The revenge

March 31, 2017
By Jose231 BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
Jose231 BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
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And then they lose the a battle then he gets sent to a bristish prison ship and he escapes then they win the war

Chapter 1: The beggining

The Revenge

April 19 1775,   The revolutionary war has just started. It is the Battle of Lexington and Concord. Pablo dads still hasn't come back yet from the battle. Him and his mother are started to get worried for Pablo's dad.

    2 weeks has passed and Pablo's dad still hasn't came home. They get a letter and find out that he died in the battle of Lexington and concord. Him and his mother are really upset. Pablo is only 14 yrs old and decides to quit school and enlist for the continental army.

His mother is really scared that he is going to die. Pablo says that  he is going to be alright. That he would survive. That he would get revenge for his father who died in the battle of Lexington and concord.

May 10 1775, The siege of fort Ticonderoga. It is Pablo's first battle of the revolutionary war. He was one of the youngest guys in the army. At the beginning of the battle pablo runs out of ammo and a kid 2 years older gives him a full clip and they are best friends from that point. His name was nicholas led by ethan allen and colonel Benedict Arnold. They kept on fighting.  They ended up winning the battle.  They looted the British and Pablo and nicolas each got  a small share of loot.

With that small share of loot they are able to support their families.  Pablo and Nicolas go to a shooting contest in boston to help them improve for the war. It's teams of two and Nicolas and Pablo decide to be together. They end up winning the contest. Everyone thinks they're cheating because they are just kids. They just beat a bunch of adults. Nicolas and Pablo only get a portion of the prize. Then they get kicked out

May 21 1775 Pablo and Nicolas went to a store in boston they go out with their pockets full. There is some British soldiers nearby and think that they stole it.the soldiers said they will send them to a British prison ship. They are being taken on horse then on boat. They  got on the prison ship. Someone told them they were going to be in the ship till the end of the war. They found out that they had to escape. They are trying to plan their escape.

June 6 1775 the escape day today Pablo and Nicolas are about to escape. They are going to wait until breakfast. 9:07 Nicolas and Pablo ask to go to the bathroom. They open up the heater and start going thru there. When they opened it they made a lot of of the guards heard them. Then 6 guards started chasing them.nicolas hears people behind them.”guards are behind us,” said nicolas.”go faster,” said pablo.

“ come back prisoners,” said a guard. Pablo and nicolas got to the end. Then they jumped out. They had to swim for a long time. They had to reach the boston shore. They each got on a barrel. It took them all that day to get to shore. When they came back boston was getting invaded by boston.”what is happening,”said nicolas “boston is getting invaded,” said pablo. They went through the outer parts of the city dodging all the bullets getting fired. After an 3 hours they found Pablo's home. Pablo's mom was questioning where he was at. “I was at a british prison ship,”pablo said. Pablo and nicolas wanted to go help. There mom said the patriots might shoot them because they didn't have their uniforms.

June 27  1775 all of Massachusetts has been captured not just boston.the boston harbor is the biggest harbor and England has control over it  so any supplies that go there. Patriots make a secret harbor in Maine. Where they transport all of the good supplies.

September 3 1780  5 years have passed since Britain invaded boston. Now everyone thinks Britain is going to win. They invaded and control all colonies except for New York. Pablo and his family are in New York. His best friend nicolas died 3 years ago. Pablo is now commander of the army since George Washington died in valley forge. The whole army is now in New York.

September 10 1780 pablo decides to try to get back control of all the other states. Everyone thinks that britain is going to win the war so people don't quit the army pablo decides he needs a win so people don't quit the army. He decides to invade pennsylvania.

September 15 1780  the colonies take over Pennsylvania then they start taking over the rest of the colonies. Then the colonies go to england they use all of their troops 4 days later the British surrendered. The people that killed Pablo's dad get arrested for life.then pablo becomes the first president of the United States. Then America and Britain sign the treaty of Paris.

                    The end

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My social studies teacher made me write it

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