Gloria Washington

November 8, 2017
By CynthiaChen BRONZE, Shenzhen, Other
CynthiaChen BRONZE, Shenzhen, Other
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Chapter 1

Gloria was sitting in the cafeteria. There were not many people there, so nobody paid attention to her.
Her phone broke the silence. It rang off the hook. Gloria was impatient to pick it up. “Ms. Washington, your sister passed out, I hope you can come to Green Hospital immediately.” Gloria dropped a one dollar on the table immediately. She walked across the street without looking at the traffic light.

“Toot!” Gloria saw a red Jaguar rushing towards her. Everything was red. Gloria heard screaming. She couldn’t move her legs. Her body was too heavy. She tried her best to open her eyes, but she couldn’t.

“What are you thinking about? She is dead! We can just leave her and go forward. She will be our encumbrance!” , a man grunted.

“No, she is still alive. She just got wounded by a British soldier! How can we leave her alone? We must bring her together with us. And…she will help us a lot”, a female voice said.

Gloria opened her eyes. The sunshine was dazzling. She was in an old-style hut. There was a woman in a gray coat and a man in a uniform stood by her. The man was about twenty years old.

“Is that a sword? Are you a soldier?” Gloria asked in a low voice.

“Of course! Do you think it is a stick? What are you thinking about?”, the man said with his face turned red.
“Darling, don’t mind him. That sword is his treasure. Do you feel better now?” The woman asked with a worried look.

“Thank you.” Gloria murmured. “Could you please tell me who you are and what day it is?”

“Today is March 24, 1779. I am Annie, Annie Barnes. I used to be a school teacher and I lost my home. Now, I serve in the army as a medic. And this is my friend, Harry Mitchell. He is a soldier. We are going to the army base and meet others.”

“Hey, hold on. She hasn’t told us her name. Unless she tells us her name, don’t tell her anything”, the soldier insisted.

“My name is Gloria Washington”, she replied.

“What? Washington? You are a relative of George Washington? Your clothes are quite weird; I don’t really believe what you’re saying.”

“A war? Oh, J****s! Please don’t tell me it is the Revolutionary War now,” Gloria thought to herself. “Calm down. Take a deep breath. Just talk to them in a calm voice, like you talk to your friends in 2017.”

Gloria looked at her jeans and shirt. “Umm…I am George’s distant relative and descendant. And my clothes, I like to do some tailoring in my spare time. I did these on my own.”, continuous her inner dialogue.

“OK, Gloria, don’t be so nervous. We are not bad people. Look, your hands are trembling! Don’t do strenuous exercise, or your wound will get torn. Now we are going to pick some firewood. You just need to stay here and wait for us.” Annie insisted.

Gloria soon fell asleep. She hoped that all of this is just a dream.

Chapter 2

“Gloria, wake up! We are back!” a familiar voice made its way into Gloria’s mind.

She opened her eyes slowly, but soon got disappointed. She was still in the hut. She then felt the fresh breeze together with raindrops blowing against the window.

Annie ran towards her. “Let’s eat breakfast. We need to move in a hurry, the Continental Army is going to move in three days. We have to meet them before they leave.”

“Why do we need to get there before they leave?” Gloria thought, “That’s really weird.” However, Annie and Harry urged her, in this matter.

Gloria followed Annie and Harry. They went through the woods, walked over tall grass and went across the brook. Branches scratched their arms, shoes scuffed their feet, but there was no time for them to stop. Although Gloria ached all over, she still said nothing. Because she was clear about the fact that she couldn’t remain alive if she was alone.

Finally, when they stood on the top of the mountain, they saw smoke rising up into the sky. “It is the Continental Army!” Gloria thought. “Finally, we did this! We are safe now!” they cheered. Everyone relaxed. Their faces exhibited smiles.

The American soldiers were warm-hearted. When they three arrived, a soldier gave them hot water and biscuits. The medic helped them clean their wounds with alcohol wipes.

“You can walk around if you want, but remember, don’t enter that house over there. If you guys enter, you will be punished,” said the officer.

Gloria was so tired. She hadn’t slept well for two nights. She huddled herself up in a corner. In her dream, she heard two people murmuring as she stood behind a wall. They were talking about how to get into that place they shouldn’t enter. Gloria wanted to see their faces. She moved quietly. Suddenly the two persons turned back. They were Annie Barnes and Harry Mitchell. Gloria was surprised!

It was four o’clock. Everything was quiet. Gloria saw a shadow flashing. She stood up with curiosity and a little bit of fright. The shadow looked like Annie’s back! “Annie?” Gloria asked in a low voice.

“Gloria! When did you wake up?” Annie said in a surprised tone.

“Just now,” Gloria replied, “Where are you going? It is really late.”

“Umm, I am thirsty. I am going to find some water. You don’t need to follow me.” Annie was a little bit flurried.
“Why? I am worried about your safety.” said Gloria.

“Don’t bother. Just, just leave me alone.” Annie said becoming to be agitated.

“That is really strange. I must figure out what happened,” Gloria pondered. Annie began to run, so Gloria chased her without making any noise. Soon she heard a man and a woman’s talking.

“When will you go to meet the officer?” the man asked.

“Tomorrow evening. I have got a lot of data of Revolutionary army’s weaponry.”

The man was Harry and the woman is Annie! Gloria was so shocked that she didn’t know what to do. She turned around and ran towards the officer’s dorm.

“Sir? I found two spies, please follow me! They are over there!” Gloria shouted.

“Soldiers! Two of you, catch her! Others follow me. Let’s have a look.” The officer took his gun and stormed out of the room.

Chapter 3

“Bang!” Gloria heard the gun.

“You, you killed them?” Gloria said almost crying, “They saved my life before!” her voice uttered trembling.
“Ms. Washington, they are spies from Britain. Don’t be too sad. They don’t deserve your sympathy,” said the officer continuously. “Oh, and the woman’s name isn’t Annie Barnes. Her name is Ann Bates.”

Gloria felt empty. She didn’t know what she had done was whether right or not. Her face turned pale. She felt that some strange force was pulling her. She suddenly passed out.

“Gloria, are you OK? Can you hear me?” someone calling Gloria.

Gloria slowly opened her eyes and looked around. There was a white wall, a white quilt, and white curtains. Everything there was white. She soon realized that she was in a hospital.

Gloria lifted the corners of her mouth. “I am back.” She happily thought. She took out her phone and searched for information about Ann Bates on the Internet. However, she found that Ann Bates died in 1779. She had changed Ann Bates’ death anniversary!

All of this was just a dream. Tomorrow would be a new day.

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