Love and War

April 3, 2017
By emmavansickle BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
emmavansickle BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
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My name is Abigail Washington, people call me Abby for short. I became a midwife to help the Continental soldiers during the Revolutionary War in 1775. My father was the general for the Continental Army and his name was George Washington. My mother is Martha Washington. My mother was murdered when I was only nine years old.


I woke up this morning by hearing shotguns being fired. I had at least four wounded soldiers to help. After I helped them out, I went back to my room to write in my diary. I write in it everyday. I wrote in my diary since my mother passed away. My father came up to me while I was writing, and he asked me if I was willing to take a risk for him. I said, “Well what would that risk be?” He told me , “ Would you take the risk of sneaking on the British side, pretend to be one of their midwifes, and see if they have a battle plan?” I said , “yes but only for mom.”


It was the next day, a girl named Susan who is a midwife too shouted up to my room saying, “ We have more injured soldiers this morning.” I sighed and called down to her , “I'll be down in a second.” The soldier that was wounded was one of my father's best soldiers. I looked at him and he had a giant gash in his leg. He was crying in pain while I was putting stitches in his leg. I told him, “I'm sorry but I'm just doing my job.”


It was beginning to get dark out, my father came to me and said , “ Are you ready?” I breathed in heavily and told him, “ Yes.” I got on my way and sneaked past all the British soldiers. At this point my heart was beating as fast as it could. I ran into their general - William howe. He scolded at me to help a hurt soldier. I ran to the soldier and I asked what his name was and he told me , “Robert howe.” I stared at him in his eyes and I thought to myself , “I can't believe I'm helping the Britain's general's son.”

He started screaming in pain, so I quickly put pressure on his wounded leg while the other midwife was putting stitches in the wound. At this time most of the soldiers were heading to their cabins and William Howe came marching towards me and said , “Thank you so much for helping my son and not letting him die.” I said , “Well that's what I'm here for right.” He said , “Yes now go get some sleep.” I hesitated and said , “Okay, Mr. Howe.” As I saw him walk back to his cabin I went and sneaked back to the other side. All I could think about is how charming William Howe's son was.

When I got back to my cabin my father was waiting for me and he asked me , “So what information did you find out?” I hesitated to say to him, “ I completely forgot to get information!” My father yelled back at me saying ,          “ The whole point of you sneaking over to their side was to get information, now we don't know if they have a plan or not.” I took a big gulp and asked , “ Would you like me to go right at sunrise?” He said , “ Yes but don't screw up this time I’m relying on you.” I shook my head and went right to bed because I knew I had a very long day ahead of me.


I woke up early this morning and headed out to the other side of the camp. I snuck in and I saw a lot of British soldiers huddling around a table with William Howe. I snuck behind some of the soldiers and I saw a huge piece of paper with a drawing on it. I looked closely to the piece of paper and saw that it was a plan. After I knew it was a plan I listened closely to what William was saying. He had said , “ We’re going to blow away their whole camp today so they won't be able to fight back.” I couldn't hear what his exact plan was but I heard mighty laughs from the soldiers.


I ran right home telling my father that they said they had a massive plan to blow up our whole camp. After I told my father he began to panic and called all his soldiers in for a group meeting. It's been forty minutes and I looked over at the table (that all the soldiers were crowded around) and saw a big piece of paper with a bunch of sketches written down about what they're going to do to fight back. My father said to the soldiers , “ This is the best plan we have came up with in years!” All the soldiers started setting up their plan for tomorrow.


It was today, when we finally get the chance to defeat the British for good. I helped some of the hurt soldiers this morning and went straight back to my room to write in my diary. Today I was going to write in my journal on how today might be the day that we defeat the British. While I was writing this, all I could think about was how handsome and charming William Howe's son was but I know that if my father ever found out I had some kind of love for the Britain's general's son it would be off with my head. I was thinking about Robert so much that I had to go and talk to him in person. I snuck past my father and the soldiers and got into the other side.


Right when I walked to the other side I saw Robert Howe. I walked up to him looking like a crazy person and said to him , “ how do you do Robert?” He said looking a bit confused , “ I’m sorry but have we met before?” I blushed and said , “ I was the one who helped heal your massive wound you got the other day.” He looked shocked and told me , “ Ahh yes thank you for that, if I didn't have you to heal me I would've probably been dead by now.” I said , “ Well isn't that what I’m here for.” He nodded his head and told me , “ Well I mustn't waste much time.” I asked , “ I’m not trying to be a bother but how do you soldiers plan on taking out the whole continental army?” He said , “ My father has decided we should all fire at once and shoot 3 canons into their way.” I looked shocked and said , “ Well good luck to you guys.” He said , “ May I ask why you're so shocked?” I started to panic and he looked at me and whispered, “ Are you from the other side?” I took him to a quite place and said , “ Yes and I was over here to get information for my father and then I saw you and ever since I saw you I couldn't get over the fact you were so handsome and charming .” He blushed and said , “ That’s so sweet but we are on opposite sides and we could never be together.” I thought for a second and told him , “ Meet me at the middle of getting into each other's sides at the crack of dawn.” He nodded and I dashed back home.


When I got back to my cabin my father came up to me and asked , “ where were you?” I had told him , “ I was getting more information for you father.” He said , “okay good.” I asked him , “ can we hold our plan till tomorrow?” He had asked , “ why?” I told him, “the other side does not have their plan ready yet.” He said , “ well if we must.” Then we both went our separate ways and I sat in my cabin until it became the crack of dawn. I walked sneakily out my cabin and dashed to the meeting spot where we planned. I saw a tall black figure and I knew it was him. We ran towards each other and he picked me up and swung me around. We talked for about an hour about how we both want to just find peace and have our own little families when this is all over. We heard a noise come from where we were sitting. We both stood up and saw my father with a lantern in his hand. Robert had quickly ran back to his cabin. My father started screaming at me saying , “ WHY ARE YOU WITH A BRITISH FOOL?” I tried explaining but he wouldn't listen. He walked me back home and didn't talk to me since we got back to the camp.


It was the next morning and I saw my father and said , “ I'm sorry , he was just so handsome and charming I had to meet him.” My father asked me how I met him and I told him, “ I met him when you sent me to get information and then I had to help him because he had an incident with his leg.” My father shook his head and called the other general. I was listening to their conversation and my father told william to bring himself and son over to our side so we they could talk. William asked, “ is this a trap.” My father told him, “ it is not a trap i want to discuss a problem between our children.” William said , “okay i'll call off my soldiers for now if you call yours off.” My father said , “okay i will, just be over quickly!”


William howe came to our side with his son and my father and I walked up to them and my father said , “ our son and daughter have been sneaking out of their camps to meet each other at night.” William was very shocked and said , “ I had no idea any of this was happening.” Robert and i looked at each other and said to our fathers , “ we just want peace, we don't want to live our lives like this for the rest of our lives!” My father and his father looked at us and then looked at eachother and my father said , “ well william, would you like to find peace between the continental and british army.” William thought for a moment and hesitated to say, “ yes but only for my son because I didn't realize he was getting so upset about all of this.” Both of our parents shook hands and i jumped into roberts arms. We then had a passionate kiss and celebrated in peace.

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