The Day America Stood Still

September 21, 2017
By lordcubano628 BRONZE, Bloomington, California
lordcubano628 BRONZE, Bloomington, California
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I was in California, in a small town near my hometown named, Redlands. I was on a campaign run for my reelection in 2040 for President. As the Campaign Rally ended without a hitch according to the Speaker of The House, Former 44th President Obama. I selected him to be Speaker of the House,  after I saw what an amazing job he did as the first Black President, influencing myself to become the first Latino President of The United States. 
As we were heading back to the hotel, I told my Secret Service Agent to make an unscheduled visit to my Grandparents' home. The Agent hesitated, but eventually gave in, as we got off the freeway and went through the beautiful Orange Groves iconic to the city. I saw what seemed a plane until I saw the North Korean Flag on it, It was a missile heading straight for the mountain with the Iconic "R" for Redlands. " Stop the Limo" I told my driver. 
I got off the limo and saw the missile hit the mountain at full force. My secret service agents pushed me back into the car and said " Sir we need to go". I rejected their request and I told my driver to continue on the route to my grandmother's home, where our monthly family dinner was taking place.  As we got to the house, I jumped out of my car and entered the property, with Secretary Obama behind me. As we entered the home, My grandfather was sitting on the couch, asleep with the news on and my grandmother was in the kitchen not having a clue on what's going on, and my family was eating dinner all ambushed me with hugs and kisses. My grandmother looked up with a surprise look on her face as she saw me. 
" Mijo, it’s been too long, since you come and visit me" my grandma said as she hugged me. 
" Que te pasa, porque andas aqui?" (what's going on, why are you here) my grandma asked boldly. 
"There's been an attack, Mrs. Castro" said Mr. Obama
" Sir, we need you to get in contact with the Vice President" one of my Secret Service Agents informed me.

I went into the other room where my agents brought me my confidential laptop, that I cannot disclose here. I contacted my Vice President Tim Kaine at the Capitol Building. It was the fastest phone call I had ever been a part of, the phone rang, V.P picked up and said
" Is it a Go?" He asked.
" It's a Go" I replied. 
As soon as he hanged up, I went back to the living room and the V.P. was already holding a press conference from the White House. 
" My fellow Americans, are country has been attacked today by North Korea, the inter-continental missile hit a mountain in the city of Redlands, CA. Where the president held a Campaign Rally today. The Diaz Administration and I are discussing the ways we can prevent a World War. We have decided that all Air Traffic be halted and Border Crossings be closed until further notice. For the safety of our citizens, we urge everyone to stay inside their home until further notice. We will prevail from this terror that has struck our nation today. So, my fellow Americans, May God Bless You and God Bless the United States of America." 
When the news conference ended, Speaker Obama rushed me out of the room and said " We just got info that North Korea is set to launch a set of new missiles". He told me " We need to go". 
" Not without my family" I said. 
" But, Sir!" Obama said
" I won't take no for an answer!!" I argued 
My Agents then escorted me and my family including my parents, grandparents and siblings to my limo and we were heading to the airport. As we arrived at San Bernardino International Airport, the majestic Air Force One was ready to depart, as we entered the airplane I entered my quarters and I got a call from inside the plane. It was my Pilot " Sir, I am Sorry in Advance but this is going to be the fastest and hardest takeoff you've ever felt, we're going to get this bird up to 45,000 feet in less than 30 seconds". 
Soon, after Air Force One departed for Andrews Base, Virginia, my staff and I had an emergency meeting in the conference room.
" Give me an update on the situation" I demanded 
" Sir, Kim Jong- Un has made a press release stating that they have 21 Nuclear Warheads Ready to launch" one of my staff members stated.
" We need to get in contact with other World Leaders before we make a decision, until then keep me updated. Meeting Adjourned." I exited the Conference Room.
As I entered my quarters with Mr. Obama behind me, he seemed tense. " Is there a problem Mr. Speaker?". He replied " As a matter of fact yes, we shouldn't wait until we get to the White House, we have the Nuclear Football here just bomb them". I stared at Obama with concern " You know we can’t do that, we're a democracy". " True" he replied, leaving my quarters. 
I dozed off when a staff member woke me alarmed shouting " Mr. President, the Capitol has been attacked." 
" Where's the V.P?" I asked 
" Deceased at scene, Sir" He said in a gloomy manner
Without the Vice President, the speaker takes the place of Vice Presidency. As Mr. Obama was being sworn in we were arriving to Washington D.C already. " Mr. Vice President, Congratulations" I simply said to Obama. " Thank you Mr. President" he replied. As the door open at 5 o' clock in the evening, I was moved from Air Force One to Marine One to transport me to the White House. 

When we arrived at the South Lawn of the White House and entered the Oval Office, I was greeted by my top Military Officials. Our plan was to send bombardments of Nuclear Warheads as a first wave to the capital of North Korea, Pyongyang and send a battalion of Marine Corps to eliminate Kim Jong-Un once and for all. As soon as the plan was clear to commence, we had to inform other world leaders of our plan.  Almost all world leaders agreed with our plan, and offered reinforcements If needed. 
As we begin our mission, we were in my nuclear bunker under the West Wing of the White House, my staff and I began firing the first wave of nuclear warheads, eliminating most of the regime's army on the ground. The infiltration just into the capital of Pyongyang was 8 hours, due to the fact that it was heavily guarded. After gaining entrance to the capital, it took another 4 hours to reach the residence of Kim Jong-un. After some gruesome and heavy 2 hours our Marine Corps successfully eliminating the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong- un and freeing the people of the war- torn nation. 
As we celebrated, the now Vice President Obama, pulled out a .44 Magnum Handgun and tried to assassinate me, luckily a Secret Service Agent protected me but lost his life in the effort. I grabbed the handgun from the Secret Service Agent and shot Obama four times, killing him. As the Secret Service investigated into Obama, we found out that Obama had been in league with the North Korean dictator and planned to wipe me out from the very beginning and he was the one that orchestrated the plan to wipe out Vice President Kaine, ultimately making Vice President, later killing me and he becoming President and destroying our country from the inside out. 
It was a very somber day when our nation was attacked it started off as a normal campaign rally in California, later making it one of the worst days in American History, as many people lost their lives and severely injured with the destruction of the Capitol and the missile that hit the Redlands Mountain. We prevailed and defended of what could have become a war-torn nation. It was very hard for my administration to address the nation that night, 
" My fellow Americans today our country has been attacked by the regime of North Korea's Dictator Kim Jong-un. Our Beautiful Capital was destroyed this morning, killing Vice President Kaine.  The beautiful city of Redlands, was hit in the mountains by a missile. My administration and I were able to come up with a quick solution and plan to finally defeat the dictator. Our soldiers that infiltrated the residence of Kim Jong-un have confirmed that Jong-un indeed, has been killed. I guarantee that we will rebuild our war struck buildings and emerge from this day of fear.  This is a show of our country's strength and how we prevailed this destructive terror that has struck our land today. My condolences to the families that lost a loved one today. They will never be forgotten. So, my fellow Americans, May God bless you, and May God Bless the United States of America."
As I said farewell to my family sending them back to California, I retreated to my quarters and just lied on my bed thinking that today was the day that America Stood Still.

~ Leonardo S. Diaz

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this was my love for politics

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