left for life, right for death

April 25, 2017
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Left for life, right for death
      “What a day!” Ann Bates sighed, and took down her hat, which she wears during the day as what a normal teacher should wear. The students rushed out of the classroom, and headed for the market where they could always treat themselves with some candies or delicious fruits. Ann Bates, who just finished a day’s teaching and became totally exhausted, sat down on her chair limply, with her sights reached out of the window as the sunlight shone right upon her face.
      The market was still as crowded as usual. Soldiers, merchants, thieves and kids were pushing each other to make ways for their own businesses. Right beside the entrance of the market, a general was strutting around as if he was waiting for something, with a strapping horse by his side, showing his wealth and noble identity. He was wearing a clean and shinny uniform, with a big green sign on his chest, which is the sign of American colony’s resistance army. A dozen of soldiers were guarding around the general, wearing cumbersome uniforms under the deadly sunlight, and didn’t move an inch even if the sun seemed to nearly burnt them alive.
       “Hum…that’s interesting. How could such a noble lord come to this poor place? ” The new-come visitor and his misery identity greatly aroused Ann’s curiosity, and evoke her spirit as being a spy----her real identity, instead of a common teacher. She changed her suits into a green, old dress, and put on a grey hat so that she may totally be seen and identified as a peddler, which she was about to pretended to be and figure a way to get attached to the general. Ann walked onto the street with a basket full of fresh and red apples, and started yelling with her loudest voice: “Fresh apples, folks! Fresh, red, sweet apples newly picked from New Jersey! Come and taste some! Cheap and tasty apples!”
       People were just far too thirsty to have some fresh apples after standing or walking around the burning market, so many people gathered around and asked for the fresh apples. The general, who was still strutting around the corner of the door, became interested about what was going on with the gathering crowd. He waved his hands, dismissed the guards, and went up into the crowd to check what was going on himself.
       “Quite a hot weather isn’t it, lord?””Please, don’t call me lord, miss. I’m a soldier. Born to serve the people instead of letting the people serve me, miss.” While answering Ann, General Steve pushed away the apples Ann handed to him, and pull out some money from his pocket. “Is that enough, as a return for your sweet apples?” “Sure!” Ann smiled, with a beautiful expression on her face. The general might seem noble, but he did have a good morality.  With the thought appeared in her mind, Ann even became more curious with the general’s true identity. “General, you seem to be a kind and noble man. What wind or fire had brought you here, this land lack of water and houses? ” “The war is closing, Miss. Nobody, as long as he is still an American citizen, can escape the war.” The general sighed, and continued. “We’re here because my soldiers need rest. We’re heading to the front line where the battle will be held. Until then, blood will be spread, and lives will be taken. This is not a safe place, miss, for this town is too close to the front lines of the battle field. If I were you, I think it would be wise to warn the people around me to leave this place as soon as possible.” Ann blinked her eyes, pretended to be confused about what the general was talking about, so that he could explain more about this battle they were preparing for. At the same time, Ann could therefore access useful information to provide to her husband, who is a British soldier.
       “These are supposed to be classified, but as you’re a lady, and it’s just hard for the ladies to understand men’s war,” he paused, and took a deep breath, “I think I will just tell you what’s going on.” Ann seemed to be calm and nodded her head, but she was actually feeling really happy, for her plan worked. “But before that, miss, may I have your name?” “It’s Ann…Anastasia, general.” Ann was feeling too nervous that she almost exposed, but the general didn’t seem to notice her hesitation, and started to explain briefly about the battle they’re about to take.
       “We are going to ambush the British, right in this small town tomorrow. This town may seem pretty common, but it’s actually a very important place for it’s the only place for the British army to get into our inland. But the reason to choose this town as the place to take the ambush is…the British will never thought that we would choose this place to ambush, for it’s too old and there’re just too few people here. Our plan is to evacuate the people tomorrow morning, and hide my army inside those buildings. They can either choose to go the long way on the left side of this town---which is impossible, or they can choose to go right through this town and get some food and supply from the people. For them, it’s just a matter to live or die. But for us, would be a great victory.” Ann felt both terrified and glad, terrified that if she didn’t receive the message early enough, the British army would be ambushed; glad that she had saved dozens of lives.
        For the British army, it’s left for life, right for death. For Ann Bates, it’s the same. The choices are clear. The choice on her left hand is to run away from this, and survive as a common person. But the choice on her right hand is to keep working as a spy, and help her husband, but may one day be exposed.
        Ann Bates sighed. “Well, no one can escape from this.” She put the letter written about the general’s plan inside the envelop, and jumped on the horse, heading towards the British Army’s camp.

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