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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

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I jumped out of line and frantically beckoned for a cab. I threw my things in and gestured for him to step on it. You’re not going to make it. She’s gonna die; alone. These thoughts over took my mind as we pulled out of the... (more »)
The Fantastic Gustavus von Habsburg This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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This history relates the incredible circumstances of the life of the great Gustavus von Habsburg, having lived during the greatest scientific revolution of modern history. In 1755, our story begins with the birth of Gustavus, an indirect... (more »)
The Fear of a Fading Couple
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 I don’t want to get up but I have work. I turn over to see that Bobby is not in our bed. I hear him in the kitchen making coffee. Bobby walks in he looks at me and smiles. He is ready to go to work and he is wearing his favorite... (more »)
Courage in Sports
By , Vancouver, WA
I don’t have much work to do around the house like some girls. My mother does that. And I don’t have to earn my pocket money by hustling; George runs errands for the big boys and sells Christmas cards. And anything else that’s... (more »)
America's Nameless, Faceless Men This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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On May 10, 1869, in Promontory Point, Utah, the completion of the first transcontinental railroad was marked with a ceremonial laying of the final and golden spike.  A photograph exists from the ceremony capturing hundreds of railroad men... (more »)
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Remember “Are you sure you have to go?” I stopped packing for a moment to glance to the side, seeing my 10 year-old younger brother standing there with a frown. “Why can’t you stay?” He still didn’t quite understand; it wasn’t... (more »)
A Horseshoes Life
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I hate ‘em. I hate ‘em all. Men, women, and children too. Always picking us up and tossing us through the air right into the dirt, like we’re nothing. Well maybe someday I’ll toss them in the dirt or see if they like being stuck on the... (more »)
Influence of Greek gods in Greek Culture
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Influence of gods in Greek culture The Greek gods and goddesses were said to have great power to the Ancient Greeks. This respect towards these gods is evident in Homer's epic poem, the Odyssey, through how they affect Odysseus’ journey and... (more »)
The Casket In the Cargo
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There was nothing in the air but him, the plane, and the stars. The aircraft coasted on the border between the limit of man’s upward gaze and the beginning of inconceivable space - it was here where he felt most at home. He could see the... (more »)
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Everything changed the day they arrived. Before that time, our lives were perfect. If you looked out across the lands, from the mountaintops to the seas, all of it was ours. We had everything we needed to survive. Our forests were filled with... (more »)
By , Cedarburg, WI
My name is Tam. I happen to be a queen, but I was not always one. My life has been a maze that is impossible to navigate. When I was a baby, I was abandoned by my mother in the front of the castle. I was found by the cook, and she raised me as... (more »)
Through the Window
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It was a few minutes past noon. Nobody was around. Lee slowly walked down the sixth floor hallway just in case someone was there he didn’t know about. He made his way down to the end of the hallway and turned into the room on his right.... (more »)
the last week
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                               The war ended long ago, but nobody told us. We were without a radio, it got shot while in the middle of the battle. It was April... (more »)
Sparks Fly
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Charlie woke with a start, his whole body shaking as he coughed. He wiped his mouth, hastily rubbing the dark residue on his pants. Pale light filtered through the cracks in the one room shack. On the other side of the room, his mother slept... (more »)
The Shady Lady
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A story based in the 1920's in beautiful New Orleans where Dehlia Davis comes to start a new life as a singer at an notorious speakeasy called The Shady Lady. Join us for an whirlwind adventure filled with love, lust, danger and more! Chapter... (more »)
The Love Triangle
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The Love Triangle                                           “Dear Precious, You have been invited to the Grand Third Reich Ball tonight at 8:00pm; be sure to be there!! Make sure not to pass... (more »)
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