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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

An Old Apartment Building
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In the day time the repetitive sounds of children’s feet hitting cement could be heard. Their laughter was almost like a drug, the moment someone heard it they simply had to listen. It was as if the children’s sharp shrieks of... (more »)
I Am Zeus
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I am Zeus the king of Greek Gods I have many statues built of me The Temple of Zeus in Olympia Is the greatest sculpture. My temple of marble and gold I’m am one of the seven wonders of the world People come from near and far To... (more »)
It was a Tuesday morning. I sat in bed, gazing at the clock. I watched time tick by, stopping only to occasionally blink. This was it, I thought. I had reached rock bottom. The truth is, there were numerous things I could be doing outside.... (more »)
Coming Home
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The year is 1959 in Jackson Mississippi during this time racial segregation was very prominent you could get taunted, attacked, or even murdered for just the color of your skin. I was an African-American male about 5’9, brown eyes, curly... (more »)
Diary Of A Slave
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    It was a regular hot sizzling morning when Master awoken us to go pick in the cotton fields. She was a pretty nice master on her good days, well at least when Sir Mathew Fisher gave her a late night visit. Master’s name was... (more »)
Slave Ship
By , Oakley, CA
1839 The Atlantic waves tugged at the edge of the hostile ship. My worn feet were as ragged as the planks beneath them. Shackled to my neighbors, I was shoved into a dark hold, and crammed between others of my kind. Fear and pride hung in the... (more »)
The Young Thief
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The young teenage boy calmly walked throughout the jewelry shop, eyeing the flashy jewels, rings, and necklaces. The shop’s customers and employees would think that he would be buying a trinket or two for his mother or girlfriend, but this... (more »)
Journal Of An Immigrant
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The following is an account, found in a journal, of a Finnish immigrant that came to America. For easier reading, this journal has been translated to English. Because of the lack of proper care, some of the journal entries have been lost. This... (more »)
Irony (noun) - The opposite of what should have...
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      I was 9 years old when my parents decided that we should go to a campground named IKEA. I read the catalogue about what IKEA hosted there and saw that there were a lot of activities that I really wanted to do including hiking, riding... (more »)
In Search of.....Peace
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IN SEARCH OF.....PEACE        Since many generations it is believed that man has four major necessities- first is food, then water, shelter and clothing. But there is one main component for man to lead a happy life. That is Peace, peace of... (more »)
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Giles let out a fierce yell, “Halte-la!” The unidentified figured continued pressing on. Giles couldn’t figure out what uniform he wore, the mud of the trenches had stained it brown, and his helmet was gone. “Halte-la ou je fais feu!”... (more »)
The End of My World
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The world is still and everything is silent. Waiting. And I am still. Waiting for the world to end. I crouch behind the log with the man I love. They will find us. They will find me. And I will be done.    He squeezes my hand. It will be... (more »)
The Surprising Adventure
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Bam! Ivy ducked swiftly as a bullet whizzed past her head and flew through the air faster than anything she’s seen before. Bewildered, Ivy got up and looked around astounded to see men dressed in trousers and puffy white shirts with guns... (more »)
Rwandan Genocide
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27 March 1994, My father says there is trouble coming. People are angry; they don’t want President Habyarimana to sign the Arusha Accords. The Interahamwe, extremist Hutus, want all Tutsis dead. They will never agree to peace. What... (more »)
Good Luck Carter
By , yack, NY
November 4, 1979, the US Embassy in Tehran was raided by a mob of 3,000 Iranian Revolution supporters. They had captured 52 American diplomats and citizens. The Revolts demanded to have the shah back in order to receive the U.S civilians.... (more »)
Miracle in the Dark
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Power was never allowed to women, it was abnormal. Except Krysta, she wasn't like the women of her time, she secretly owned the night club known as the Karman. To the world, the head musician who worked there; Richard would seem to own it.... (more »)
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