The War

April 26, 2018
By xmill BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
xmill BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
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My story  is about the war. It is going on and a big storm is coming. My main character is John Adams  he was a founding father.John Adam was born  OCT 30,1735 and  died JULY 4, 1826.The big storm is a tsunami they wanted to try  something  new and they had the war on the tsunami. They are planning to  get war boats and they are going to have the war in the middle of the tsunami.

John Adams is working on getting from Boston Massachusetts to PA. He is also working on becoming the next president of the  U.S.’’ Before  the storm come I am going to get the team war boat.” So if the british try to run up on us we are all ready to fire at them.The british comes and fires at us and it missed all of are soldiers we fire back and hit on of their soldiers.They fire back at us and hit one of are soldiers but our med people come and take care of us.We are hitting most of the british soldiers and we are winning right now. But right before we fired again our leader John Adams “tell the soldiers to  take cover and  check if any of the soldiers got hit.” If any of them didn’t  get hit he wanted them to keep firing at the british in till we won that fight for good.

When that fight was done we headed back to our land and rested.But when we got rested we got on our war boat and and was scrolling around to check if we saw any other people. Then we saw a big ship and they saw us. They started firing at us and our leader John Adams started telling our soldiers to start firing back at them. our soldiers hit the british soldiers  and they started to fire a lot . we  started to leave  and John Adams kept saying “go,go,go” because they had to much soldiers and we couldn't fight back.When we was leaving our leader John Adam got hit in the back of his head and died.We couldn't fight because we had no leader and the war ended.

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