You Never Win By Playing Dirty

May 22, 2017
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On Wednesday Hadiyah walks into the physics room and sits next to her friend Alexis. All of a sudden a group, Jen, Anna, Logan ,Nicki and Jack, that are jealous of Hadiyah walk in and start to taunt Hadiyah and talk about her in whispers Hadiyah tells them to shut their mouths then class starts.So they took the seats behind Hadiyah and Alexis and talked the whole time. As class begins to come to an end Ms. Campbell started to remind them about the next test on Friday and  hand back the test that they had took last Tuesday per usual Hadiyah and Alexis aced it  and Ms.Campbell complemiented them .As she approached the group she shook her head in disapproval and she handed them back their test and told Anna to stay behind so they could talk about her test . After the bell rung, all the other students rushed out of the class except for Hadiyah and Annna . Ms.Campbell explained to Anna that she has to ace their next test or else she would be kicked out of the college. Ms.Campbell suggest “Maybe you can study with Hadiyah or Alexis? Maybe you should go ask Hadiyah she’s right over there.” Anna scoffs at the suggestion but decided to just go over. “So you gonna help me study or what?”clears her throat rather loudly and Anna rolls her eyes and asked “Will you help me with this test please?” Hadiyah agreed because she was such a caring person. “My dorm at aroud 5:00ish” Anna agrees and walks out of the class room  Hadiyah walks out after and goes to get lunch. Then she went home to take a nap and woke up and got her notes out so they could study. And then there was a knock at the door and Hadiyah answered it and it was Anna and she invitied her in. They studied for about two hours then hadiyah had to get ready for one of her night classes so Hadiyah left and told Anna to let herself out.  Anna thought it’d be funny to take Hadiyah’s notes so she did. The next day in class Anna had told her friends about it so they decided not to pick on Hadiyah that day. Hadiyah noticed her note’s were missing last night so she decided to ask Anna about it but Anna just denied it and said that she might have misplaced them. Hadiyah brushed it off and deciced to retrace her steps and relook her backpack. After looking through everything she was unable to find them so she texts Alexis and asked if it was okay if she went over to study for the test and Alexis said was cool so that was great. The next day at school the same group from Wednesday came in being rather loud . Alexis is in the classroom before Hadiyah today because Hadiyah was running late because she stayed up all night studying for the test she over heard Anna bragging about how she stole Hadiyah’s notes on Wednesday. As soon as Hadiyah came in the classroom Alexis rushed to her and told her what she had heard.Hadiyah just shake her head and decides to confront her.
“Your are a liar and a thief “ Hadiyah exclaims her voice filled with anger
“What are you talking -”
“Dont try and play like your all innocent !”Hadiyah cuts Anna off “I know you took my notes”
Hadiyah glances down at her wrist and see’s that she has notes on them Hadiyah was taken back and decided to get pay back.

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