October 11, 2017
By Anonymous

Chapter 1
One day there was a man named Jole, Jole was a shopkeeper in the village of Ravenfeld. That day the MP’s or the military police came to his shop to buy some weapons. He asked “why are you buying weapons  here” the captain said “did you not read the paper, the insurrectionists took over the entire district of Jitaku.” Stunned Jolie said “you can take what you need free of charge” The captain said “No we need you to keep buying supplies so we can come back” Jole said “You can have it, is there a way for me to help” The captain said “Yes there is two ways Join the military because you seem like a tough man” Jole said “Yes sir I am fit and i have experience with hunting and swords” the captain said “ok ok calm down or you could sell your shop” so jole said “ i can do both i don't have money to keep the shop running so i'm going to city hall tomorrow to enlist” the captain said “good to hear incase we meet again i’m capt. Donovin” so Jole went to sleep and when he woke up he felt something strange like something big was going to happen to him. When he went to the city hall we was about to enlist in the army when he saw a old woman and she said “come here young man i need to give you something” jole went over to her and said “ok what is it?” she said “here take this you're our only chance to beat them, drink it when you go to bed and you will have powers” Jole said “look mam are you ok” she said “i'm fine just do it” Jole said “fine, fine but if i get sick i'm going to get you jailed” Jole walked over to the army booth and he said “hello sir i would like to enlist. The officer said “ok fill this form out” after 10 minutes he filled out the form. He gave the form to the officer. The officer said “ok all of this checks out welcome to the army you will be shipped off to boot camp tomorrow good luck cadet” he saluted Jole and then jole went home. He was about to sleep and he took the potion the lady gave him and he fell asleep. When he woke up he noticed a few strange things his hand had a glowing X on it he went out to get the paper and he saw that he is not the only one some people could teleport some could control fire. Jole ran to the lady and said how do i know what my power is he laughed and said “you're special i gave you more than one power. You're the only one that has more than one” He said “how do i use them and what if i use them in boot camp” she said “ I was hired by the army to give 9 people powers and one more to be stronger and don't worry they will come out on their own”. A horse and buggy came to him and the rider said are you Jole Kirshstein jole said “yes sir” and the rider said “move it magot to the buggy the next 90 days is going to be a living hell for you” jole gave a firm “YES SIR” and got in the back.


Chapter 2
When jole got in the back he sat next to a girl named Elizabeth Ravire. Jole said “why did you join up” she said “ My father died by the hands of the Vanu” Jole asked “what's the Vanu” she said “wait you don't know, well i guess this part of the kingdom does not allow talk about the war the vanu are the insurrectionists” jole said “Wow they are the ones that have all the fancy equipment right” she said “yeah but we got hold of some of their cannons and we figured out how to make them so we have a chance” Jole said “wow new cannons that will help a lot” she said “ yeah i know, call me Lizz and hey we should get some rest” so they did for 6 hours until they are woken up by a loud noise “MOVE IT MOVE IT MOVE IT” he gets up and said “what's going on” the officer said “you're at boot camp so move into a row” lizz followed him and he asked “why did u follow me” she said “because i trust you” the drill sergeant shouted “everyone shut up stand up and salute me” the crowd said “SIR” following his orders. After a day of getting yelled at they could sleep when they were woken up they got told that they were the first to use the cannons. Everyone ran outside huge upward facing cannons where their. Jole asked “why are they facing up” and the drill sergeant said “the cannon shell goes up and then down to its target, Kirshstein you go first” jole smiled and said “yes sir” he went to the cannon and said “what do i do” the sergeant said “pull that chain and everyone cover your ears and Kirshstein wear these muffs to protect your ears” He pulled the chain and it was followed by a huge boom and crack in the sky jole said “is it gone” then he saw a bright flash of light and a huge boom echoed across the land and it shook the ground and jole fell over. The drill sergeant helped him up and said “that's why you brace cadet” everyone was trying out the cannon but after dozens of fires the drill sergeant said “stop it will overheat, everyone back to the barracks  for breakfast. Jole grabbed a metal tray and got in line. When he got his food he was surprised to see that it had meat, meat was very expensive because the when hunting the game have been hunted to near extinction. He asked one of the watch officers “sir what kind of meat is this” the officer said “scraps left over it's mixed meat beef, venison, and pork. It's not the best food but it has lots of nutrition. Don't worry about getting sick you will be fine and on the field you can hunt your own food if you want on the front lines their are tons of animals ready to be hunters” Jole said “thank you sir” and walked back to his table. After eating they went outside for some training the drill sergeant said “anyone with powers come with me” 5 people came Elizabeth, a man named Jean, a teen named Albert, Jole and A girl no more than 15 years old walked with them “we will be taking you to a special training center for now we will walk their, no need to march.” after 2 hours of walking they got to the camp where they noticed it was just a filed with targets and mannequins with armor. The drill sergeant said “pick up your sword and try to use your powers” Jole put out his hand and tried to use his powers but they did not  work. The drill sergeant said “try saying a word i hear that's one of the triggers” jole said Teki and he move to his target and he sliced it in half with his sword” The drill sergeant said “ Good work Kirshstein” . As the soldiers practiced  jole noticed that Liz was there he asked “what are you doing here” she said “i'm part of this just like you.” after a month of working hard jole has kept his powers a secret  with the powers jole has acquired 5 powers which are :Teleportation, Fire, possession, storm control and the power to knock anyone person unconscious. With these new powers when jole graduates he will acquire the rank of  staff sergeant for his good work in boot camp. He will command a squad of 9, the people with powers.

Act II
Jole was shipped out with his squad behind the front lines they would not start combat for a long time. Jole started reading a book called the Vanu people, he starts reading.  The vanu are from space but they are human they have a lot more tech than the people on linfkin (name of joles home planet) they are from a planet called earth. When they came, they came on a huge gray and white rod with designs on it one of the flags was red white and blue. The Vanu is not the official name for that is what we have chosen for them so far. As far as we know, we have no chance against them unless we take their tech. *puts down book*. That night he fell asleep in his officers chambers and he heard 2 loud cracks the jumped up, grabbed his sword and went outside. Jole went outside and saw 2 bodies big burns on them a man standing over one that is looking up at him. The man pulled the trigger on his gun and a purple beam came out  and the man's head was gone. The man tried to leave. Jole quickly teleported to the man with his sword up to the soldier's neck. The soldier was shocked by the way he randomly appeared behind him. He dropped his gun and put his hands up. Out of nowhere a huge metal bird with swords spinning appears and starts spewing molten fire at Jole. Jole gets hit by the fire and it goes right through him. He got a good look at the bird. Huge, thin, big cylinders on its wings an emblem with a red cross and blue white and red around it. Again out of nowhere another bird with a different emblem red and white stripes, but this this one has stars. The bird spits out fire on the other bird and it explodes and the bird lands in front of jole. Jole asks “who are you”. The soldier comes out and says “ I am staff sergeant Jonathan and i'm an american, we hope to help you guys out with what you call the vanu”. A man listening in says “finally we have hope”. Staff sergeant Jonathan and Jole both go into a planning room to discuss the war. Staff sergeant jonathan says “Your enemy is called the british not the vanu, we will give you weapons training and gear. Be warned the British have weapons called plasma based firearms and they can burn you on contact”. After 2 weeks of training jole and his team go out for an operation along with Seal team 6.

Chapter 3 The Battle

Canons fired, Missiles and plasma shots zoomed by. Jole gets to cover and opens fire taking out 2. He possesses a person and throws a grenade into one of their trucks. A plane comes above them dropping something in the distance. A blinding flash goes off and jole says. “Is that a mushroom” staff sergeant jonathan tackles jole and tells everyone to get down a nearby soldier shouts “nuke, get down” the shock wave goes over them.

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