The Broken

March 31, 2017
By Kayleighk BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
Kayleighk BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
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Chapter 1

1773 June 4

On a warm summer day as the daffodil’s dance through the summery breeze with the fresh smell of pollen was a family that got a knock at their door.” May I come in I’m afraid I have some bad news Mrs. Eva Ray” “Yes, you may.” ”Umm….. would you like some tea?” Eva said, shaking nervously. “No thank you but,I must tell you now,” as he exhales “Your husband, well he got shot.” This messenger just blurted out like it was nothing but still was was shaking.Eva stood there so still, her mouth closed ,her eyes starting to water.She let out a loud “ahhhh..Why”. “ I understand it you want me to leave I’ll go now, sorry for your loss Mrs.Ray”. “Mom what's wrong?” As he son, Elijah ran down the stairs. “Your father died I'm so sorry” as she cried like her limb have me tired out her and weeping or sorry like calling for someone.” Do you know how?’’ He questioned as that was on his mind.” No, but”. As he ran out the door looking for the man who just dropped of the message like he was dropping a rock so careless.”How did my father die?” Elijah started madly. “Thomas gage shot Enzo  ,well your dad”



Chapter 2

1774 June 4


One year later life was hard Elijah had to get a job while his mom just sat around all day.She sat there like it was just yesterday she got the news.That’s not it that has changed after finding out who killed his father Elijah became a patriot. “Mom you got to clean the house sometimes” he said annoyed “I can’t be the one to work and clean the house and go get food, I provide the money I can’t do everything myself” he said more angry than annoyed. After a month Eva was bringing her friends over, everyday. “Mom can I talk to you Elijah whispered but not really. “What do you want” Eva said liked he been bothering her all the time. “Do you not understand that they are loyalist part of believing that Thomas Gage is a good person but he's not”. “Stop it with your nonsense” she said with annoyance like he had no reason to be a patriot “ You know what pack your things and leave Boston I don't want to see you at all anymore,  you are not my son my son wouldn't act like this and you know what you father would be so disappointed of you” Eva stated and walked away like she just paid her taxes and had left over money and feels good.He packed his stuff and left and before he left he got a letter from George Washington saying “I got your letters and read them and I understand how you feel so if would like you could stay with me and the rest of the patriots”. So he had a. Place to go , a place where he felt normal for hating the British.About 10 months later January 19, by then him and George Washington were close friends and he's close assistant.”Uhh, they are still complaining about not paying taxes” George Washington said like he wanted to just slam his head into the wall.


Chapter 3

1775 April 19
It's the day, the day the revolutionary war starts. Elijah was scared he didn't know if he was going to die although he trained a lot and been with them for a whole year , but still felt like he was going to puke. He just got told that this war was happening 3 days before the war but that only pushed him farther.When they showed up to Breed’s hill and he passed out.when he woke up the war had already began.when he went up to the top of the hill with his gun he sall his old home.When he sall it his knees weekend and just stared like it was when his whole life changed, the day his dear old happy family was happy and life was amazing, but unfortunately life is a series of trainwrecks with brief like commercial breaks of happiness and he was back in regular programming. “BANG”  he got shot. He felt like he was pain but I didn't really hurt.He stood back up and fought like nothing happened. The war was over and the patriots won.He felt so happy he felt like he had proven himself to his mom and dad.He was as in a great commercial like break again.


Chapter 4

1775 April 21st

“Yes men we are going to celebrate, Elijah get your fiddle you are one of the best at it and i don't know how” George Washington said like he just won the whole entire revolutionary war. “I guess I'm as perfect and beautiful at it as how we won”.It was a fun night and after 12:00 everyone fell asleep. “BANG” Thomas Gage shot right next to his sleeping bag.”We need to talk i know you know” Thomas gage whispered even though he just shot a gun. “I know you know that i killed you father and why, tell me why” Thomas gage gawked at me. “My father knew that…….”Elijah started. “Bang” Thomas gage shot him before even spitting out the words. Later on everyone found him dead and it felt like the only type of happiness they had the only fire still flaring, the only flower blooming is finally dead. A couple day's later George Washington wrote a letter about how he died and who Killed him he wrote “I'm sorry you had to get told like this, but your son is dead for knowing a secret that he shouldn't have and you husband knew that too.I don't know what the secret is but i can tell you that Thomas Gage killed before even spitting it out of his mouth. It was too late saving him because he was shot in his heart and all are men who deeply care about tried killing Thomas Gage, sorry for your loss”. When she got the letter she was in tears she felt so bad for never showing that she still actually loved Elijah. About a month after Eva was mad about who killed him so she moved in with George Washington and became a patriot she was a real joy to be around and she was really happy in a long time.Every one loved her.  A little while after that her old friends killed her. She was buried right next to her son and husband.

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