March 15, 2018
By Blackhammerit BRONZE, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
Blackhammerit BRONZE, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
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I wake up at the counter of the bar down the street of my house. I stagger to my feet, still drunk off my ass. I wobble to the front door of the bar; I start to walk down the street when I am stopped by a man asking my drunk ass if I’m ok.
“Hey buddy, you ok?” the man said
“F*** off”, I said as i punched him in the face
You gotta understand that when a random drunk guy is walking by, you just keep to yourself and keep walking. I know he was just trying to be courteous and make sure im good but i was drunk. I didn't know i was gonna break his nose. I kept walking till I got to my driveway. My wife, Annabelle, is in the kitchen cleaning up the dinner that i missed because I crashed out at the bar. I unlocked the door and turned the knob,
“Hey honey is that you”, Annabelle said
“Yea woman it’s me,” I said
“I missed you, where have you been?” she said
“None of your damn business woman, now get me a beer” I said
“We don’t have anymore beer sweetie, I haven’t gone shopping” she says
I storm up the stairs to my sons room where he’s sound asleep. 
“ Boy wake the f*** up...” I say as i bust through his door
“Where the hell are my beers” I say as I grab him by the shirt and hold my hand high in the air ready to strike him.
“I told you we don’t have any beer honey,” my Annabelle says grabbing my arm, “leave him be or I’m calling the police again”
Yes, she said ‘again’ this is a nightly thing with me and my drinking habits.
    “I don’t have your beer dad” my son says to me as he cries a river of fear
I look into his eyes and see his fear, I let go of him and run out the door, grabbing the car keys on the way out. I get in my car and drive away speedily. I drive and drive and drive till I crash into a tree a few miles away from my home, my head is hurting I’m bleeding, I close my eyes…

I wake up feeling old and in pain, but I am confused.
    “Where am I,” I say to myself
I look around me and it looks like I’m in some sort of cot, yes a COT!!!
    “Where the hell am I,” I yell aloud
Two indian men run into my cot and ask me,
    “Are you ok Sitting Bull?” one of them say
    “Who?” I say in return
    “Sitting Bull, sir what’s the matter?” the other indian says
Who is this sitting bull guy they’re talking about, is that me? What the hell is going on around here? What happened to me after the car crash. We hear gunshots outside, the two indian men rush out the hut to see what’s going on. I get up to do the same.
I hear screaming and gunshots every which way. I don’t know what to do. I run back in my hut till I hear,
“Dad dad, Sitting Bull,” a young boys voice says outside
Who is that? Should I go out there? I head outside and see the little boy. Then a memory of him pops up in my mind.
“Crow Foot?” I say to myself, not knowing who that is.
It’s my son? What the f*** is actually going on? I am so damn confused, my head hurts and i feel so nauseous.
“Dad help me ple…” Crow Foot gets cut off before he is shot down by an American man. I sit there in awe and horror. I don’t him yet I feel like I’ve known him since his birth. Before I know it, BOOM!! A gunshot goes off I close my eyes, everything goes dark.
I open my eyes and I’m in a hospital bed surrounded by my true wife and son.
“Omg, ow f*** that hurts” I say as I sit in pain
“Baby you’re awake” Annabelle says
“Yay daddy you’re awake, I was so scared, but the doctors took good care of you” my son Aiden says
I have no idea what happened, but honestly I am so glad to be back home. Then I remember how my family last left off.
“Aiden I am so sorry for the way i acted with you” I say to my son
“No daddy it’s ok I already forgot about it I’m just glad you’re ok” he says to me
I am so lucky to have this little man as my son, he’s so loving and forgiving.
“I love you Aiden and I love you baby” I say to my wife and son as i get up
“How bout we go get something to eat?” I ask them


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