Girls Fight

April 25, 2018
By AniyaB BRONZE, Bristol PA, Pennsylvania
AniyaB BRONZE, Bristol PA, Pennsylvania
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In the fall of 1782 we find a girl named Alexandra in the 13 colonies. Alexandra wants to go to war because of her brother. Alexandra’s brother was in the war. When her family heard her brother died, that made her sad so she wanted to go to the war to her avenge brother. Her friend Deborah Sampson wanted to go to war too.
They disguised themselves as men and change their names to Robert Shurtleff that was Deborah’s  name. Alexandra change her name to Alexander Black. They joined the patriots forces. The two joined the fourth Massachusetts Regiment. Robert and Alexander were given the dangerous task in Manhattan. Which general George Washington contemplated attacking.

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This story about two girls fight in the Revolutionary War

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