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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

Maid of Athens
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Today was a very exciting day. My mother was about to give birth to a baby. I hoped it was a girl, so I could care and love her and teach her how to weave. I hope it is not weak...then he or she would have to be abandoned., or left to die! Then,... (more »)
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A nearby, overturned rusty wagon wheel creaked as turbulent winds swept through what resembled an abandoned and lifeless town that had surrendered to the monstrous plague.  The town was only a mere shadow of a once bustling and lively place... (more »)
Journal Of Anne Clark: Civil War
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September 17-18, 1862: Journal of Anne Clarke age 20 The american flag lay furled on the ground, covered in deep crimson stains from newly dried blood on this day in Antietam Maryland. The sound of gunshots, canons and screams of agony still... (more »)
Declaration Of Independence From Parents
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During the course of adolescents, it becomes necessary for teens to “ditch” their parents as to speak. For the parents hypercritical ways start to get old and their constant nagging intolerable, so with all these problems we dare say it is... (more »)
Genghis and Galileo Take Miami
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Sunday afternoon, 4:30 p.m. The Sunday-Night-Homework-Rush will soon set in, but your iPad keeps sending you push notifications, beckoning you with its irresistible red bubbles. What to do, what to do… In the left corner, weighing in at... (more »)
They had been hunting me for days, I knew I would soon be captured but not yet. I still had to protect my tribe, The Seminole. A gunshot blared to my left and I ran. It was a trap, and now they knew my location. I was soon surrounded. Powerless... (more »)
Invasion to the Heart
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She sat there with tears rolling down her pale face as the screams filled of fear surrounded her village. She hid in the forest attempting to keep quiet and fighting every urge to help the people she called family. Her mother's words echoed in... (more »)
Whispering Winds of Depression
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October 29, 1929, the day of the most fatal revolting terror the United States will hope to ever endure. For me, it was just a loss of a father. For everyone else, to the ones who were old enough to care, it was the loss of everything they were.... (more »)
A Grave For a Shadow This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
Allied operations report. January 5th, 1970. Generalized timeline June 6th, 1944—massive allied defeat at Omaha, Juno, Sword, Utah, and Gold beaches. January 19th , 1957—Britain negotiates truce with Hitler; Hitler will stop expanding... (more »)
Burdened This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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The icy ground glittered beneath my boot-clad feet. I kicked a lump of dirty snow to watch it skitter across the gray parking lot. It exploded onto an unattended grocery cart. Biting my lip, I shoved my freezing hands into my pockets. Looked like... (more »)
The Story of Adam
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Adam I had first seen his face on the front window of the towns clothing store. It was a wanted sign. I was immediately drawn to this boy’s image. He looked harmless; his face had soft features like an innocent angel. If I had to guess I’d... (more »)
May 1944 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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I hate Americans. I hate their language, their fashion sense, and most of all, their bomber planes. Every morning, I watch the skies. I listen for the whine of their planes or the whistle of their deadly bombs. I've been trained to wake at even... (more »)
Drawing the Past
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One day while doing my homework my pen started running out of ink. I needed to finish my drawing for my 1692 project. I searched through drawer after drawer and couldn’t find one single pen. I dropped a small box I had never seen before inside... (more »)
General Seven
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The general stands on one end of his prisoners and quietly observes their attempts to move. He watches as his men walk through the crowd beating down the prisoners who still stand tall. Lightning cracks the sky as he begins to walk past his... (more »)
The Donner Party
The winter is cold, bitter cold. I don't remember a time when my skin was flush with warmth and my belly didn't ache of emptiness. Our food supply is running short here, and we try to parcel our food in small portions, but really there's nothing... (more »)
Lucius Laurentius:Bishop of Rome
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Lucius Laurentius: The Bishop of Rome Breanna Lawrence World History ?“Lucius! Lucius over here,” ?I turned around, clutching onto my Bulla. It had protected me all these years. Today was the big day, the Liberalia, the day I would... (more »)
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