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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

rain forrest
There was a young girl named amy who visited her family over her school break .she was reading a newspaper in the kitchen and a article caught her attention it had a headline of (THE NEW FACTORY IN THE RAIN FOREST). She was shocked that the... (more »)
A Rally to Remember
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Frederick Althaus gripped the rail with sweaty fingers. With each step he took up the stairs to the stage, he felt the pain and suffering he was going to cause his family in just a few moments. He reached the top of the stage and out of the... (more »)
The Arena
Darkness. All he could see around him was pitch black. The deafening roar of the crowd drowned out any doubts he might’ve had. His eyes stung, and he waited in anticipation. Finally, a loud creaking noise filled the room as the gate slowly... (more »)
Abigail Williams's Diary of the Salem... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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1961 December Despite the persistent cold in the house, today has been marvelous!  Betty, Anne Putnam, and I, after I brushed off the last little bit of dust to conclude the morning’s chores, which I must painstakingly do on my own due to... (more »)
The Bomb
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The bomb bay was a cold, damp place. Always smelling of gas and tears of soldiers who had just received word that they had lost someone dear to them. The Atomic Bomb sat there in silence, preparing for it’s drop. Preparing to end millions of... (more »)
Anne's Angel
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I stand before the rotten door of the barracks. It smells like death.   Somehow, I’ve managed to search the whole camp, escaping the attention of every Nazi guard. My luck seems impossible. Maybe it’s because I’m from the future- 70... (more »)
Creation Myth
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In the time before time, in the long-long ago, there was darkness. It was still, It was quiet, but It was empty. From the darkness emerged a Being not man and not woman. It was the first Being to exist, and It had no form, It didn’t need one.... (more »)
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February 18th, 2001: The following is a true story about the events that occurred and followed the 2001 Daytona 500. I woke up in the trailer. I was ready to go, I was going to be racing the Great American Race, the Daytona 500 today with... (more »)
Fired, Fortunately
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Anna yawned as she woke up. She listened to a Carrie Underwood song blaring from her radio as she looked around her room with her eyes open just enough to make everything hazy. “What?” she thought when the radio guy announced it was... (more »)
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What is bravery?
“Samantha hurry, just your clothes, the boats are leaving”! She really couldn’t hear me, my voice couldn’t pierce the screams of cannon and missile fire hitting west Warsaw. We were some of the last citizens to make it to the boats as we... (more »)
Being Fredrick Douglass
I have published my first autobiography Narrative of the life of Fredrick Douglass an American slave. As I walk down the street I see multiple people carrying and reading my book. I feel happy but I’m scared because I’m still an escaped... (more »)
Our Last Goodbye
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I’ve been working as a maid in this house in Johannesburg since 20 years old, caring for the children, sweeping the numerous steps, and obeying my masters. The lady master was always so picky about what she ate, how straight the clothes... (more »)
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The dawn after the solstice, the man took the two children outside. He wore a thin blue del that matched the still-sleepy skies without considering the weather or cold. He stood against the wind with a spine bent and crooked as teeth. The snow... (more »)
The Officer
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        The rain pours. It pours over the muddy streets. It pours over the land’s trees. It pours over the crouched German buildings, filling in the crevices in the meager, old houses of the south side of town.  It pours over the... (more »)
Sirens of the Night
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      I carried the moon in my pocket like a silver dollar, feeling its coolness in the folds of my calloused hands during the day and employing it as a beacon during the night. A porous wooden cross, which kept me buoyant during tempestuous... (more »)
She wanted to be interesting This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
"Mom why did you marry an American, live in America, and have American kids?" She looked up as if it were some tragedy. "That's just the way things worked out." She replied with a wise tone. "That's boring! I'm going to marry a Swedish man,... (more »)
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