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Jordan and the burden of 1775-1783

April 24, 2018
By Anonymous

“Jordan breath don’t you dare die on me !” “Jordan!? JORDANNNNN…
                                 5 YEARS BEFORE

“Jordan come here and help”, said Jordan’s Dad. It was a hot summer day in 1775. Jordan and his parents were in the cotton fields picking cotton. Jordan was thinking about what he overheard the night before” are they really gonna try to escape?” But  Jordan didn’t have time to think about escaping. He had to make sure to finish his section of the cotton field. Last time he didn’t finish his section he got 25 lashes. Thankfully he was almost done. He looked over to the toubob. But then he saw something he’d never seen before. It was at least 100 men with muskets.Then they started firing! Jordan panicked, he didn’t know what to do. He ran into a ditch and hid. His heart was racing. As he began to hyperventilate his parents came over to him. “This is our chance, let’s make a run for it”, said Jordan’s mom.  Then a soldier came over. Then the unbelievable happened. He shot both of Jordan’s parents. Then he looked Jordan in the eyes and laughed as he rode away on a horse. As his parents died he promised them to make the soldier pay. His father's last words were” Goto Philadelphia… you will find an ally by the name of-of- Benjamin fr-“. His father died before he could finish the sentence. Jordan looked over to his mom, she was already dead. Jordan was filled to the brim with emotions.  He had a mixture of rage and sadness. He also had so many questions. Who was the soldier who killed his parents? Was this attack planned over time? But the biggest question he had was WHY? Then Jordan remembered what his father said. Jordan started thinking, Philadelphia? I’ve heard about it but not about how to get there. But someone snapped Jordan out of his thoughts. It was one of the other slaves. But behind him were about a dozen other slaves. All of them were about his age. He knew most of them. But the one who snapped him out of his thoughts was his friend Jamal. “Are you ok Jordan”, said Jamal. As Jordan began to say something he saw Jamal’s eyes look at Jordan’s parents. At that point Jordan could tell just by Jamal facial expression he knew the answer to the question “ are you ok”. Apparently Jordan wasn’t the only survivor. Jamal said the his parents were waiting in the slave house. As soon as they got there Jamal’s mom gave Jordan a hug. Then she said,”it will be okay baby we will all get through this together “. It turns out Jamal’s parents were also heading to Philadelphia. So they took all the food, drinks and all the other supplies they could hold. Then there journey began. There were about 50 of them all together. More then half were men. There were guns on the plantation. So the men handled the weapons. They traveled far from there Georgia for months . There numbers went from 50 to 38. The only two children left were jamal and Jordan. But after all that time they finally arrived in Philadelphia. On the long journey Jordan found out that Benjamin franklin was the man his dad spoke of. But when they entered Philadelphia they were captured! Then when they went to register mr. Franklin recognized Jordan’s last name. “Are you the son of jack by chance”? Jordan answered yes. Mr. Franklin ordered that Jordan and all the other slave were treated as if they weren’t slaves. Jordan explained what had happened at his plantation. When he told Mr. Franklin about his father his face seemed to drop. “Well after everyone’s long journey I say you all deserve to rest. He showed Jordan to his room which he shared with Jamal. It was medium sized but cozy and comfortable. “Jordan what do you think will be next?” Jordan answered with a shrug. Jamal didn’t take it to heart. He was aware of Jordan’s fatigue. They both fell asleep right away. When Jordan woke up that morning he didn’t see Jamal. So he went down the stairs and didn’t see any of his fellow survivors. He looked out the window and then he saw them. Why are they working? I don’t understand why did they enslave them again? Then he saw Mr. Franklin walking down the hallway. ‘Ah Jordan good morning lad’,said Mr. Franklin. ‘Why are they working and I’m not’, exclaimed Jordan. ‘There are two kind of people in the world, those who get promoted and better and those who never change’, said Mr. Franklin. Jordan understood what that meant. So I’m a soldier now,I will do this for three reasons, revenge,forgiveness and redemption. Jordan was only 14. The youngest soldier he knew of was 15. He ask Mr. Franklin  about age requirements. The legal age was 15, but he said that there was no age requirement for training. Then he saw Jamal come inside. No hurry get out I don’t want you to hold the same burden as me. ‘It seems you are Jordan’s age too young man’, before Jordan could say anything Jamal answered ‘ Yes and I want to train just like Jordan’. Both Jordan and Benjamin were speechless. So for years and years Jordan and Jamal trained for battle. Then Mr. Franklin said it was time. The year was 1780, the there ages were 19 and 20 Jordan was of course the oldest one. But skill wise they were equal. The army traveled from Philadelphia to Charleston. It was the time for all there training to be put to use. They were the reinforcements along with about 90 others. ‘Maybe we can win this battle, do you think Jordan?, said Jamal. Jordan didn’t answer. He was deep in thought. Maybe he will be there. The man that killed his father. That son of a- his thought was interrupted by bullets and blood. One of their fellow soldiers was shot. Then Jordan saw him, the man that killed his father. Filled with rage he rushed him. ‘JORDAN!?’,yelled Jamal. But Jordan didn’t turn back, he had him right where he wanted him, revenge, redemption, satisfaction will be mine after his blood is mine. Jordan shot his leg making the man fall. His gun was out of his reach. Then Jordan looked him in his eyes, ‘ Remember me? You killed my parents in cold blood?! You showed them no mercy, now you will pay for your mistake’, said Jordan. ‘What was my mistake’, asked Deangelo. Then Jordan looked him dead in his eyes and said, “ Your mistake was not killing me when you had the chance”. As Jordan put the gun to his parents murders head he was shot in the back. As Jordan fell to the ground he put a bullet through Deangelo's head as the man that shot Jordan was about to put Jordan out of his misery, he was stabbed in the back with a bayanot. Then Jordan saw Jamal’s face. Everything was blurry and as Jordan began to slip into death he heard Jamal yell for a medic to come over to them. Jordan breath don’t you dare die on me !” “Jordan!? JORDANNNNN… I’m ok with this… i kept my promise … i wish i could live on… I really do… but its time i join my parents… they’ve waited long enough… don’t cry Jamal … just make sure you live on… here i…

The battle was lost. But, they lost the battle but won the war. After three years a treaty was signed by Great Britain and the United States. Although our hero died in the end, he still kept his promise he made to his parents. He fought hard and inspired many to do the same too.

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