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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

Why they call it the Black Sea
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They were a day out of Constantinople when the ship flipped over. Seeing as this was not a naturally tenable position for a ship to be in, a large majority of the crew died simply of shock. When the ship flipped again another third fell off the... (more »)
Mona Lisa
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The crowds walked past me with no more than a quick glance. A young girl grabbed her mother’s hand. Pulling her mother behind her, the girl stared at me wide eyed. My enigmatic expression often draws the attention of both children and... (more »)
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I look around in the quiet night to the old barn and play ground that was on his property.  Here we pretended all sorts of time travel since Danny was into that sort of thing. The place I was so familiar with seemed like a different place... (more »)
The Black Beaded Chain
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     1947. The year which changed the history of India forever. Being about the age of twelve at the time, she sat on the ground in her straw house, anxiously waiting for her father to return home. She peered out the window and watched... (more »)
The Myth of Numa
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As told by a grandfather to his grandson: “Pouring out your soul before Numa needs to be a violent act. She desires guilt soaked prayers for our offenses and wails of regret for our sins. To give her anything else would be degrading to... (more »)
Dreams. I would know.
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I awoke to a swaying, almost weightless feeling. The disorientation when you wake, I welcome it. For a moment you're someone,anyone,else. Then reality hits. I got up quickly, and padded to the water basin. After putting on my dress - my only... (more »)
SPOMENIK (snippet)
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We see see a great monument, a Spomenik. It looms. We see shots of different Spomeniks. One is foreboding, covered in snow, it’s form unintelligible, one is a large ball on a plinth, the other resembles a fasces, another one looks like an... (more »)
Badman from Bodie
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One day on the Bluff a newcomer rolled in on a freight wagon. It was inbound from Carson City, the closest railhead where a momentary spurt of normal life could be had, without the characteristic litany of violence, lynching, and knife-fights... (more »)
Primrose Path
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     It was early fall and the leaves of autumn littered the sidewalks of New York City. People bustled from one place to another in a immense stretch of crowds. This particular morning held a cold bitter wind that settled upon... (more »)
A Man's Woman
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In the midst of confusion, Elizabeth ran. She had no idea what was going on or what was going to happen next, all she knew was that she couldn’t be there any longer.   All her life, Elizabeth had known nothing but structure and elegance.... (more »)
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Death is an unacknowledged beauty, despised and feared by the bravest of men and the strongest of gods. She visits the best and worst of humanity, bringing with her the porcelain skin, pale lips, and ruby adornments striven for by followers of... (more »)
Total War: 1918
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Total War: 1918 As the smoke clears from the war torn battlefields World War One it reveals a weak and ravaged Europe, even as the the nations start to rebuild and establish stability the world's problems are brewing. The newly formed... (more »)
My Four-Leaf Clover
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I was a man of thirty five when I first left my home those eleven years ago. I was a simple-minded man. I knew that I loved my wife, Cait. I knew that I would be home before the snow melted the spring of the following year. I now find it... (more »)
The Other Keller Girl
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  It has been told to me that a true southern lady carries her parasol when the sun is shining on her face. If our souls need the same delicate protection as a lady’s skin, then I never needed a parasol. I was always in Helen’s shadow, and... (more »)
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Slave in mind
When I saw the leather rope strike him in the back and ripped his skin off to a point where you see the next layer after your skin. My dad’s right hand man must of hit that kid about millions of time before he passed out of pain. He was... (more »)
A Footstep in 1950 This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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It’s cold.   A fragile silhouette shivers in a ring of streetlight.   It’s heavy.   He grips a well-worn book in his hands as one would cling to a lifeline.   I shouldn’t be... (more »)
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