the life of a slave woman

February 5, 2018
By Anonymous

Do you know what's it's like being afraid? Well i sho nuff was scared to the death of me.
I had escaped with my infant baby girl to freedom. I thought i was going to get  captured and thought they was gone hang me and my child but we just so happen to get out alive by the grace of god. When we made it to the freedom state i waited to go back to recover my son, I know I shoulda brought him with us but it was too risky. I went back to get my son and the white man had him and threatened to hang me if i tried to get him so I simply told him i was going to take him to court.Being an African American woman I personally thought that they wouldn’t let me try a white man to court, but I had to do what I had to do. As t  he days passed I was  scared wondering is they eva gon give me my youngin back? What was they gone do to me for tryna get him back? The day of the trial finally came and i didn’t have any nice dresses, only the half decent rag dress i had. After i got dressed i walked the long distance to the court anxious and scared. It felt like forever but i finally made it to the court with sweat pouring off of me. As i walked inside the court i looked around me and all i seen was white people looking at me in disgust and yelling out racial slurs to me and saying hateful things. I didn’t reply, i couldn’t reply i just stuck my head high and held my face with a smile, if i had say something back i was gone be left with a pine overcoat. When the judge came in i felt like my knees were getting weak, then my son walked in with chains on him like he was an animal when i saw him like that i held back tears and said “ik hou van je zoon”( i love you son). During the trial the man who was trying to keep my son from me tried telling the judge i was a  runaway slave but he didn't believe him because I ran into him before I ran away and he asked me what was I doing coming from the little old cottage and I told him I was visiting my mother. As time passed during the trial I felt like I was giving up and like i had lost my youngin until the judge had said i rule in favor of...MRS BELLE i was so happy and shocked my youngin ran into my arms from across the room and all the other people were making racial slurs once again and also making threats but i let all that go because I now had my youngin back. After what seemed like hours of walking my son and I finally made it to my mothers small cottage and rested, she had already fixed supper but i wasn't  hungry I just wanted my son to eat after the long day we had. While my son kept eatin my mother told me she had been visited by the night men and that they told her if they find us the last thing we feel is fire and pressure and the last thing we gone smell is oak. A tear managed to get down her face, that’s when i noticed the bruises around her neck and in her face the wounds were fresh but all i could think of is why...why would they do this to my mother just to get to me and my son why. Anger filled up in my body, I dashed towards the door with tears running down my face but then i felt a hard grip on my wrist shaking I knew I should stay. I didn’t want to cause  more hurt to my mother and more fear to my son, so I dropped to my knees with tears running down my face LORD HELP ME I screamed……..

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