The Shady Lady

May 30, 2017
By LJones1 PLATINUM, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
LJones1 PLATINUM, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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A story based in the 1920's in beautiful New Orleans where Dehlia Davis comes to start a new life as a singer at an notorious speakeasy called The Shady Lady. Join us for an whirlwind adventure filled with love, lust, danger and more!

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Dehlia spent a moment to observe her surroundings. In the luminous, buzzing city of New Orleans, there seemed to be a dark cloud over it. She looked at all the people, driving around in their flivvers, girls putting on the ritz to catch the eye of some bell- bottom. Dehlia took a long breath, looked ahead of her into that dark cloud, and started walking. The alleyway was a clump of run-down buildings, except for one. The Shady Lady. It stood out like a beacon in this dark alley. The neon red light illuminating the name of the joint made Dehlia smile. She started walking quicker, her heels clacking against the cobblestone walkway. She arrived at the clubs door and knocked.

Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Jervis was cleaning up the bar as he heard the knock. “Now who the heck could that be?” His heavy irish accent makes his words sound slurred. A woman opened a dark oak wood door in the back and stepped out, looking at Jervis. “Who the heck is knocking? I’m trying to do business here!” Jervis bowed his  head slightly in respect to the woman. “Imma bout to find out ma’am.” He hurriedly got up and went to the door as the woman went back to her office. He opened the door and found a tall dame with flushed cheeks and nervous eyes. He took one look at her and stated, “We ain’t open, beat it!” and promptly slammed the door in her face.

Chapter 3: Chapter 3

Dehlia stood in shock at the brash manner of the man. She shook off her jitters and knocked on the door. “I said beat it ya lousy dame!” The gruff voice barked from within the bar. Dehlia bristled with indignation. She spoke. “ I am not some dumb dora you brute! I came here because I saw your ad in the papers, you’re looking for a singer right? Because if you ain’t I’ll just be on my way then!” She huffed and started walking away before she heard the joints door slam open. “Wait lass!” Dehlia swung around on her heel to face the man. He was a broad man, tall and intimidating, with a bushy red beard and matching wild hair. “Yes?” She crossed her arms against her chest, standing her ground.  The man ran a hair through his hair and smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry lass for my harshness but we get a lot of trouble-makers around these parts. Would you come in?” Dehlia smiled and nodded. “Of course I will.” She made her way into the bar with the rock of a man following.

Chapter 4: Chapter 4

Dehlia looked around in awe at the interior of the club. Polished oak wood floors and tables, leather seats and couches in a lobby-like area, and then there was the stage. The stage seemed so large to her, though in reality it was quite average. Spotlights lined the edge of it, while the backdrop was obsidian black velvet curtains with -were those diamonds?!- sewed into them making them gleam and sparkle in the light of  the crystal chandelier illuminating the room. She heard the man cough and turned around. “Oh I’m sorry I seemed to forgotten my manners. My name is Dehlia Davis pleasure to meet ya.” She offered her hand and the man took it, shaking it firmly. “My names Jervis Kelly, I’m the barkeep here. The boss is doing business at the moment so you got me for company till then. So tell me about yourself lass.” Dehlia took a seat at the bar. “Well I don’t very much what to tell you Jervis. I was born in the Carolinas and raised there. I started singing since I was around 13 and no one has been able to dry me up since.” She smiled and looked over at Jervis who was giving her a look-over. He was about to say something when the boss's office door opened.

The author's comments:

I love the 1920s and I decided to write a story about it.

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