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Run to the hill

April 25, 2018
By Izzy_girl05 BRONZE, Bristol PA, Pennsylvania
Izzy_girl05 BRONZE, Bristol PA, Pennsylvania
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 Malisa, Malise wake up, said Tyrone. What! Yelled Malisa. Shhhh, be quite, master could come, whispered Tyrone. Oh yeah, did it happen yet or what? Malisa ask. Tyrone ignore her. Let’s go out the window, Tyrone said. Hey you never answer my question, did it happen yet or what? She said in a firm voice. Yes, as Tyrone is going out the window. They both go out the window, and Tyrone helps his sister get down.

       Tyrone is fifteen, and Malisa is Twelve, Tyrone always had to take care of  Malisa. She was always a handful. They were so lucky they got to stay together. Usually siblings would get split up and then never see them again or maybe you could. It would just depend on the sichuation. There mom got slip from us and we do not know if she is alive but we are still hoping she still alive. There dad got hung because he was not following the rules and then tried to run away, but it did not work. Malisa was so sad and so was Tyrone. She is still sad till this day. They never see other slaves around. It would be good for Malisa self of stem.  

       They up the hill, they saw something on top of the hill. It look like kids. Hey what's that, said Malisa. I don't know? Said Tyrone. Stay here, I'm going to see what it is, he said. No don’t leave me please, I'm scared, she said with tears in her eyes. I'll be right back I promise, he said as he's hugging her. Okay, Malisa sides. He went over there and it was other slave.  Malisa come here, but she never answer, Malisa? He said in a scared voice. Tyrone heard a scream, that's Malisa he yelled. He saw a man taking her, he ran over their as fast as a cheetah. Hey give me my sister back, he yelled. Tyrone help, Malisa cried. Tyrone tackled the man to the ground, and Malisa got free and hugged Tyrone. Thank you so much, she cried.
         Who are you, asks Tyrone. I'm I don't  mean to hurt anyone, said the man. What is your name, Malisa ask. My name is Anthony, said Anthony. Hi Anthony I'm Malisa, and this is my brother Tyrone, she said. Now why did you try to kidnap my sister, yelled Tyrone. I'm sorry, knocked into her and she started crying and I did not know what to do so I picked her up to take her to my house to see what happened with her, explained Anthony. Can you take us to you houses, said Malisa. I mean it's a abandoned cabin I'm hiding there so I can run to Philadelphia, said Anthony. That's fare, said Malisa. Why are you going there anyway, Tyrone said with a attitude. Hey I said I was sorry , you can stop giving me attitude, said Anthony. Malisa was so surprised  that Anthony had done that, no one had ever done that before to him. Tyrone’s face was in shocked.

      They go back on the hill to see if that person was still there and they were. It was a girl, hey what's your name, Malisa said. My, my name, you want to know my name, she ask. Yeah what's your name, said Tyrone. Anthony was still walking up the hill, when he saw the girl he said run. Then they all started running and Malisa ask why are we running. Anthony said she a spy for the British. Tyrone ask how do you know, she told me said Anthony. Then all the sudden they see a bunch of British by the abandoned cabin. Hey I thought we were safe from all this. Then the Redskins saw Anthony and said there he is. They took Anthony and shot him. Anthony, Malisa cried. Shhhh, as Tyrone is pulling Malisa into the bush to hide. What's going on, ask Malisa. I don't know, said Tyrone.
     Then other Redskins look for any other slaves. They found four other slaves and made them fight in the war. Tyrone and Malisa decided to fight  in the war. They won the war, and Anthony lived the gun shot. They also found there mom. She looked different, but they still knew that it was there mom. They got their independence they wanted.

The author's comments:

This stroy is about a brother and a sister who are trying to get out of the Declaration of Independence war.

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