Jane Carrie

July 19, 2017
By Anonymous

The sun penetrated through my windows, early in the morning as the birds chirped. I laid on my bed, eyes wide open. A week had passes since the news about Jane. It was still vivid in my head. All of it.

It had all started on 29th February, 1960; leap year. I had woken up with a huge grin on my face. The world was given an extra day and I was ready to enjoy it. With a knock on my door, my maid, Jane, walked in with a smile.

"Good morning, mistress. Lovely day is it not?" She said, opening the curtains and standing beside my bed. Greeting her with a smile, I got out of the bed and made my way to the bathroom. I had known Jane all my life. Her mother was my mother's maid which resulted in Jane staying with me all day long.

"Sir Daniels wishes to speak to you. You ought to hurry, he gets restless when asked to wait."

"Indeed? Perhaps he could learn to be patient." I said. "Tell him that I shall be there in a few minutes."
"You took forever, my sister." My brother said, gazing up from his pile of papers. "Come inside. I shall speak to you about the upcoming ball." I took a seat in front of him, frowning. "Mr. And Mrs. Pattison have invited us." The ball was tonight. Everyone in the neighbourhood was talking about it.

"I do not wish to go there. There are a billion other things one could do rather than dancing with strange gentlemen." I complained.

"No excuses Lara. Have your finest dress ready."
I had managed to convince my brother to let Jane come along with me. I wouldn't have been able to survive that evening without her by my side. "Look mistress! Perhaps you could dance with Sir Philip. He has been staring our way since the minute we have arrived." I followed Jane's gaze. Sure enough Sir philip stared our way but it wasn't I who caught his eye.

As Jane and Sir Philip danced, I went to look for my brother who I found with Lady Dawson in a heated conversation. Not wanting to interrupt them, I headed back to Jane. Much to my surprise, I couldn't find her. I spent the next hour searching for her until Daniel declared to search for her the next morning.

The next morning, however, dark clouds covered the bright blue sky. It rained heavy and plenty, preventing us to step outside. The following few days showed similar results. "I am worried for her, brother." I whispered to him, gazing at the grey clouds. Daniel grunted in response as I had interrupted his work. "Do you not worry? "

"Lara, she isn't a small girl who requires your constant attention. The young maiden shall return any day."
A few days later, as I sat in the garden with a book in my hand, I heard Jane call out for me. "Where have you been? " I asked as I embraced her in my arms. "I was so worried. Don't you ever do that again."

"Forgive me, mistress. I was visiting family." Her voice was soft.

"Are you alright? You look rather pale." She said nothing, just nodded her head. She sat down on the grass and grabbed my book from the ground. We sat together and read.
"I am glad to run into you my sister. I was meaning to talk to you." Daniel said. "I have heard a few rumours but I had refused to believe them until I witnessed it myself..... and now that I have, I reckon that - Actually I just wanted to make sure that you were alright."

"Yes brother. I am fantastic. May I ask what you are talking about though?" I asked with a frown on my face.

"Well, I and a few others have noticed some unusual behaviour of you talking to yourself. I understand that you have been going through a lot with your maid but-"

"-what do you mean by talking to myself? I do no such thing."

"I have seen it, my sister. Perhaps you should consider medical treatment."

"Have you gone mad? I am fine. And what do you mean by 'going through a lot with Jane'? Everything is adequate. And may I also add that I have noticed your dislike towards her. Why is that?"

"I am afraid that I do not follow." Daniel said with a frown. "Perhaps you should rest." Not wanting to start an argument, I stormed out of his room. As I walked towards my room, I stumbled upon Jane. I ran up to her and started complaining about my brother.

"You should relax."she said once I finished.

"Are you taking his side? My brother has treated you like trash. He just walks past you, ignoring you. All because he got all the family wealth." I said angrily.

"Lara!" I heard my brother yell. "Who are you talking to?" He asked looking around.

"Jane! "I yelled, pointing her way. "You have gotten so ignorant because of your wealth that you don't we realise the people in front of you."

"Lara are you alright? Nobody's there. Jane? She's gone, how could she be there?" He asked. I turned around and stared at Jane. She had her head bent, not catching my eye.

"She's right there." I said in a soft voice.

"Lara, hasn't anyone told you? I thought you knew. Jane had a very unfortunate incident. Philip was at fault. He has been punished rightly for his actions. Jane's gone Lara." As he explained, Jane's figure grew paler and paler and soon her body turned transparent. She looked into my eyes with guilt, before disappearing.

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