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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

I Am a Captain
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The raids from Mexican forces led by Pancho Villa became too much.  So the United States sent in military troops, some of these troops were led by a young captain George S. Patton.  “It is almost impossible for a military... (more »)
The Tunnels
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  The Interview On October 10, 1968 a U.S. Marine was found by a patrol in southern Vietnam. The soldier was said to have been muttering things about a lost mission and descriptions of horrific creatures underground. The soldier... (more »)
Take Cover!
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   "Get down!  You wanna die?  If not - don't poke your head out when I don't tell you to," my captain screamed at me.    The rain of gunfire poured over the small town of Grenoble, France.  Our tanks drove through houses and budings,... (more »)
Chicago World's Fair
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"Once upon a time, there was a little boy," began the man holding me captive. "You wouldn't describe him as a particularly special boy. He wasn't tall, or handsome. He wasn't charismatic, or amusing. In fact, he... (more »)
Back to Revolutionary War
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Gradually opening my eyes, I found myself lying in a forest. “Oh my god! Where am I?” I could not help shouting. Being stuck for several seconds, I looked down at myself. Dark grey shabby linen shirt, loose black trousers, and a pair of... (more »)
All I Need
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Wild waves ferociously slammed the ship, sending it in a confused, rocky motion. Water lunged on the wooden deck. Passengers panicked. In a hurry, crew members rallied, bucketing the water back into the violent sea. Almost every night, it had... (more »)
Shot heard around the world
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Chapter 1 It was a warm Spring morning. Joseph slipped in a room discreetly and hided in an out-of-use factory. William and Paul had already been there for a while. When they saw Joseph come in, they anxiously stepped forward. Joseph... (more »)
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James Files is the name. The name of the man who committed the unthinkable. The name of the man who killed our president. But you see, James Files was never charged. He got away. James Files is the man on the grassy knoll. Mr. Files was... (more »)
Open Up the Heavens This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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When I was much younger, I wandered out of my bedroom in the early hours of the morning, before the sun could yawn and peak out its head. No one heard me besides the birds and cicadas.  My feet slipped across the marble stone pathway of my... (more »)
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       I haven’t done anything to you.        The crowd roars, screaming for blood. Somewhere a clay pot shatters and a baby cries. Dogs howl, and the force of a thousand pattering feet shakes the ground like an unsteady heartbeat.... (more »)
Martin Luther King and I Were Unbreakable
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Must it be him a person who pioneered what it means to be a racially open-minded. Who is an individual of equality amongst a line full of segregated tones which brings a sense of hope to all in one vigorous voice. Thus, born in January 15,... (more »)
Cold Soul
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Arnold became a ghost.And he found lots of things he didn't notice in when he was alive. Chapter 1: Benedict Arnold It is a story about Benedict Arnold. "The quisling is over there! Go! Catch him!", a solider shouted. Oh gosh!Bless me, my... (more »)
Family of witches
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Elise Bantar screamed and shouted as the villages preacher took her mother out of their home. Her mother has been rumored to have practiced witchcraft.  Elise and her older sister denise knew what happened to women who were rumored to be... (more »)
He Marched
By , Wilmington, MA
The news came along with the first winds of winter. It was about our John. The boy who had gone to become a man. The letter unraveled in my hands and told me the fate of our John. Our John was not a boy anymore. He was not a man either. The ink... (more »)
A Personal Diary of a Continental Army Soldier
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June 25,1778 General Washington wants 4000 men to be an advance force to strike at the British rear guard. And I'm one of them... But, ughhhhhh! The war is not even started yet and I already want to go home. Marie, Marie, Marie... Don't you... (more »)
The Story of George Washington
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I am George Washington, the commander of the Virginian Militia troops. At that time, I was leading the Battle of Trenton. If my army could cross the Delaware River From Pennsylvania into New Jersey to surprise the encamped Hessian troops, it... (more »)
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