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Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

Fate in the Stars: A Holocaust Diary
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February 3, 1941 It has seemed like mother Nature herself has relflected life as it is for my people with the bleak, cold conditions. Rabi Gregory always told us that God will not give us more than we could handle, but I am not sure how God... (more »)
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I had wandered the ship decks one by one; travelling lower and lower into poverty the closer I got to the boiler room. I strode through the carpeted First Class halls, lights bright and women wearing dresses worth more than my very own life,... (more »)
Justice Prevails even in the Darkest Times
By , Phoenix, AZ
A fine line stands between breaking and wrath.  Day after day, I witness newly arriving migrant farmers hunting for available jobs only to be met with hostility.  They compete with one another to achieve a failed success.  Those that found... (more »)
Helpless Society
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I wake up with a sudden headache. My body immediately feels malnourished and dirty. I look up to see a woman standing over my bed. “How you been john. You took a hard hit”, said a woman in pajamas. “Who are you. Where..... (more »)
Mary and the Pearl Earrings
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Mary walked slowly along the shop windows, not for her daughter to keep up, but because she liked looking at all the beautiful things she could never have this was the only time she would ever smile. Her daughter looked up at her mother in awe.... (more »)
A Woman that Claims that I am her son
By , 1234, Saudi Arabia
. . . Like any typical Korean would, as a child I listened to the story of Dokdo. "Dokdo is our land." My mom would say "Dokdo is our land." I would repeat                                                    ... (more »)
Two Hearts and a Bird
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          Ba-bum-ba-bum-bum. The steady, hypnotic, rhythm coursed through my veins like a thousand lightning bolts. For weeks, maybe months, this staccato etude surged down my spine and throughout my limbs to the tips of my fingers. By... (more »)
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I sit back and reflect on the events of the past few days. The fire the smoke, the gunshots. I sit there while staring at the fire hearing it go “crackle, crack” and start to weep. I am in the middle of a forest in October; all I... (more »)
Why The Crab Has No Head (Oral Story Telling)
By , Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Mummy... why don't Crabs have heads? What do you mean darling? Well, I went to the zoo today and I noticed that the Crab was the only animal with no head, and I wondered why.   Oh okay I'll tell you why. Now... (more »)
The German Dog And I
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On January 20th, 2016, I was reading about a fossil found in Germany on a magazine. I been reading it for an hour or two. I decided to take a break. I stretched my arms and wiggled my toes. It has been an exhausting week. Then a scientist... (more »)
A Note of Discord
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     It was on a frigid, blustery night when I had set out to meet a close friend by the name of Gideon Hayward. I had almost arrived at his place of residence when a man wearing a long, unfastened black coat and carrying a dark briefcase... (more »)
The Story of Lambeseus son of Mr. Fluffy
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 My Life had a humble beginning.  My father was the pet of a young Trojan.  Mr. Fluffy was loved by Katrecia as if he were the last lamb on the planet.  She would spend the entire day playing with him.  She walked the road of life with him... (more »)
Last Resort
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Wind back the clock five years and you will find the streets of New York City vibrant with color, glamour and purpose. The women wore elegant pearls around their necks and the gentleman wore classy three piece suits to the simplest of events.... (more »)
Exploring Neighborhood: Swormsville NY, 1941
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“An Amherst teen reportedly attempted to end his life last Sunday. The teen is now being…” the reporter’s voice droned on and on, reviewing the week’s events- a series of shootings, drugs and violence. Known as Janie to her friends,... (more »)
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It’s been almost a month. I have no idea where I am. I was captured by the Japs when they ambushed my well we were sleeping. Everyone was killed except for me, I am the lone survivor. You could say I was lucky that they spared my life but... (more »)
Mass Murderer on the Loose
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It was a normal day in the neighborhood. Debbie was at home today, because it was a Saturday. She turned on her cassette tape player with her favorite music artist: Cher Bono, as she was getting dressed in her bell bottoms from the Sagan’s,... (more »)
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