Looking Through the Pages

November 22, 2017
By Anonymous

Emilee looked at the clock on her bedside table, 2:04 AM. “Ugh I can’t sleep.” She said to herself. “I guess I could read my book that always makes me tired.” She reached over her bed into her backpack and got her book out. “Distant Waves” a novel about the Titanic, it was her absolute favorite book. She’d read it a million times. After finishing almost five chapters she felt her eyelids growing heady, and soon enough she was asleep.
When she awoke, she felt an uncomfortable straw like bed underneath of her. Her stomach turned as if she were about to be seasick. “Where am I?” she asked herself as she sat up. She found herself in a small bedroom dimly lit with only one lamp, a small cot, and a vanity with clothing storage. She opened a few drawers to find many expensive dresses and corsets. “These aren’t my clothes?” she walked outside her room to find an elevator. She stepped inside to find a well-dressed man and woman. “Do you know what year it is?” she asked “It is April 14, 1912” the man responded. 1912? How could it be 1912? When I went to bed it was 2016. “And where might we be exactly? Emilee asked again. “I am not sure where the boat is sailing, somewhere on the Atlantic I believe.” The woman responded. “Thank you.” Emilee said and stepped off the elevator at the next stop. She sat on a small bench in a lobby, and thought of the events of the last few moments. Then it all seemed to add up in her head. 1912..sailing on the Atlantic…the same seasick feeling came back to her stomach. Emilee was on the Titanic, and as far as she remembered from her book this boat wouldn’t take long to sink.
Emilee thought back to her book, “Distant Waves” and she remembered the sad yet adventurous ending when the Titanic sank. Emilee was convinced there had to be some way out of this realm and there was only one thing she couldn’t shake. What if it is all just a dream? She wondered. If it was all a dream I could wake up with one measly pinch. “Ouch!” Emilee whispered to herself. Nothing happened. Emilee decided she had at least one day to figure this out, so she might as well get to the bottom of it now. Emilee went to the directory of the ship and decided to go to the library Emilee looked through the books until she found “Looking Through the Pages.” By Gina Lee Walsh. She skimmed the book as quickly as she could until she finally came to a conclusion. “I need to find my way out of here before the Titanic sinks, because according to this book it I die here, I never wake up.” Emilee said with trembling hands.
In “Looking Through the Pages” Gina’s character tries to find a person who can contact people from the beyond; to see if they can wake up her lifeless body in the future. Emilee remembered from her book “Distant Waves” that Samantha and Jenny Craver were young psychics who nick on the Titanic. As she remembered they were hiding in the suite of a young Indian woman named Anaya. She stuck the book under her arm and ran to the first level of the boat to the suite listings. She scanned the list until she found Amaya. She ran down the hall and knocked on her suite door. Young Jenny answered the door. “Yes ma’am?” “I am looking for Jenny and Samantha Craver.” Emilee said. “I am Jenny Craver.” “I am Emilee Long, from the year 2016, I have been trapped here and I need your help to contact my body and wake me up from the future.” “That is no easy task, and you’re a total stranger.” Jenny said. “Please, I’m utterly desperate.” “Very well, Samantha!” Jenny called “We have work to do.”
When the girls arrived in Emilee’s room Jenny and Samantha prepared themselves. “Emilee, we need you to join us here, hold our hands, and we promise to do our best.” Emilee was hesitant but agreed, “Alright” Once all three girls hands were interlocked, they began. “Emilee, it is…Emilee. Please wake up and set yourself free.” After a few moments in total silence Emilee heard a loud ring and everything around her went black.
Oh no, am I dead? If I died I’m stuck here forever. I will never see my family again, or my friends. Oh no. Emilee thought to herself. She was trapped in total darkness for what seemed like eternity. Finally Emilee was able to see something, she opened her eyes and was back in her bed. She thought I must have been asleep for hours. She looked over at her clock, 2:45. She’d only been sleeping for half an hour. “Nothing like getting lost in a book I suppose” Emilee said to herself. She reached over to continue reading “Distant Waves” when she found something else. “Looking Through the Pages” by Gina Lee Walsh. She opened the book and began reading as she slowly drifted back to sleep.

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