War is for infinity

May 15, 2017
By BrookeL SILVER, Austin, Texas
BrookeL SILVER, Austin, Texas
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The plastered, popcorn ceiling crumbles, raining down snow-like flecks onto the tops of heads. Each and every one, pale as death, and I mean the people, not the ceiling specks. The accumulating dust creates distinguishable circles atop all the heads of hair in the 8 foot ceiling basement room. There is but only one glowing light that illuminates the dusty specks that float about in this room. It casts shadows among the weak. The whimpering ones, mostly children and women, are grasped by the shadows slippery grip. The soft yellow light radiated the hopeful faces which were none too many. These scattered hopeful faces, faces on a head, on a head with a brain,and a brain with a thought… have begun to believe maybe the war was ending.
A strike, then another, then another, then another. With each ground shaking blow, the grumbling of the earth becomes more and more intense. It is as if the earth is mad, and is taking part in the war as well. But earth has a reason too. People are conducting a war upon it. All these other guys? No reason. They are blindly fighting, murdering, annihilating. The monotonous noise of machine guns are heard above and if the basement people are lucky, they hear a car drive by. Hearing a car engine brings tremendous hope because it means somebody is getting away, getting out of this war zone. No matter if they are good or bad people, but they are getting away. All the basement people want is to get away.
But then they were faced with the question--- where would we go? They were despised anywhere they go know. Even if they moved, would they be able to find jobs? No one hires Jewish people except Jews. So each person drifts back to the outrageous, unlikely systems of thought. The war will end, they will rule Germany, and it will become their Jewish state. It brings a temporary comfort for some, for others the comfort is as fleeting as a bullet leaving its shell. Those people sulk back into the shadows, avoiding the lamps rays. Those who are temporarily comfortable stay in the light, feeling confident about what they have set their hope in. Yet this is all false confidence and false hope, because little do they know the war will end 3 days from know.

The author's comments:

I was inspired by the Holocaust which I just learned more about in my AP World History class!

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