June 1, 2017
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Everything changed the day they arrived. Before that time, our lives were perfect. If you looked out across the lands, from the mountaintops to the seas, all of it was ours. We had everything we needed to survive. Our forests were filled with green trees; our rivers flowed with crystal clear water; our skies were bright blue. The entire kingdom was filled with all types of families, and each had their own shelters where they could safely live.
Then they appeared. At first, we did not know what to think. They seemed strange; they seemed timid; they seemed friendly. Still, we were cautious because nothing like them had passed through these parts before. We thought they were only passing through. We were naive, so we decided to come out to greet them. No one knew what was going to happen next.
A few of us assembled to make contact with them. I stayed back and watched from a distance. They killed our greeters on the spot, without time to exchange even a sound. They acted like it was nothing. As they continued across our land, they killed any of us they could see; nothing stood in their way. But they did not leave. No, they stayed on our land, destroying our houses to build these crude, unnatural structures. They chopped down the trees; they ruined our rivers; they blackened our skies. This land was no longer our land.
Some of us were lucky. I was lucky. Some of us fled to the thickest parts of the forest; some of us fled to the darkest caves; some of us fled into the depths of the ocean. They would never venture into these areas. As time crawled by, we lay in wait, and we waited and waited for times to change. We are still waiting. Everything changed the day the humans arrived.

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