished for escape... (more »)
Irish Potato Famine
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Dear U.S Citizens, It’s 1849 and i’m in Dublin Ireland and behind me are all the rotten potato plants, that are pushing over one million women, men, and most of all children out.  There are dead bodies EVERYWHERE.  The potato blight has... (more »)
Heartbeat of Freedom
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  Soft white snow drifted in through the glass window. A cold winter air swept through the bedroom, sending a chill up Colette’s spine. Two stories below, a train of gaudy horse drawn carriages slowly delivered guests in an... (more »)
Words Spun Out Of Gold
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This is the story of a boy. A boy who didn't like to give out his name. He believed that names, like words, held high value. He believed that the things told to a person were sacred and should be treated as such. This boy talked like he had... (more »)
The Lion Of Lambs
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Once upon a time in a field over the hill and across the river, lie a flock of sheep of all different sizes and coats. In particular, there was one mutton, Luke, who was born and raised in the field. The flock Luke lived in was protected by the... (more »)
Brighter On the Other Side
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The sun was starting to shine. For Mi (?), it was the start to another day of disappointing harvests. The Taishan hills, although picturesque, were almost impossible to cultivate; the drought in 1852 and the Hakka threatening to take his farm... (more »)
The Red Thistle This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Long ago Scotland was not ruled by kings like England, but was instead controlled by the kilted plaid tartan dressed clans of the highlands.  Even after Scotland had its first kings, the clans pledged no loyalty to them and their loyalties... (more »)
The Forbidden Task
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As I get out of bed, Vesna , the house slave,  helps me get my sandals on. It’s been quite difficult for me to get them on because frankly my stomach is too big for me to even see me feet. The physician tells me it could be twins. I am... (more »)
Freedom Cost Me My Family
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My home for so many years was a cotton plantation. I have a few good memories of my life in South Carolina. The terror of what us slaves endured was just unbearable. My master was a cruel man. He had a funny-looking beard and he was very tall.... (more »)
Execution of the Queen of Scotts
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My morning is plagued with a hasty, hollowed breath that when taken in through the nostrils, smells of waste and blood, as if it was stolen from death himself. I assume it is because of the streets being strewn with discard and splattered with... (more »)
Letter of WWII
By , West Windsor Township, NJ
November 7, 1941  To Prime Minister Hideki Tojo, As president of the United States, I am writing to you to discuss the recent actions and the near future. Due to recent events, I am concerned about the well being of the United States and... (more »)
A Family of Two
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The sun is setting on the edge of the old Roman city, casting a soft golden glow over the simple houses and the uneven dirt roads. The people make their way back to their homes, filling the air with soft, slowly dwindling conversation. The world... (more »)
The Codebreaker
Vladimir chopped steadily at the corn stalk. “Thunk, thunk, thunk.” The worn down handle of his poorly conditioned steel axe thunked onto the thick husk of the innumerable stalks in his father’s farm. He rose up and wiped the sweat off... (more »)
Clouds (Revised Edition)
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The train continues at almost full speed down the mostly-straight track. The dusty plains of Texas stretch out as far as I can see on all sides. I grin, knowing that that will not be so for much longer. That soon, just near the horizon, the... (more »)
Dear Father
By , Chelsea, MI
Prologue:     Dearest Reader,    I want to honor a girl who may not be known except for these here letters. She was stubborn, but caring. She lost both parents; her father died, and her mother was taken away from her. The only family she... (more »)
Pride and Prejudice: 13 years later
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A young girl burst through the doors, her brown, straight hair hanging by the side of her face, her dress a pearl white, her petticoat hanging below her dress and lace that stretches on her chest. Elizabeth turns to her, and gasps at her... (more »)
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