Peoples Socialist Republic of Anartica

January 10, 2018
By Petedawg BRONZE, Howard Lake, Minnesota
Petedawg BRONZE, Howard Lake, Minnesota
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You will see when you read it tell me if I should write an actual book/novel on it.

Chapter 1: The Second Patriotic war

The PSRA was formed in 1977 after a 23-year war with NATO. During the Korean war, the USSR launched an attack against western Europe to divert NATO troops away from Korea's thus beginning World War 3. The fighting would be heavy and fierce and Warsaw Pact was to be defeated after 23 years of fighting. Over 500 Million people died and 3 nuclear missiles were launched at Washington D.C. Paris (because the Frenchies got drunk on French wine and dropped it on themselves), and Moscow, causing these zones to be uninhabitable for hundreds of years to come. Communism was banned and the remaining communists fled to Antarctica to continue their way of life. The countries that formed the PSRA were the USSR, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Mongolia, and Egypt.
At first, it wasn't working because of the extreme cold--crops and animals could not be obtained for the people. But thanks to scientists they started the Project known as ‘Project Firestorm’. The project was to terraform the icy plains and mountains to arable lands for food and animals to thrive. The project was a success and not only did it achieve its objective, it also found oil and other minerals below its surface, which got the PSRA economy going strong. For seven years the PSRA would expand over most of the continent until they met the borders of the Cyclone Unipire and the Leonshkababolika fishing colony.

Chapter Notes:

Again not an actual story

Chapter 2: Neighbors

The Leonshkababolika and PSRA worked out a trade agreement and alliance straight away. Meanwhile, the Cyclone Unipire said that they had claimed all over the PSRA, though the PSRA would not give them up even with threats, the Cyclone Unipire declared war on the PSRA in hopes to take land from the PSRA and their recently discovered resources

Chapter 3: The 3rd Patriotic war

The country of Leonshkababolika tried to help but the war had erupted on their eastern border and needed to pull out and face the bigger threat. But almost 4,000 Leonshkababolika volunteers stayed behind to help in the fight. The war has been raging for weeks and the Cyclones had pierced deep into the PSRA which was on the brink of capitulation until ‘order 343’ came through, ‘not one step back’ these are orders straight from the great leader Sansa Apollo. His order boosted the morale of the people of the PSRA everywhere. Battles like the battle of New Beijing and the battle of Rostov-on-don where the cities were about to fall, was turned into a slaughterhouse for the Cyclone Unipire troops as their flanks were attacked and collapsed from these unexpected and ruthless attacks.
At the battle of the City of forwarding unto Dawn, the  Cyclone Unipire laid siege to the city when their defenses could not be broken. The city itself had over 300,000 civilians in it as well as countless refugees from other areas and approximately 50,000 soldiers, at the end of the siege (which would be broken three years after the war started) around 56,000 civilians and around 2,000 soldiers would remain. The Cyclone Unipire released toxic gases into the city generally by hospitals and food storages. Sometimes they found people trying to escape the city and would take several big monitors, faced them towards the city, and would shoot them on the spot to make an example that there was no hope of escape. But the people lived on and defying the odds by singing their country national anthem in the city and towards the CYCLONE UNIPIRE, saying they were alive and still had to fight. Weather also caused deaths by killing people every hour by the dozen. Children went missing because people started to resort to cannibalism for food and children were easiest to take without a fight(over 250 were tried and killed for killing children and cannibalism).
By the end of the war, another 62 million people will have vanished from the Earth. This war, no nuclear missile would be launched but only to be replaced with chemical warfare and in some cases genocide committed by both side and some cases are still being investigated for not being sure if it was genocide or not. The war would steady out to a stalemate 176 kilometers going into the Cyclone Unipire when the UN decided to intervene and stop the fighting. What would be known as the “
and was closed with a cease-fire then to a peace treaty. Around 20 Cyclone Unipire
generals and scientist would be tried by the UN for committing this genocide as well as 3 PSRA generals.
The People's Socialist Republic of Antarctica shall not join the worthless alliance called the United Nations. We are an independent nation and need not listen to any such rules that those fools make over there. We also are not very keen on all of the United Nations hence of the war that several countries that are in the UN, banished our people and our way of life.
The People's Socialist Republic of Antarctica is a communist country and thus being communist we believe ¨in no God¨. But communism is a belief and the number of communist citizens estimates around 3.5 billion people. All around in the major cities, there are statues of the communist leaders that were killed or imprisoned after or during the war. The following were embedded on their statues:  Joseph Stalin “The Man of Steel”,  Fidel Castro “The Revolutionary¨, Choe Yong-gon “Leader”, Ho Chi Minh “Uncle Ho”, Mao Zedong “Politics is war without bloodshed, while war is politics with bloodshed”, Gamal Abdel Nasser “Greatest leader that lived¨ and Navaandorjiin Jadambaa “Hero to the People.”

Chapter 4: Heroes of the PSRA

Sansa Apollo was a Cuban scientist stationed in Antarctica during the war. He would begin to bring people to Antarctica three years before the war actually ended because he knew the Warsaw pact would not win. Sansa Apollo also started “Project Firestorm” which was at first called  “Project ColdFusion”. When the war ended, Sansa signed a treaty with Nato that meant that all communist stayed in Antarctica, and started to bring willing communists in. When elections were held for a new leader Sansa won 97% of the popular votes and he got to work right away. He would be needed for the upcoming war between the PSRA and the Cyclone unipire
General Phuc Mai is a tank general of the 332nd Tank Battalion during the war against the Cyclone Unipire who launched a counterattack against the Cyclones at Rostov-on-Don and pushed them back past the Rohtang Pass where the Cyclones steadied their front. He needed to make it to the city of forwarding unto Dawn for the city was doomed to soon fall. On August 1,  Phuc Mai launched a final attack to make it to the city and free it after it several year-long sieges, and hopefully push the Cyclone Unipire back across their border, in which he succeeded. He is a national hero to the PSRA people and the nation.

Private Myung-sook was part of the 56th Light Infantry Division 3rd Battalion 1st Platoon which was helping in the defense of the besieged city, Forward Unto Dawn. His unit was in charge of moving to the outskirts of the city and setting up a recon base. His unit arrived and started to set up when they came under heavy fire from down the street. Half of his unit was caught in the crossfire and killed including his unit commander. Myung-sook took an RPG and fired it at the house where the shots were coming from. It did not kill all of the Cyclone troops but dazed them and forced them to pull back. He pulled the surviving members of his unit back and went back to finish setting up the recon base, which will warn of an attack coming, in which several cases it did, and the city held out thanks to him, he was later killed in one of those assaults.
Anna Sokolov was a resident of Rostov-on-don during the war. During the battle, she was a nurse at Field Hospital Kilo, which was on the front lines. One day the Cyclones made it to the Field Hospital and wanted all PSRA officers or they would start to shoot the injured. Reluctantly, officers came forward and were taken somewhere else. Anna wanted to help them but the Cyclones started to shoot injured soldiers where they lay. Anna grabbed a gun from the floor and shot 13 Cyclone soldiers saving almost 30 doctors, nurses, and injured soldiers from certain doom. Later she followed a charge of PSRA troops that were attacking the Cyclone defenses and helped those who fell to bullets. When everyone was pinned down from cyclone machine gun fire and stopped, she started running towards the Cyclone lines, Shouting ¨Come on a fight, push them back, show them your might¨, when she was shot by a Cyclone soldier who mistook her for a charging soldier. There was a few moment pause as everyone saw her fall, rage-filled the  PSRA troops as they charged and eventually overwhelming the Cyclone lines and managed to take back the eastern part of the city, slaughtering Cyclone troops as they ran for their lives. Anna Sokolov died in what she believed in, she died for her country.

Lt. Shaning ¨Meeks¨ Bohle was part of the 1st Leonshkababolika Volunteer division ¨Killer Sharks¨ as they later became known, during the Cyclone-PSRA war. His division was assigned to hold a small town 70 kilometers south of New Beijing. They were told that the attack would consist of at least 3 infantry division and 1 tank division. The fight would last for 4 days and against all odds, Meeks and what was left of his unit held though it was at a costly price. Meeks and two privates who survived (Private Nikoli bennet and Private Jamie Seeger) held a farmhouse for 5 hours surrounded by one of the Cyclone infantry divisions if the farmhouse fell then the western flank would be exposed to an attack. Meeks was shot in the right leg and took shrapnel to the left side of his face, but kept fighting. Meeks and the 2 privates were awarded the highest award in the PSRA, the Red Star. The first medal of a non-PSRA solder, only 7 other Leonshkababolika soldiers would be awarded the Red Star during the war.

Chapter Notes:

Please be honest and tell me if I should write a book thank you

The author's comments:

In my 9th grade geography, I had to do an assignment which made me make my own country. I was in a WW2 class so I decided to do this

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