Girl in the breeze

February 12, 2018
By Jimmy101 BRONZE, Shenzhen , Other
Jimmy101 BRONZE, Shenzhen , Other
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The first breeze of October 1946 in Poland was an extraordinary one. Although the day appeared to be normal, it later became apparent that it was unordinary Saturday morning in Czemierniki.
The calmness, especially on this small town’s central street, was alarming since today’s quiescence was quite unusual. More surprisingly, the shop owners who were usually energetic could not even make a move behind the shelter of displays at their facilities.
As a manifestation of something strange to transpire soon, strange sounds could be heard in the background. Multiple crisp clicks of Calvary boots can be heard in the distance, appearing from the end of the brick walkway.
A girl appeared among many other civilians and soldiers. The girl was dragged and pushed awkwardly along a route which prompted her childhood memories of the place since it was her hustling and ecstatic boulevard.
When she tumbled to the ground, she struggled to raise her worn out neck to plead for mercy. However, she received a thorough beating in return and could not manage to talk again because of constant begging which made her lose her voice.
She remained helpless since she viewed the soldiers as powerful and iniquity and having an unwavering devotion to their outrageous dictator, and the usurper of the vile.
It was the second day since being captured by these callous soldiers. They traumatized her until her point they became tired because she was left with no pleasure to plunder. Which they decided to dump her away for her crimes after enduring undue suffering.
She was very intimidated and horrified as could not afford to fight anymore due to severe beating that left her with sores and wholly bruised. She only remained tranquil especially after pondering the place she was to be sent because it was a place with no fairy tales.
She was brought to the central train station which has become apparent that it is controlled by Nazis, the demons.
In the past, several people among them children had been thrown in those windowless iron-sheeted trains that had the bold and daunting painted Swastika sign. The train then will be driven off which carries the distance screams and yells that may never be heard again.
The girl was pushed into a group of victims who were queued up to be counted. Shortly, a soldier appeared and counted them in their native tongue. They were 135 people and were ready to be transported to a place which still remains to be unknown.
In the blink of an eye, the soldiers startet pushing the screeching people inside the train. As a result, chaos broke out and appeared to be beyond control.
Within a blink of an eye a unfamiliar hand reached out of the crowd and grabbed her shoulder from behind.
She had a strange feeling in her guts about this hand
The hand seemed to have endured hard and rough labor.  It was hard with outstretched fingers and nails as thick and ridged as little clam shells. To her amazement, the space between the thumb and the forefinger were a little bit apart than usual.
Nonetheless, she was a little bit familiar with that hand. The hand jerked her back at a bunny’s speed such that the soldiers failed to notice. After being released, she became shocked to realize that her place within the crowd had been occupied by someone else. In her seat was a nice-looking old woman who had jet black hair and too tight skin on her white face. She had fattened lips and artificial eyelashes. She also spotted a triangle shaped birthmark on her right arm.
The woman’s finger tips are shaking
The women uttered under her breath, “You and I switched places, they will never know.” Then smiled sarcastically showing a set of defective teeth in the process.
The woman was then grabbed by a uniformed man and she was voilently pulled towards the train.
The girl looked her in the eyes as she disappeared permanently, still in shock.
Heartbroken and terrified, she shrieked as she ran towards the place where the women were led into. However, she was pushed back by a German soldier and was subsequently pulled away from the train station for being a nuisance.
At that time, she felt a drop of a tear rolling down her left cheek before breaking into a flood of tears. She experienced extreme emotions that made her bent forward and collapsed on the floor while pressing her palms to her eyes. She screamed and shouted uncontrollably while crying her eyes out. In fact, the cries had a force of a person vomiting on all fours. At that moment, she was sobbing into her chest unceasingly while breaking apart the tears and recovering breaths.
She broke free from the grasps of the soldiers and chased after the departing train.
With tears dripping from her long and crooked eye lashes
She ran and ran.

The author's comments:

Inspired by a tale I heard from a jewish girl that had suffered through world war two from the Nazis. She had lost her entire family. 

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