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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

They are Suffragettes
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It was a lovely Summer morning, the 14th of July in 1903. I was 12 years old and I felt as though it was up to me to change things in my small, traditional world. I remember the day in much detail. I remember the smell of fresh biscuits on the... (more »)
The healer
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        Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in Camelot and her name was...Isabella. Isabella was pretty indeed, like her name suggested. She had long  blond  hair  that  fell  gently  on her arms and her eyes, oh those... (more »)
Mother This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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It was a nice day for a funeral. The sun shone gently over the hills, the earth still bore the scent of rain from the night before, and a breeze shook copper leaves from the branches, before carrying them through the air like paper boats on a... (more »)
Reading an Article in the Detroit Daily Press
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September 13th, 2013 | Detroit, Michigan In the spring  of 2011, a devastating combination of earthquakes and tsunami hit Japan’s northeastern coast, costing the lives of more than 22,000 people. my husband my mother my son my... (more »)
Union in the South
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Dec. 22, 1860 William and I rub our hands together as we wait for our train to arrive. It is a cold winter morning and last night’s snowfall had covered the station in pure white. From our bench, I can see other passengers with their morning... (more »)
Wordless Dialogue
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She watched the ghost shiver with fear, his icy hands clasped in her warm ones. Feelings of fear were etched on his face, and he clung onto the little girl as though she anchored him. Both remained silent as they absorbed their surrounding, a... (more »)
He Who
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¨Do you mean to quest alone, fair lady?” a man I had not noticed across the stream I visited daily inquired of me. ¨I do not mean to quest, sir, I only mean to ponder. These grasslands of the woods are as dear to me as home,” I responded... (more »)
Two of the Same
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Rosa November 30,1955 I woke up that morning ‘round seven o’clock. It was a lovely day, no clouds in the sky and the birds were all chirpin’. Raymond and I had some scrambled eggs and toast before I had to head to the... (more »)
Royal March
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I woke with multiplying fears and passions, escaping the sinister comfort to join the promising steps of the marchers. To join their voices as they streamlined in perfect formation to bridge the gap between two worlds. Dust encapsulated the... (more »)
Striped Ones in the Shadows
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I died on December 28, 1943 in Nazi Germany. I tell this story from my barren graveyard, where upon innumerable days I lay and ponder meaninglessly about my last hours and things I could never change. My story is quite frank and depressing. I... (more »)
Bloodied Snow
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Isaac toyed with the little etch marks on his gun, rubbing his fingers soothingly back on forth over the six tally marks engraved in the metal.  He crouched in the boat, cradling his machine gun, eyes fixed on the rapidly approaching muddy... (more »)
A factory Boy
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He kissed his blood covered knuckles pushing the pallid freckled boy out into the freezing rain. “your nothing but a hired ass, nothing but an ignorant carrot top and don’t you forget it boy.” The boy trotted away from the... (more »)
Asylum Diaries
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Dear Diary,                                                         July 6th, 1868       It has been four days, six hours, and three minutes since I was put in solitary confinement. Strange people come in my room... (more »)
On the Run This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Run. The sole movement was consuming his thoughts, his mind, his entire body. Alfred’s gritty feet pounded against the raw farmland, and the blazing sun blinded his vision. Sweat trickled down his crooked back, seeping into his jagged... (more »)
The Hope of Suffering
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*Note to reader: some parts of the short story are quotes from books and songs including works such as The Color Purple by ALice Walker and the song “Sun Hands” by Local Natives. The rest is all original work of the author. The Hope of... (more »)
Rubber Bands
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 In my time, I’ve been on plenty of trains, riding around looking for new opportunities. In all my long, hard years though, one ride in particular, for one reason or another, has stuck with me. It was late summer in the year of our Lord 1929.... (more »)
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