The Adventure of Benjamin Franklin

November 9, 2017
By Anonymous

Chapter 1-Birth of Franklin

1706, Massachusetts


It was a cold morning in January. With a loud cry, a baby was born. The mother took hold of the baby, and looked at him warmly.

“He is such a beautiful boy.” the mother said, and continued: “Have you considered the name Josiah?” She turned and asked her husband who was still too excited to speak.

“Benjamin, I am going to name him Benjamin.” His voice shook with excitement.

“Benjamin Franklin, what a nice name. Look at his eyes; they look just like his father’s. I hope that you will be a great man when you grow up.” the mother said to the baby.


Chapter 2-the Surprise Finding


Time flies, and several years later, Benjamin grew to be a handsome young man. On his sixteenth birthday, he went hunting with his friends. They were having so much fun when suddenly a bear hidden behind a tree attacked them. Benjamin and his friend held up their guns trying to aim at the bear. But their horses were so frightened that they started running away. The bear waved his paw at Benjamin’s horse, and the next second Benjamin fell off his horse and rolled down the slope. He hit a rock and lost consciousness.


Sometime later, he woke up with a pain in his head and found himself in a valley. After walking around it, he realized that there was no way out. However, he spotted a cave so large and deep that it was completely dark inside. Curious as he was, Benjamin walked in. It was hardly a few steps when he lost his sight and sank deep in the dark, so he decided to walk out. In the dark, he stepped on a cylinder-shaped thing and lost his balance. He picked it up and examined it. He had never seen such a thing before. He checked it out again and finally decided to push the button on it. Thereafter a strong beam of light came out and filled the cave with light.


After a few moments of shock and surprise, Benjamin began to explore the cave. But he didn’t go straight into it at first. Instead, he started to look at the wall of the cave. He noticed that the wall was not made of rock at all. Driven by his curiosity, Benjamin began to move further inside. As he moved in deeper and deeper, the cave got colder and colder. Finally, he reached the end of the cave. To his surprise, there was a huge coffin lying there. Suddenly, Benjamin heard a voice which came from the coffin. “Hi there, can you please do me a favor and open this coffin for me? I mean you no harm.” Franklin was shocked. He took some steps back and stared cautiously at the coffin. “No, no, please don’t walk away. Let me out and I’ll tell you my story.”, the voice continued.

Benjamin hesitated for a while, and step by step he moved near the coffin. He carefully removed the top of the coffin, and out came a wisp of smoke. The smoke soon turned into a translucent ghost. “What are you?” Benjamin asked. “You can call me Chris.” The ghost said. I used to be the servant of the demon.


Chapter 3-Chris’ Story


“My master was once the most powerful god in the whole universe.” Chris began, and continued: “But his power was so strong that the other gods were afraid that he would eventually become out of control. So they plotted and secretly killed him. Since then, I was sealed here in this cave for thousands of years waiting for someone to come, and now you finally came. If you can only…” Although he didn’t finished his sentence, Benjamin knew what he was about to say. “I ‘m not getting you out of here.” Benjamin said. “Don’t make such quick decision.” The demon said. “If you can free me, I will give you some powers you’ll find interesting.”
“Why should I believe you?” Benjamin said.

“Oh, so here’s the problem. Don’t worry, I give you the power that nobody could resist. Here, try this.” Chris said as he pointed to Benjamin’s eyes.

Benjamin felt some purple glare and went blind. Some minutes later he opened his eyes again. He rubbed his eyes but nothing had change. But as he looked somewhere further, his pupils zoomed in and a smear of purple flashed past. Benjamin found that he could see even the tiniest thing far away. “Amazing.” He cried.

Chris laughed and said: “There is even a bonus ability. If a woman was directly look by you in the eyes, she will fall in love with you immediately and would do anything for you.”

“Awesome.” Benjamin said. “But I still have to go.”

“Well, well, I believe you still will come back sometime and make that deal with me. But right now I guess that I have to let you leave.” Chris moved aside, and in the coffin, Benjamin saw a secret passage, he got into the coffin and landed in the passage. Then he went on without looking back.   


Chapter 4-The Great Upheaval


The passage led Benjamin to Boston Bay. He swam to the wharf and walked home. His parents were burst into tears when they saw him alive. But Benjamin was only interested in the flashlight. As days past, Benjamin grew older and older. He met the love of his life Rosia and she immediately fell in love with him. They got married and had many children. He also figure how the flashlight works. In order to prove his hypothesis that electricity exists, he even flew kites while it was stormy.


Then, in the middle of eighteenth Century, Britain triumphed over France and Spain in the Seven Years' War, but this led to a financial crisis, as the national debt had doubled to £130 million and the annual cost of the British civil and military establishment in America had quintupled when compared to 1749. Smuggling had been tacitly accepted, but now the British began to consider that it blunted their revenue, so Whitehall decided to ensure that customs duties were unavoidable by passing the Stamp Act in 1765. Colonists condemned the tax because their rights as Englishmen protected them from being taxed by a Parliament in which they had no elected representatives. Parliament argued that the colonies were "represented virtually", an idea that was criticized throughout the Empire. Parliament did repeal the act in 1766; however, it also affirmed its right to pass laws that were binding on the colonies. From 1767, Parliament began passing legislation to raise revenue for the salaries of civil officials, ensuring their loyalty while inadvertently increasing resentment among the colonists, and opposition soon became widespread.


Benjamin, now an official worker of Massachusetts, refused to obey the legislation. He called on the people of the thirteen colonies to be united and encourage them to fight for their right of personal liberty. As the leader of the thirteen colonies he wrote to Britain to ask for independence, but it was refused. Since enforcing the acts proved difficult, the seizure of the sloop Liberty on suspicions of smuggling triggered a riot. In response, British troops occupied Boston, and Parliament threatened to extradite colonists to face trial in England. The relationship between Britain and the thirteen colonies was increasingly intense.


Chapter 5 A Bad News


On this regular day, everything seemed to be normal. Benjamin went to work in the morning; after flirting with her secretary in his office, he began to draft a contract of the plan to make Britain admit independence of the United States. After a morning’s work, Benjamin went home to have lunch with his family. But just as he was approaching his house, sounds of gun shots and people’s screams burst out. Then some British soldiers appeared and began beating passers-by. Benjamin’s heart went cold—the door of the house that these British soldiers came out was nobody’s but his. He quickly hide himself behind a tree and wait until the soldiers were gone. When he thought that no soldier was nearby, he immediately ran into his house. In his house were the dead bodies of his wife, children, and parents. All the people he cared about were gone, permanently! He felt tears in his eyes and a strong feeling of revenge in his heart. He wasn’t strong enough to protect his family, far less strong enough to revenge them. For a second, he felt hopeless. But a strange thought came to his mind—he would go and free Chris!   


Chapter 6 Back To the Cave


Finding the way to the cave was hard, since he had only been there once when he was young by accident. However, just as he got into the woods, a voice called for him—it was Chris’. “Walk straight forward into the valley, and get into the cave. You’ll meet me there. Benjamin got into the cave. Chris was already waiting for him, smiling.

“So, you’ve made up your mind.” He said.

“Yes, I have.” Benjamin said. “I ‘m not strong enough, so I need the power. What should I do?”

“It’s easy. Stand on the small round platform in front of the coffin. Stay relaxed and don’t be anxious when something strange happens. I will be transferred from the coffin to you as an appendage. Then I can leave freely.” Chris replied. “Okay, but give me the power first.” Benjamin said eagerly. “You’ll have it when I am free.” Chris said. Benjamin walked to the platform, suddenly a strange force was exerted on him. He felt that it was squeezing him. And some minutes later it was over. “Chris?” he asked. But no answer. He asked again and again, but each time there was only his voice and the echo reflected off the cave wall. Benjamin felt despair; he thought: “I knew I shouldn’t trust anyone related to a demon. And what did he mean when he said that I would have the power when he’s free?” Benjamin walked along the passage and out of the cave. He was at Boston Bay wharf when he found that he could hear what the others were thinking. He was surprised, yet stay calmed as he heard one British soldier’s thought: “I could made a lot of money when the ship arrives. If we sell all of the tea on the ship we can make enough money to make up for the loss of what we spent during the Seven-Year War. We may probably take advantage of the people here to gain more wealth.” While hearing this, Benjamin suddenly had a plan. 


Chapter 7-The Boston Tea Party


He rushed to the government office and delivered the news. Since the news that the British soldiers had killed several people spread throughout the state, everyone was both afraid and angry at what they had done. So, they decided to get rid of the British army, and furthermore they were planning to draft a declaration to divorce America from the control of Britain. In the meantime, male villagers who were willing to defend their land gathered together secretly. That evening, a group of 30 to 130 men, some dressed in Mohawk warrior disguises, followed Benjamin’s lead and got to the wharf through the passage of the cave. They swam near the ship and Benjamin, using his great eyesight inspected the main structure and the location of the tea. Then they boarded the vessel and first stupefied the guard of the ship. And over the course of three hours, they dumped all 342 chests of tea into the water. They’ve done it! But it was only the beginning—much more was needed to be done for the independence of the United States!

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