The War

February 14, 2018
By juliangonzales BRONZE, Tool, Texas
juliangonzales BRONZE, Tool, Texas
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It's time, we have to take the church, if we don't the Germans have the upper advantage. It's now or never. My name is Private Daniels , and I’m  about to tell you a story of the bravest man I ever fought beside. I only wish they were here to tell it too.
It all begins back on the ship,me and my best bud Hunter were getting off the boats that your platoon were getting off of and when we got to the beach, there was medic man carrying our soldiers off the beach by two man at a time. Hunter keeps on throwing up everytime we past by an arm or a leg. Our objective was to capture a church 30 miles from the beach, the church was being occupied by the Germans. The Germans were using it for a watch post and a checkpoint for the Germans. The only hard part about this mission is that we got to destroy the church but I am a Christian.
We finally made it to the town 8 miles from the beach, but the dead bodies never went away. It was like if they were stuck to the earth or the devil didn't want is kids to leave the earth  there blood staind the roads, cars and houses like it was cloth.all we could do is pray that our fallen brothers went to heaven. Are sargent keeps telling us to watch for enemy snipers and tanks. The only way we would be able to spot a German sniper is if he shot at us first. And it's not hard to spot a tank those things are like dinosaurs there impossible not to spot. But what's still going through my mind is that sniper, who is he going to shot first me, Hunter, or someone  in our platoon. I hope he misses because I don't think i need to see Hunter throw up again.
We set up camp at a small town 20 miles away from are  donation. We haven't seen any action all day thats kind of scary to know that but kind of peaceful to rest a little from walking so much. Me and and private miller are on the night watch. Miller talks about how he has a family back home waiting for him.he says the only reason he is fighting in this war is to protect is two little girls from the demons that walk the lands of Europe. I ask miller if he was scared of what is waiting at the church, he says that the only thing he fears is him not being there for is little girls. I have no family, my family didn't want anything to do with me just because they didn't believe in violence or war, but that's not me I believe in what's right I believe in protecting the weak from the strong I believe in protecting the sheep from the wolf I believe that it's wrong what hitler is doing to the Jews. Miller tells me to pass him the canteen then it just happened blood is covering my  face in a matter of seconds I freeze has millers body is just sitting there life.
Without the word ia already dragging him back to the camp but then I feel a sharp burning sensation on my arm and I drop miller, i've been shot in the arm but I didn't care I grab miller and put him over my shoulder and I start to run with him on my shoulders is blood is running down my face, he had got shot again more than once I knew he was dead but i had to get him back home to his family.then, at the worst time, I get shot in my leg and we both fell to the ground. I push miller off of me to see three German soldiers aiming their guns at me, screaming in German. I stood there frozen with blood running down my face thinking this is it the end of the line for, this is where my story ends. The last thing I could remember was one of the Germans boot hitting me in the face and knocking me out cold but then I had woke up in the morning with hunter standing right over me. Hunter told me that the Germans knock me out right before they got there. He also told me miller didn't make it, I stop hunter from reminding me how he died because I had seen it happen with my own eyes. We walked for another 3 miles before are sargent told us that the Germans has are guys pinned 4 miles west of are location. That's is just great because we have no vehicles to get us there so the only way we can get there is by running.
I am going to throw up if we have to run one more mile but were here already. We are right on the edge of the woods we can see one German tank and a lot of German soldiers. Are sargent splits us up in four groups and tells us each of are location. Me and hunter r in on our own group just the two of us. Are sargent said for us to find a high point so we can use the sniper rifles  to pick off as many people as possible without giving out are location. AS me and hunter find a high location we set up are rifles and scopes. As I look through the scope I put my crosshair on a German soldier, I hesitate, this soldier may have a family at home waiting for him but as soon as that ran through my mind also all the innocent people this one soldier may have killed. So I pulled the trigger, his body hit the floor like a rock. A cold breeze went down my spine. I reload another bullet into the gun and as soon as I was done reloading we strates to get shot at And me and hunter both fall to the floor for cover but when the shooting was done I looked at to see him holding his shoulder, hunter was shot.
This all I am telling today kids, it's time for me to go to bed, I well tell you more tomorrow.

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