behind enemy lines

March 26, 2018
By Anonymous

  It is 1943 and my name is Alexander Falconbridge.  I am a private in the U.S marine corps. I am just a regular foot soldier serving on the front in Germany. The only problem is that I am alone stranded 25 miles behind enemy lines. And all I have is this journal and the faith that I will be rescued.

     It all started when I was on a mission to assassinate Field Marshal Maximilian von Weichs. I need to assassinate him for one sole reason, his murder of thousands of U.S soldiers. This may be my mission, but right now I need to find food and water.

   Day 2:0800
After completing my recon of the terrain, I have found a nice little stream that will humor my drinking needs. I have also found some nice blueberry bushes not far from here. What I have will suffice for now, but it will not last forever. I will have to continue further scouting and hunting at a later time. The mission is crucial and the impending fate of von Weichs is in my hands.  

   Day 3: 0600
A Kraut patrol came by this morning.  It was very intense.  I hid in a hollowed out tree stump until they left they didn't see me. I suspect that they will be back more often. I take down careful notes for my mission in my journal. I know that this will be an important detail later on.

   Day 4: 0830
In my mission,  need to kill  Field Marshal Maximilian von Weichs  because he has been executing captured U.S soldiers. Which we do not do to the Germans during wartime. Executing captured soldiers is inhumane.

   Day 5: 0730
I need to move.  The Germans come here more often now they will find me. Eventually, I am thinking of heading to Berlin. And blending in with the common rabble.

   Day 6: 0630
I am in Berlin. I am blending in with the common homeless rabble my new plan is to get back to the U.S front lines at all cost.

   Day 7:0530
The hidden Jewish folk are letting me stay with them for now until I can get out of here.

   Day 35:0330
Our apartment has been raided all of us have been captured we are on our way to a P.O.W. camp.

Day 36:0730 
We have arrived at the camp. I am in a room with fellow Americans. I have been field promoted to private 1st class which makes me the highest ranking soldier in our room which means I am the leader.

    Day 53:0230
The field marshal is staying here as camp leader complete the mission at all costs!

    Day 63:0450 
I am planning a assassination and escape.

    Day 145:0650
I am going to do the assassination today and escape right afterward.

    Day 155:0730
I have been rescued and I am safe tomorrow. I will write down my exhilarating journey.

    Day 154:0100

Lights out time at 1 o'clock in the morning,I sneak out and I go into the guards barracks. I find a 9mm and I go into the storage room and I find a pillow and tape.
I proceed to take the tape pillow and gun and make a silencer out of the tape and the pillow. I then make my way across the camp dodging and avoiding the night guards. Then I enter the field marshals quarters, I see his grim worn out wrinkly face. With his baggy eyes and receding hairline. I hear two guards walking outside and they are coming towards the field marshals quarters, I jump under the bed and take a deep breath. Seconds later the guards walk in they yell,
“Feldmarschall aufwachen!” which is field marshal for wake up in German.
He wakes up and says, “Was willst du?”
            “Einer der gefangenen ist entkommen!”
        “ Na dann finde ihn!”
       “Heil, Hitler!”
       They were talking about me escaping moments later. I hear sirens wailing and dogs barking. The good thing is that it's raining so the dogs won’t be able to pick up my scent. I get out from under the bed and I see the field marshal. I pick up my 9mm aim it at him and say,
   “It's the end of the line-”
    He says in  broken English, “ I know- everyone's time comes eventually.”
        I fire two rounds into his chest. I stand there for a few minutes thinking,
I killed a man...
Then I close my eyes, get on my knees, and apologize- asking God to forgive me. 
    I then proceed to sneak out of the camp. I wander to a river and find a boat. I float down the river in the fishing boat. After two days of floating, I come across an American airbase. They take me in and I tell them who I am and my mission. I  get sent to an American troop base and I find my commanding officer. He tells be to get some rest and I come back the next day. 

  Day 158:0730
I wake up and get dressed into a real uniform. I walk across the yard and knock on my co’s door. He opens up and tells me to come inside and have a seat I said, “Sir, I have completed my mission sir.”
   He says, “No- field marshal was seen yesterday on his way to Berlin. You killed a cover up- your going to Berlin to take out the leaders that will be there. You're leaving tonight at 0630.” 

   Day 160:0730
I have found a good position on a roof and I get out my Springfield model 1903.  I look through the sights aim at the gigantic window that’s in Hitler’s conference room. I get ready to take a shot now Hitler is my first priority. I see him in my sights. I see him standing at a table with other high ranking Germans.  I take a breath and squeeze the trigger. I see Hitler drop I hear the gun rack another round. I get my sights on the field marshal staring at Hitler in fear. I squeeze the trigger, he drops the other leaders run out of the room. I put my gun away and sit down and start writing this moments later. I hear footsteps coming from the staircase that i used to get up here
  “Schießen Sie zuerst fragen Sie später Fragen!”
Meaning shoot first ask questions later. I sit here calmly and accept my fate my time has come I accept that. Moments later I hear gunfire in the hallway and then I hear,
Run in German. Then all of the sudden, the door burst open wide. An American platoon steps out lead by my C.O. and seconds later a German helicopter comes around the corner with American symbols on it we climb in and fly off.
     I get shipped back to the states and get awarded the Medal of Honor by President Roosevelt himself.
            The war ended a week after I killed Hitler and the Field Marshal. After the war ended, the platoon that saved me went to the Reichskanzlei, which is Hitler's palace.
In their investigation, they found plans of the Nazi war front to expand to the U.S they were going to invade the day after I killed Hitler if i hadn't killed Hitler the war would be in the U.S right now.
Hitler also had planned to invade Australia- if this would have happened then the whole world could be a complete warzone.
Isn’t it amazing how the actions of one can make such an incredible difference...for good, or evil?

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