Once Paralyzed

August 1, 2017
By SydA_G SILVER, Madison, Georgia
SydA_G SILVER, Madison, Georgia
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     The paralyzed man rejoined with his friends. Some said that there might be a savior that could heal all people and their losses. The man’s friends said to him,  “Let us take you up to the lord of saviors, he can help fulfill your many needs and desires.” The man agreed, and they set off to find the savior. On the way the friends and the broken man encountered a few obstacles. One of those obstacles that came in the way, that they could not be overcome, was when the mat that they had been caring the paralyzed man on broke, so the friends had to improvise and create another way to get to the savior. What happened… the paralyzed man was on a stretcher so all of the friends decided to carry him all the way to the savior, until the friends had to make a makeshift stretcher out of thick leaves. The friends had to weave the stretcher together. They finally got there, to the saviors house. The crowd was absolutely overflowing out of the house. The friends decided to push through the crowd and climb up on the roof. They cut a huge hole through the roof and lowered down the paralyzed man down. The savior went over to him and said, “Child you are forgiven and you can rise now. The paralyzed man stood, and thanked the savior, took his stretcher, and he walked out of the savior’s house. He could forever walk again and never had anymore problems with walking in the rest of his life.

The author's comments:

A spin off of a bible story.

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