my new family

February 12, 2018
By ethanbas BRONZE, New City, New York
ethanbas BRONZE, New City, New York
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Just 1 month ago I was a performer in Brooklyn's finest club the cube and now I am a killer.I was the pomp of the cube and now I was slitting throats and blowing up German flak 44's.This all started 4 months ago when I finished up my meal after my performance,I was walking home when I saw a sign “we want you”. That’s when i thought that this would give my life meaning and abolish my loneliness.The next day I joined the 101st screaming eagles airborne. We  dropped out of our plane 7 hours ago it’s  0600 now. We scattered all over france. I joined up to have a new family and purpose ,now i am all alone and don’t know my objective. With no commanding officer I took it upon myself to find a new mission. I see a rundown building up ahead,I hear a truck . I get down,The truck rolled up to the building two Wehrmacht infantry get out followed by an ss officer. They go inside the building.My new mission: make problems for the enemy.As they go in,I move up from the shadows to the truck.
I take notice of what is in the trunk,schu mine 42’s about a hundred of them. This ingenious german design each mine hand crafted and made from wood so metal detectors wouldn't go off ,blowing up soldiers and tanks. I crouch outside of the building, I throw a pineapple grenade in the trunk.Hundreds of hours of work destroyed in seconds the 2 Wehrmacht infantry come out cursing thinking it was a accident. I Wanted to impart my presence. They don’t even see me,m1 garand in hand. The first one looked about 40 sees me and hesitates i don’t. I sink 2 .30 caliber rounds into his chest. The second one looked like a teenager, I didn’t care. That’s how it was in war, him or you, kill or be killed.1 .30 caliber m1 garand round in the eye ,that’s all it took. Then I threw another pineapple grenade in the building.I enter shortly after the explosion, the ss officer dead on the floor. A man that extolled hitler,The mighty leader of the fatherland look where it got him. I searched the officer for intel,all he had was his luger and nazi paraphernalia. I took the luger so I could bring it home. I sit down in a rusted chair, looked in my bag and pulled out a c ration.After my meal I hear two people conversing in french I walk outside cautiously, and see two members of the french resistance.they .I make friends with them and fight with them till the end of the war. I finally had a family.

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