March 26, 2018
By UgineTheFirst BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
UgineTheFirst BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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It was the year of September 1, 1939,  I am one of the most powerful and notorious dictators of the 20th century. I wanted to take all the power in Germany beginning in 1939 my plan succeeded and I was a god to all my people.
The invasion that I had my former Nazis do in Poland led me and my troop to the outbreak of World War ll, and by 1941 me and my fellow people occupied much and I mean much of Europe and that's how I got all the power that I had.
I was basically an only child, as a kid but I did have some family but they weren't exactly related to me in that sense and as a child I was beat and did not like it at all so i thought when i would grow up beat people like my parents beat me so I grew up to killing and blood gore and violence and that all how I started as a rebellious child.
I was born on April 20, 1889 and I was a part of Germany when I was first born born and raised in Germany and I was serving as a dictator in something called the Nazis party and or you can call it a socialization for bulk in power I was the one who started World War ll which also then started the Holocaust, which led to 6 million death of people and another 5 million noncombatants.
My wife was Eva Braun loved her dearly, I met her in Berlin Germany and When we first saw each other we were only friends then 2 years later we got together loved her dearly, when we got together she moved in with me in my bunker/shelter in Berghof near Berchtesgaden Germany and that where we lived throughout the World War ll.
My wife was a public photographer but once we were together and she found out I was starting a World War ll she had to lay low so she wouldn't get hurt and all the photographs and videos of me were taken by her she was my key in my social circle but did not attend the public events that I participated in my lifetime until the mid 1944’s and just because she was only 33 and I was 56 when we got married I say age doesn't mean anything in my opinion.
My parents both came from poor peasant families, my father Alois Hitler was a very intelligent man he was nice but as a kid i was still beat but that did not faze me in my life my father was married twice and I believe that the first marriage screwed with his mind. And my mom, Klara Polzl was a very nice young lady and I liked her even tho my childhood with them wasn't the greatest I still loved my parents both of them dearly no matter what they did to me I loved them so so much.
My dad retired when i was 6 years old he worked in the government service as a servant for all the chiefs sargents and more that worked in the government services as a young man and also my dad wanted me to do good in life and not to grow up to be a mean and naughty kid (He thought wrong) and or in other words he was very keen on what I did as a kid.
And the problem with me that I killed people for no reason an everyone disagreed with what I did and that was the problem but did I care at the time no, I didn't give a crap about anyone besides Me and my former nazis and that's when people got in on it and saying it was wrong for me to be killing all the innocent people and yeah i didn’t really care what people said about me it was the least of my worries.
And that's what started the conflict between me and everyone is that they did not like what I did an so they all wanted to start riots and try to kill me and that not what they should do I personally think i should of killed all of them but i did anyway and that wasn't right on my part.
And i will put a picture a of me and my former nazis

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It is about world war 2 and it is a very nice historical fiction to read i worked very hard on thsi and i am very pround of myself

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