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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

Sal & Pep: The Boy Along the Tracks
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The constant stream of rushing air for hours upon hours was enough to make Pep’s hair tangle in ways she never thought possible. When she voices this complaint to Sal, he replies by rolling his eyes, grunting, then mumbling “Women.”... (more »)
Sal & Pep: Last Bottle of Whiskey
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“Here we are, home sweet home.” Billy moves ahead along the woodland ground, jogging around the trees as sunlight filters through the cracks in the branches above, until he stops. He beckons for Pep and Sal to follow. Hazel trails behind, her... (more »)
Sal & Pep: Circus Circus
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Twilight comes upon the pair of drifters like a tidal wave that day. Keep along the tracks, Sal had said. There'll be a town along the tracks, he'd said. But there was no town, there hadn't been one for hours now. Sal's feet... (more »)
Silver From the North of Spain
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On June 5, 1922, the glittering glamour and abundant wealth of the twenties evaded the small South Carolina harbor town of Port Royal. In that South Carolina town there was an establishment called Brandy’s Tavern and it was in that tavern a... (more »)
Über Alles
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My name is Liesel; the year is 1942. I am a Jew; I am marching to Auschwitz. My whole body aches. Not only from the walking, the endless hours of toiling, the beating, the sickness, or the hollow hunger that eats me from the inside out. It is... (more »)
Wedding Dress Fate
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I fancied myself a hero. I wanted to be a brave, courageous heroine right out of the pages of the books that Madame Lorenzo let me borrow from her library. I wanted to be someone who lit up the darkness, to save those I love. I wanted to ride... (more »)
Brutal Reality
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A bed of shrivelled leaves rustled underfoot as the slight wind picked up, causing the towering palm trees to sway violently like wind chimes warning a hurricane. Adrenalin coursed through my veins as my feet thundered up the stairs; every nerve... (more »)
The Day of My Death This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The air smelled like the sweet fragrance of flowers the day I walked to my death. The wind was brisk, yet not cold; it simply nipped at my skin so that my hair stood on end. There were so many people around me… so many faces. There were men... (more »)
Broken Oak This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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It was an autumn day early in fall when the letter arrived. Sealed tightly and stamped with the American flag, it felt like cold iron in her hands. With the dry leaves crunching ominously beneath her feet, she slowly walked back to her house,... (more »)
Here We Tell Their Story, So That Generations...
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The air was hard to breathe in and something had made a huge jolt in the building, this was all Caleb Marsh was thinking. The day had been normal so far, I thought groggily; still unsure of what was going on. I had woken up that morning and... (more »)
Woodland Indian
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Waking up with a scent of smoke, and a sense of burning on my arm. I noticed my family rushing back and forth from the long wooden house to the fast flowing river. They were throwing baskets full of water at the house that was bursting in flames.... (more »)
Blood,Sweat and Bruno
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FLASHBACK- Polish Raid 1939 “When this is over I’m going back to Hamburg and me and Heidi are going to find a house and make a family.” Said Bruno over the static receiver. “What if this is never over?” I said. “Everything has to... (more »)
Shaw-Graydon Files
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July 7th, 1863 Dear Colonel Robert Shaw, Three weeks ago, I was beaten when I stopped my picking cotton. That night, I was fed up, and ran off, alone. For 12 days I walked, until I came here. I believe that no man, woman, or child should... (more »)
By , Barnegat, NJ
‘Capture’ The remaining families hide in silence; waiting for the demons to take what is left of them away. They have already taken Mr. Abramov, and most of the senior citizens, including kind Mr. and Mrs. Czarnecki. Rumors circle... (more »)
Rosa Parks
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I paid the ten cent bus fee and plopped down in the dirty, second seat to the front, not even caring that I really wasn’t supposed to be there. As I sat, I watched the world passing by through the window. I saw the people walking their dogs and... (more »)
The Rubber Glove of Injustice
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Present Day - Strasbourg “S*** Fereday, get your head down!” yelled Corporal Graff. Charlie ducked back into the safety of the trenches. Machine gun fire blazed over his head, narrowly missing his helmet. He gripped his Mosin tight to... (more »)
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