The battle of Princeton

April 25, 2018
By Lasershark BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
Lasershark BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
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John is a solider fight in the revolutionary war. His is on the side of the American colonies. He witnesses many gruesome things that most people would not wont to see.

Chapter 1: The battle of Princeton

We were in Princeton attacking the British forces. It was bitter cold and the redcoats tripled us. But we still fought for freedom. There were gunshots shots in all directions. BANG!!! Someone next to me was shot directly in his right eye with crimson colored blood spilling out, onto the cold ground. I shot at a redcoat, the bullet went straight through his shin. As I reloaded my gun the cold, bitter wind blow in my face. “John” I heard someone yell to me. It was my friend billy with a dying, bleeding, and whimpering soldier he was trying to cover.

         I sprinted over to help. “We have to get this man to safety” Billy said. “Ok” I replied. Billy and I brought him behind two large boulders. there were some soldiers taking cover and firing at the redcoats. I quickly darted back to where I was before I helped Billy. This battle has been going on for two or three hours now. I still have blood on my hands from when I helped, Billy bring that guy to cover.

     I reload my gun and shoot, the bullet hits a redcoat in the chest. Blood splatter on other redcoats. Right in front of me one of my friends, Wayne was shot in the head, blood splattered all over me. It was on my shirt, my pants,and my face. I dropped my gun trying to rub off the blood, and Get it out of my eyes. After I cleared my face, I picked up the cold, metal, gun off the ground.  As I was standing back up, I was shot in my left shoulder.
          The pain was unbearable. I could not take it and I passed out. When I awoke there was another dead body next to me. I was still in very much pain. It felt like a flaming blade was stabbing me repeatedly. But I had to keep fighting. So I grabbed my gun and fired, but yet again I was hit! I was shot in the right side of my chest. I passed out again but I never woke up.

The author's comments:

This is a project I had to do for school.

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