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Sounds like a lot of hoopla!

April 24, 2018
By AdAm_YaLiKeJAZZ BRONZE, Philly, Rhode Island
AdAm_YaLiKeJAZZ BRONZE, Philly, Rhode Island
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On February eighth, 1777,Doge Dawg was sent to court for thievery. For Doge, this was a blessing as he was a British spy. Judge James Mitchell Varnum must have mixed up Doge’s files with another person's.  “For this,” Doge whispered “ I am thanking god.”

An hour later, Doge was put into a makeshift prison on the East Side of Valley Forge. Upon his first look around, Doge saw two men, an African American, and a Caucasian both wearing torn and bloodied soldier’s uniforms.

The African American’s name was Kevin, he was a runaway who was caught in the middle of a battle. The other man, named Jeff, was in for thievery after being caught stealing a type of apple he called “Tide Pods”.

A while later, a rotund guard appeared at the cell door and began to mock them. “Ha! Why can't you fellas be like Benedict Arnold? That man right there is a patriot through and through!” The guard said. “ And the French! You guys hear? Two days ago, we have new allies!” He kept rambling about the war.

“What's crack-a-lackin’ with you guys?” Said Doge. “Nothing much.” Said Jeff. “Nothing besides my selling tomorrow.” Kevin said dreadfully. “Your being sold!” Doge said. “I won't stand for this! I have an idea! Their is a place named Canada that is 400 miles away, an eight day walk. If we make it there, you will be free.” “It's worth a shot.” Said Kevin.

Later that night, the guard fell asleep next to the cell door. “I got the key.” Jeff Whispered. The door creaked open, and they headed North.

Eight days later, the three men stood outside a city named Montreal. They were starving, tired, and half dead. After eating steamed hams, Doge’s cousins Norbert and Daggett welcomed the spy and his friends with land for all three.

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