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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

Thank you, dad
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Today is 1-9-1939 it’s my 14th birthday. I was happy until mom tell me we are going to America... My name is Coco. I’m a girl who grew up in a Japanese family.My family was rich.My family is going to move to America. I told my parents I... (more »)
Looking Forward
My father’s grunts woke me up in the middle of the night. I knew if I got up to see what was happening to my mother that he would turn to me next, so I remained still on my pallet and buried my head on the headrest, ignoring as best I could... (more »)
The Life
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Date: The first memory I had was when I peeked my little leafs out of the dirt as a sproutling, was the warmth I could feel on my sensitive membrane. The sensation of having warmth soak into my every fiber and all  the way down to my... (more »)
Black Knight
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A black knight stands in a field, his country behind him. A knight of red, stands but a stone’s throw to the black armored knight, his country behind him. The both stand and glance at each other for a few moments. The sun was warm, even warmer... (more »)
Ocean-Blue Eyes
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The guns fired for what seemed like the hundredth time.  Back and forth the screams of agony pierced the ominous air.  The smell of gunpowder overwhelmed the men on both sides. Soldiers fired back and forth as the numbers on both sides began... (more »)
The Civil Rights
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  “Wait wait”, said March “stop!” Everybody looked to see what was happening, March’s reaction was like she was scared, sad it was a reaction nobody had ever seen before. The bus driver David stopped. Wow what... (more »)
A Little Outside of Ocotepeque
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I woke up to the sound of crickets chirping outside. It seemed like a song they rehearsed over and over again at dawn until the sun was fully risen, and they would begin again every day until it went back behind the mountains. I memorized the... (more »)
The Bombing of St. Turibio
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  As Sun slowly walked in the room inside the Catholic Church. There was a bald man sitting in a old wooden church. The man said, “If you do this favor for me then I won’t kill your family, but if you don’t do it then I... (more »)
Used To Be
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Todd pushed himself through the crowd, clutching his large overcoat around him. It carried his redemption, and he’d be damned if he let anyone steal it. A shout rang out from the middle of the street, reverberating off the old brick row... (more »)
Booth Files
It was April 15th 1865. John Wilkes Booth woke up in a pretty good mood. He was staying at the Hilton a few blocks away from the local AMC theatre where, little did he know later, Abraham Lincoln would be attending to see the “Despicable... (more »)
Kosuke and the Camazotz
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One day, Kosuke was walking home from a successful hunt in the forest, with a large deer in tow. All was quite, but Kosuke realized it was, to quite. He soon felt as if he was being watched. This worried him since there had been rumors of a... (more »)
By , Dalton, GA
In 1955, it was dark , cold and the sidewalks were empty like if it was a ghost town. *Richard walks in the dinner*. ‘’ Hello ma’am” , said Richard . ‘’ Well if it isn’t my favorite costumer around , come on what can I get you... (more »)
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He looked through the large glass window, and something caught his eye. A grey speck moving among the clouds seemed to be increasing size by the second. When in view he realized it was an American Airlines airplane, heading straight for him. At... (more »)
A Most Interesting Dinner Party
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One evening, at the manor of one Conrad Easton, a group of 7 pecuilar individuals (including Mr. Easton himself, of course) gathered in the East Wing Dining Hall, awaiting orders from their mysterious host.   "Do we sit on request, or at... (more »)
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As the waves hit the boat, Miguel could feel his stomach churning. He shouldn't have eaten that much for breakfast, he thought, as he lurched forward to paint his neighbor’s shoes a new color. A few hours ago he was at the cafeteria with his... (more »)
THE STORY OF A BIRD FLEEING THE CAGE OF HER LIFE This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I’m walking Sabina to school, since she’s only seven, when a thought occurs to me. It happens as we’re turning the last corner right before the school house comes into view. We bump into Alex, the baker’s son. I cringe when he talks.... (more »)
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