Story of America

April 25, 2018
By Infernos-burning BRONZE, Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
Infernos-burning BRONZE, Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
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Chapter 1: story of America

James Seagraves

Hello I am Lazarus lázár, it is 1775 and I am currently sixteen and I am preparing to join the continental army and fight for America. I am a average sized which I consider to be 5,7 middle class white man who was more muscular in build Who owns no slaves and is one of very few who takes in escaped slave and feeds and clothed them. I am a strong believer in the fact that all men are created equal And that Africans do not deserve to be treated like they are below us.

Any ways I was on my way to valley forge too meet general George Washington
And join into his army and on my way inside another man who was seeming annoyed exited. I recognized him immediately. I was sure that it was Aaron burr. Who was a good friend of mine from Princeton college even though we took different professions. had nothing to say to Aaron burr so knocked on the door waiting for Washington to let me inside his office. I finally got an answer in the form of the words “come in” after what seemed like an eternity of waiting. I saw him sitting at his desk, battle map sprawled before him.  “What do you want” he called to me as I closed the door.  “I’m here to join your army, Sir, if you’ll let me” I said in a weary voice. George Washington looked me over.  Giving it barely any thought, he said “we could always use more men like you on the battlefield.”

The days turned into weeks and into years as we did the same thing day in day out March camp it seemed like we fought for what we believed in on those battlefields.  People would fight the soldiers while saying Britain should be the one still in charge. We were being attacked and pushed out of counties because we wanted the British to leave and leave us alone.  I watched many of friends, my brothers in arms, die on the land around me.  They are sights that I’ll never be to get out of my head. There dying body’s limp on the ground. That would haunt my brain pan for decades to come.

We fought long and hard and as the gunsmoke settled, we finally saw the British retreating to their ships in the waters of the Boston coast. The fight was finally was over and we had won.  We were finally going to be free from Britain’s rule.  It was time for me to retire from fighting and try to live a better life. One filled with freedom and happiness. The war had taken a toll on my life but now me and my brothers in arms are treated like heroes and from that day to now we are still remembered as America’s saviors.  George Washington are old general has been selected for a new form of power called the president and is not the only one in control the continental congress is still in power with him. Turns out there was a happy ending in store for us after all or so we had thought.
As it is now for me I am married to this beautiful woman named Eliza
Who bore children for me but they were stricken with smallpox and died before they could be helped. It was a dark summer and the winters seemed longer and colder.
If only there was a fire warm enough to heat the ice around us.
My beloved wife has passed on to a better place and my life grew colder.
I rejoined the army to become a trainer for recruits to prepare them for there conflict
And that was a fortnight ago or fourteen days in time.
As the days tick by it is harder to wake up in the morning as i feel my soul start to creep closer to the age of death.
I have lived the longest of my family presuming i die at seventy or seventy two.

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