Head Over Heals

May 15, 2017
By Anonymous

In the 1920’s downtown Chicago was controlled by Al Capone’s gang, his gang consisted of many member one of which was Jack “Machine Gun” McGurn. He was Al capone's right hand man when it came to setting up robberies where guns were needed. Despite his uncanny ability to acquire firearms, he was a very foolish man especially when it came to women. Any woman could give him the slightest smile and he would convinced that they were in love with him. Many members in the gang were aware of this, but didn’t think much of it. His foolishness would be the thing that would lead to him being kicked out of the gang and and thrown in federal prison for the rest of his life.

The most recent women that Jack had gotten involved with was a lady named Maggie Yale. This name was very synonymous through the infamous Chicago gang. She was the ex of at least 7 other men that were associated with Jack. He met her in a downtown bar that the gang happened to be in. She was on the other side of the room, and spotted the men she used to be so closely associated with. Then she spotted one man that she had not been with. This man was foolish Jack McGurn. Jack caught her staring at him from across the room. He pointed her out to the other men sitting with him. He was then met with a storm of somewhat rude advice from the other men, which informed him of how bad of a lady she was. Despite the men’s warnings he stood up and went to talk to her. They ended up leaving together. In the following months they started dating. He ended up spilling every little bit of information about the gang to her. He revealed where and how he got all the illegal guns, who executed what job, and the secret location of where they all met. Never had any other man opened up so much information to her. As much as she was starting to like him she saw an opportunity that she couldn’t pass up. An opportunity to free Chicago from Al Capone’s evil reign.

She had spoken with the federal police to set up a time to intercept one of the mobs robberies. It was a fairly routine robbery for the gang, a local bank that they had estimated to have about $15,000. Jack kept Maggie informed on every little detail that came up about it. Which was a big no no especially in Al Capone’s mob. They had it setup to happen at 2:00 pm. Jack had gotten the guns and they had got about 10 people to execute it. All these details were relayed to the feds and they were set up in hidden areas around the bank. As soon as the men pulled up in their cars and hopped out with their guns drawn, the feds pounced. They pulled up and had their guns drawn at the men. All the mob men scattered, some got in the cars and drove away, and some ran away. But Jack was the only one that didn’t run. He immediately put the points together and figured that Maggie had told them everything. The feds threw him in their car told him everything they knew, which ironically is everything he told Maggie. The two men who ran away on foot were still close enough to hear what the feds were saying to Jack. They informed Al Capone of this and were able to pick up and move locations within hours before the feds could bust them. Needless to say Jack was kicked out of the group and he racked up many many charges that lead up to 3 life sentences in the Pennsylvania state penitentiary. As Jack was being driven to the penitentiary he knew that he should’ve listened to him friends and was kicking himself for being so stupid. He knew he friends would never steer him wrong.

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Why you should listen to the people closest to you 

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