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January 8, 2018
By littlelirio BRONZE, Lynnnville, Iowa
littlelirio BRONZE, Lynnnville, Iowa
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Autumn mornings are my absolute favorite time of the year. I can still remember waking up early just to go sit on our hammock and staring up at the gorgeous colors of red, orange, yellow, and many more I didn't even know the name of. It was utterly tranquil not a bothersome sound to be found. My ears were only met with the crisp sound of the Autumn breeze childly playing with the leaves making them dance in a elegant fashion. As well as the Red Wing greeting me with their  lovely songs.

Yes, truly there wasn't anything in the entire world that could come close to comparing to this little paradise of mine. However, these peaceful days I fear may becoming to an end. The royal army has just made its way through Acle which is only 45 miles from my hometown Acton. I have heard of the truly gruesome stories that this civil war is forcing onto our country, however, I am not sure if these stories are true or just fantastic lies spun to frighten children from wandering far from home. Whether they are true or not does not bother me, for one stone cold fact is all I needed to hear to make my world crumble and fall into shattered pieces. This simple, but horrifying truth was revealed to me not more than three hours ago by my parents. I can still visualize their pale lips moving, yet no sound came from them only stale air, or at least I wasn't able to perceive it because my soul already knew what their words held.

Their words carried the most heart wrenching message I could ever imagine, the ominous sound of their voices ripped the hope and joy from my soul. Then without missing a beat replaced it with doubt, anxiety, fear, and mostly sorrow. This sorrow was like nothing I had ever felt before, it cut open my heart and snuffed out my dreams, leaving no stone unturned. I had no idea that my world could be torn apart with four simple words “We have to flee.”

Deep down I knew my parents were right, if we were to stay here the rebellion would reach our house in a matter of hours. It didn't matter though. Those feelings were suffocated by my anger. I didn't understand why people acted so violently, after all isnt Great Britain the birth of freedom. Soon that anger was replaced with unassurance, where would we go, would I ever see my friends again. My body was trembling like a dog in a thunderstorm, but not only was my body trembling, but my soul was to, I could feel it within my frail body being shaken around with no solid reality to anchor itself to.

I had no strength to lend my parents, my bodies energy and youth had been sucked out and left me frail and useless, I sat on the porch hunched over looking out at the stunning autumn day. However, no longer was the air filled with peace and tranquility for it was polluted with the sounds of my parents inside moving as if death was right behind them. They were arguing about what needed to be loaded into the buggy and what would only hinder our journey. I knew I would never sit on this porch again and perceive this imagine the same way. For what once filled me with joy and peace now filled me only with sorrow.

Tears began to collect in my eyes, before long I could only see blurry images of trees and pastures as the sorrow began to run down my face. I had lost, I let the sorrow sink in deep, deeper than any feeling had ever gone before, I felt it soaking into my bones, heart, and my very soul. I was merely a shell of what I use to be. The only voice left in my brain was screaming “IS THIS REAL?” No, it couldn't be, any minute I would jolt out of bed covered in sweat, I sat there rocking back and forth waiting for this desolate dream to end, but I soon realized this was no nightmare, it was my new reality.

I finally found the strength and courage to swallow the crippling sorrow for just long enough to stand up and walk into the yard. Everything seemed so fake as if I was simply in a dream, I felt as if a layer of my brain had been peeled away and my reality was no longer anchored to a point of reference, I had to fight just to stay conscious.

As I looked around my yard a strong breeze blew across the land making the half dead grass dance around my ankles. I looked up to see our two huge Oak trees standing sturdy, even with this gust of wind blowing away their leaves far from home. Then out of nowhere everything snapped into place, my reality found a new center of gravity to grasp on to and I felt myself crawling out of this hazy dream. For the trees revealed the truth of this situation. My home was the sturdy trunk of these trees, they nurtured me, supported me in the hard times, and I was the fragile leaves. While the leaves may start out as a beautiful green they soon blossom into beautiful colors signifying they are ready to leave the trees support.  This represents me perfectly, I was born into this world pure and new just like a green leaf, but it was my time to leave this home that nurtured me and taught me life lessons. For I have grown into a beautiful woman who is ready to be on her own.

With this revolution racing through my brain my face broke into a smile I was smiling harder than I had ever before. Soon tears started to stroll down my face. This time though they weren't filled with sorrow, but with beautiful memories and of hope. I stood there smiling and crying as I watched the sunset’s light turn from a bright yellow into a dazzling orange complementing the leaves perfectly as if they were in complete harmony. Its light engulfed the sky and soaked into my eyes. I felt as if I was staring for hours, then a voice ripped me away. Apparently my family had packed and was waiting for me. I ran through the field and hopped into the wagon and with a crack of the whip we were off. My family was looking forward as if symbolizing their future, but I looked backwards to our home. For I knew my future was forward, but if it wasn't for this amazing home I would never be the person I am today. So as our wagon raced forward I watched as my home faded away and with it our yard, my bedroom and most importantly those astonishing Oak trees, but I was at peace with this for I knew I might never see it again, but I will always have the memories that I made there and I will cherish those forever and no one can ever take those away from me.

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