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The Love Triangle

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The Love Triangle                                          
“Dear Precious, You have been invited to the Grand Third Reich Ball tonight at 8:00pm; be sure to be there!! Make sure not to pass gas,LOL!! Sincerely, your loving and superior, Fuhrer Adolf Hitler.” I read, as I was driving up the long grand driveway to see an elegant mansion, with glorious lights blinding my eyes, windows as clear as crystal, a glamorous building that would make any inferior drop with envy. “WOW!” I thought in amazement looking at the 5 story mansion. “There it is” I parked my car right next to the others and proceeded my way to the front door. Thoughts racing through my mind, all the famous dictators would be here. And just me, Stalin's son, Precious. As I knocked on the door, I had no idea what the others would think of me, I was nervous.
Before I knew it, the door swung open: “WELCOME! WE HAVE BEEN EXPECTING YOU!” Adolf screamed, “COME IN!! COME IN!!” he guided me through the door. As I walked through the door, I looked over Adolf’s shoulder to see Mussolini making a pizza. I froze for a moment, which felt like an eternity. His eyes pierced my heart. I was in a daze of heart struck. “THE PARTY'S OVER AT THE LIVING ROOM. PLEASE COME: EAT AS YOU PLEASE!!” Adolf showed me to the living room, taking me out of my daze. I walked to the party, but I kept looking back just to catch a glimpse of him one more time. That’s when I saw Adolf stroll over to Mussolini and whisper something in his ear. They walked off to a separate room. I sighed, and headed my way over to the party, but I couldn’t get the thought of Mussolini out of my head.
Hours went by, late in the evening still no sign of Mussolini, until I saw him on the couch with Adolf sitting on his lap, playing Mario Kart, I sat right next to him and asked him to challenge to a 1v1. He agreed; he picked Mario; I picked Yoshi. Not so long after a competitive play, I won. Mussolini was in shock as no one has ever beaten him in a game of Mario Kart.
“You’re indeed impressive. What’s your name?”,
“Precious”, I blushed, Mussolini smiled and gave me a red rose.
“PLEASE PROCEED TO THE DINNER HALL EVERYONE!!” Adolf screamed, everyone turned around and proceeded their way up the spiral granite stairs up to the dinner hall. Adolf then took Mussolini’s hand and rather tugged his hand up the stairs, Adolf looked back and gave me a look nastier than mustard gas. And whispered, “Back off.” I got up and headed my way to the dinner hall.
As I proceeded to the dinner hall behind everyone else, my thoughts were wandering about. I liked Mussolini but, I also didn’t want to disrespect Hitler. I already heard about the poor relations Stalin and Hitler have with each other, and I didn't want to add to that. But again the thought of Mussolini. I continue to shake the thought. His muscular facial features, diamond eyes put me in awe. I couldn’t control myself around him, I always had a thing for the italians: He could toss my dough.
When I reached the dinner hall, I sat down and saw that everyone was seated but for two empty seats: Adolf’s and Mussolini’s. A humble servant went through the kitchen door to the dinner hall to inform us to sit patiently and wait for the host. After a while, we heard yelling and banging from another room. It was too clustered with chatter from the others to make out what they were saying.
Not so long after Adolf and Mussolini arrived to the table and took their seats. “LET THE FEAST BEGIN!!” Adolf screamed. Everyone began eating. Except for Mussolini, he seemed rather troubled. His hands looked to be fiddling with something under the table. He turned and gave me a rather disturbed looked as he was contemplating about something. Mussolini then got up and walked over to me.
I gave him a smile: he shot back with a nervous grin. The eyes were not the diamonds I knew and adored they were consumed. Consumed by darkness. And before I knew it, he pulled out something from his back pocket. Everything began to unravel so slowly. His eyes became crazed, his face turned tensed red with anger and frustration. A single Korean tear dripped down his face. I gasped. A loud thunder clap consumed the whole room in darkness. He shot Hitler. I didn’t know what to do I froze I couldn’t believe what he had done. Across the table; Hitler with little life evaporating away with each gasping breath.
He grabbed me, and we started to make our way out. We already started to hear the Blitzkrieg blitzing its way up the stairs to the dinner hall. We kept trying to find places to run out but we kept hitting dead ends. It felt like a maze. We went from to room to room till we ran into Adolf’s room with the towering windows imaginable with vast double doors. After hearing the Blitzkrieg right behind us we hurried to blocked the doors.
Hearing the Blitzkrieg was right behind us. I accepted that we were trapped. Mussolini grabbed my shoulders and whispered “Stay with me I know what to do.” The Blitzkrieg was banging down the door, time began ticking. He then took a cold italian sausage pizza and slapped it onto the ground which acted like a beacon.
The door began to creak open, the Blitzkrieg was almost through. Almost immediately I heard choppers over us with the sounds of thunder birds, “They’re here we’re safe now” Mussolini said to me. I saw rope of chain linked Italian sausage go drop down the vast windows of the room. And suddenly I saw Mario and Luigi bust down the windows with M4’s  and their classic overalls “MAMA MIA!!!” they screamed “GET OVER HERE!”. We ran over to the window for Mario to buckle us while Luigi had us covered. The door swung open, the whole Blitzkrieg was swarming through the room. Luigi mowed down half of them instantly and was taking out more by the second before he was shot brutally in the head “DON'T WORRY HE HAS TWO LIVES LEFT!” Mussolini screamed, immediately I see Luigi respawn in the corner of the room and took out more of the Blitzkrieg but they were endless. Seconds before I was buckled in I felt something pierce my back, I fell.                                                                                               
I woke up on a bed, confused and unaware of where I was. I was trying to think about last night but it was all just a blur. It seemed I was in a nursery I looked down and see a bandage wrapped around my stomach. “So it wasn’t a dream” I whispered as I grasp the bandage. I head out the door of the room following the distinct smell of cooked italian sausages and the hums of the Godfather soundtrack. And there he was the man I was hoping to be there. Mussolini.

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So well written 10/10 made me cry
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