The Fear of a Fading Couple

June 13, 2017
By MontanaConner BRONZE, Burnham, Maine
MontanaConner BRONZE, Burnham, Maine
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 I don’t want to get up but I have work. I turn over to see that Bobby is not in our bed. I hear him in the kitchen making coffee. Bobby walks in he looks at me and smiles.

He is ready to go to work and he is wearing his favorite suit and tie, it’s black pants, and a blue collared shirt, a black tie, and jacket. He is standing in the doorway to our bedroom. Our bedroom is up the stairs to the right and the bathroom is to the left of our room. There are 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and we have a fairly big kitchen and living room. Our dining room to the right of the kitchen and to the left is our living room, we have a really big house. When we first moved here we had some friends who stayed with us for a little bit, then they got their own places and we decided that we didn't want to move again. We were pretty attached to our house.

“Diana, coffee is in making sweetie.” He says while looking down at me smiling that sickly sweet smile.
“Okay, okay, I’m up.” I say thinking how we only have four more days until we both have a day off, so we can be together and go to the park and have a picnic.

I get up and I grab clothes, then I go to the bathroom and take a shower. I wash up then I get out and I get dressed, I brush my long brown hair and I brush my teeth. As I put on my makeup and braid my hair, I look into my deep ocean blue eyes I think about how lucky I am to have Bobby; I grab my heels then go down stairs. When I step in the kitchen he is standing there, I walk over to the island in my kitchen and get coffee if I am late to work again then my boss might fire me. Just remember there are only three more days until September 11th my birthday I am turning 23 and this is my last year of college, I think to myself. I look over at Bobby and smile.
“Bye Bobby, I have to get going to work. Have a good day, I love you.” I say well walking over to meet him at the door of our house.

He kisses me on the cheek and as we walk to our cars I hear him say, “Bye, sweetie have a great day, I love you too.” I get into my truck and leave for work.

When I get to work I park a half mile away from the cafe I work at because it's the closest place I can park without either getting a parking ticket or interfering with the amount of customers we get. I walk right past the world trade center and I look up I can see his office window. I hurry to get to work so that I don’t get in trouble with my boss.

My day goes by pretty fast and my feet are starting to hurt. It’s eight p.m and I have to stop by the store to get something for dinner. When I get home I unload the truck and bring it into the house and start preparing to cook dinner. I am going to cook a pot roast, I know that Bobby loves pot roasts. I start to cook when I hear the front door open and I know who it is.  I haven't even talked to him since this morning. Bobby comes in the kitchen and looks at me and smiles as he comes over. All I can think about is how good he looks with his short brown hair and hazel eyes. You can see his biceps through his collared shirt his tie is still on but he has his coat in his hand.
“Hey, I’m sorry I’m late, do you need any help making dinner.” he says while he walks over to me, to help.
“No, it’s fine honey how about you go and rest while I finish up.” I say because right now all I can think about is how tomorrow I have school and I have to be in my first class by eight a.m.

After dinner we get ready and go to bed. I know I have school in the morning so I set out some clothes. I fall asleep eager for September 11th and for the day after, so we can spend the day together. I fall asleep thinking about what the events are for September 11th.

******** Morning ********

I wake up and I can feel the heat coming from Bobby’s body. I roll over and I see that he is still asleep so I look at the clock and I see that it’s five am. I get up and I grab the clothes I set out. I take a shower and finish getting ready for school. I go to the kitchen I make coffee and breakfast, when I am finished I go upstairs and walk into my bedroom. I walk up to the bed and I shake Bobby lightly.

“Hey babe, you have to get ready for work. I made coffee and breakfast.” I say.

“Okay, I’m up and I will be down in a minute.” he says and with that I go down stairs. While I wait I set the table and made us coffee by the time I am finished he is downstairs making his way to me. We eat and drink our coffee then we are off. I know that this is going to be the best birthday ever. Tonight I am having some friends over so we can study and get things done like our last project of college and I am so happy about that.

I get in my truck and leave after saying goodbye to Bobby. When I get to school I grab my bag with my books and work and head to my first lesson of the day math, Thank the Lord I have it with my BFF Liam. As soon I am in the classroom I see him sitting in the back of the classroom. He is an amazing friend he looks nice to day he is in dark blue fitted jeans with a white shirt that hugged his well toned body and he has his black hair styled just right, his brown eyes watched me as I put my stuff down. 

After talking to him for a little bit while everyone was still arriving. The day kind of flew by, so did the one after that and after that now it is the night before September 11th I go home and Bobby is there he already made dinner so when I get there we eat then I do some homework and then get ready for bed. I finally drifted off to sleep

When I wake up I realize its because I heard something come from down stairs so I slowly get up and walk down the stairs when I get to the living room people jump out and scream surprise and then I remember that it's my birthday.

“Hey sorry guys but I have to get ready for work, has Bobby left yet?” I say. I know that they don't know my schedule but I need to leave in ten minutes because it's seven thirty.

“No, he hasn’t left yet he is in the bathroom.” Liam said. I walked down and as soon as I got there he walked out and I walked right into his hard chest.

“I am sorry.” I say and with that I go upstairs and get ready for work when I leave Bobby and everyone else is gone so I walk to my truck and leave. When I get to the parking lot I start walking to work. It's a nice sunny day a few clouds but other than that it’s beautiful out. I am outside the world trade center. I hear a sound I look up and I see a plane coming right for the world trade center, it goes right through Bobby’s office I run. I didn’t want any of the dabery, paper, ash,  so things don’t fall on me. People start jumping from windows trying to escape but some were on fire as they were falling. I heard the people scream and run and babies cry I looked up at the building and saw people on the top floors trying to get out they didn’t want to burn so they jumped. So many people are dying,

I was so scared I didn't even realize that I was screaming.

“Please don't be in your office please, please, please I can't lose you I just can't.” I screamed over and over. I didn’t know what to do. How could I live without him he wasn't with me helping me? Life without him was a life not worth living. I wasn’t strong enough to lose him not now, not ever. When I thought that he could be dead it was like the whole world stopped it hurt like you wouldn't believe. I didn’t realize that someone was trying to talk to me but then I looked up to see a women trying to get me out of the way her mouth was moving but nothing was coming out.

I heard a buzz like sound in my ears then I started to hear what she was saying.

“Hi I am Victoria. I work with Bobby have you seen him? Has he come out of the building yet? Can you hear me? Are you okay? Why are you crying, you need to find Bobby let’s go.”Victoria said when she was finished she hugged me and I realized I was crying so much when he could be looking for me

“No I have not seen him. Was he in his office? I think I am fine. We should start looking for him.” I replied as I started to look around.

“Ma’am, you should go home. It is not safe out here for you or any one. Give up on what you are looking for and go home.”

I looked at the man in disbelief all I could think was that how could he say that to me I need to find him why can’t he understand that. After he said that other people said the same thing but I never gave up I got ten people to help me look for him. After a while people would tell me that I should give up and that I wouldn’t be able to find him and that he probably died. I couldn’t give up on him. Victoria and I split up so she could look for him and I was beginning to think that I should give up but I didn't want to give up on him. I went to call Victoria when I get a call I look at my phone and I answer it.

“Hello, is this Diana Purington?” the voice asked and I could barely speak.

“Yes, this is she.” I choked out hoping that someone found Bobby and that he is okay.

“I have some good news and bad news. Bobby was found and brought in but he is badly hurt. “We need you to come down here please.” she said and I was already in my truck on my way there.

“I will be there in a minute.” I say so happy that he is found, hoping that he makes it. When I get to that hospital I tell them my name and they tell me where to go I run all the way there. The walls are white, there are so many people here the floors are hard and cold. There are people coughing from the ash, dust and things that were able to get in there lungs, some are bleeding it so crazy others are burnt. I get to his room and he is laying there unconscious vulnerable and still, I was beyond scared. Will he make it? I hope so I can’t lose him.

I go and sit in the chair next to his bed. His room was white the only colors were from the window curtains. I hope he wakes up soon. I still didn’t know anything about his condition. That’s when the doctor walks in. I am so scared that I am shaking, I can feel the tears coming and my eyes are so watery that everything is blurry. The doctor gives me a sympathetic look.

“Mrs. Purington, I am sorry to tell you that Bobby is in a coma. We think he will wake up but only time will tell.” the doctor tells me. I start crying and I hold his hand.

“Wake up please for me. I love you I can’t lose you not now not ever. I will never give up on you so please don’t give up on me. Remember when I told you that I thought we were moving too fast cause you wanted to meet my family. I really only told you that because of my big brother and my parents. I wanted you to meet them and as soon as you wake up and you can, we will. You have to stay here with me.” I tell him things I never told him before things he asked about but I never told him. I keep talking to him his parents come in after I called them and I stayed there we turned on the tv that when we found out what was going on outside of the hospital room.
Another plane hit the second tower, and one was going for the pentagon.

“Here on tv news 5 how we know what happened is we have some of the calls that the people on the planes made to their husbands and wives. Here is the first call.” the tv reporter said.

“Hey, I am so sorry I won't be able to make it home please know I love you and our kids and that's why I am doing this.” the man says.
“What are you talking about? Whats going on?” says the women you can tell that in her voice it is mixed with different emotions like confusion, you can tell she was scared. I was scared too. I felt bad. I hoped Bobby would wake up.

“I am so sorry just know I love you and our kids and that I am so sorry that things had to be this way.” says the man. That’s when the doctor walks back in the room and we turn the tv off. We all look at the doctor.
“We ran some more tests and we believe that he will wake up. Be patient and hopefully he will be okay.”  I hope the doctor believes that. Everyone but me leaves and that is when they are all gone I start talking to him.
“I love you so much, please don't...” I was cut off by his eyelids moving. I thought he was waking up so I sat there and stared at his face that was when his eyelids moved and he was awake. I ran out of the room and screamed for a doctor. He is awake!!! Everyone came back into his room. I went back to my spot sitting next to him I kissed his forehead I love him so much.

“Hey baby, why are you crying?” he asks taking my hand. I look in his eyes and I can see they are laced with confusion.

“I am sorry I am just so happy.” I never thought I would hear his voice but I didn’t know I was crying. I just know now that I will be happy with this man for the rest of my life. 9/11 will be taught to kids for the rest of time.

7 years later

I open my eyes and the first thing I think about is that I am going to be a mom. I think if it’s a boy, I will name him Walter and if it’s a girl then Dakota. I think about the day I thought I lost Bobby and now we are married with one boy and I am pregnant again. I have not told Bobby yet but, tonight I will. I am happy that I have Bobby I don’t know what I would do without him. He got me through college and now I am a vet, I love animals so much. I get out of bed and leave Bobby to sleep today is day off. I get ready for work and bring our son to school. I can’t wait tell we can tell him the very eventful September 11, 2001 that we experienced I want him to never give up on anything.

The author's comments:

My birthday is 9/11 so I find that day as the day I want to learn more about it.

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