The Valley of death

March 31, 2017
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23 year old girl, Maura, disguised herself as a male soldier in the war. After a while she falls in love with a young man, Willard, on America's side while she is fighting for Great Britain. Not everything will go as she plans. 

Chapter 1: The Valley of Death: Chapter 1

It was a dark and cold night, Maura Lockwood was in her cabin sleeping. She had a secret, no one knew that she was a girl. Maura was a 23 year old girl disguised as a male soldier for Great Britain. Her family is back at home worried, but proud of their brave daughter. This is how it all started.

Chapter 2: The Valley of Death: Chapter 2

it all started.
    23 year old Maura Lockwood fights in the war for a while with no problem, but as the war goes on she falls in love with a soldier fighting for the United States. His name was Willard. They didn't pay attention to each other for a while until Maura told Willard the truth, that she was a girl and she was in love with him. They plan to get married but they know many people including family will not approve. As the war goes on they keep each other a secret. Soon Maura realizes she can not live like this anymore so she came up with a plan. Early the next morning she sneaks out of her cabin to meet up with Willard. She walked for what seemed like days until she finally found him. She felt relieved that she had finally found him but that did not last long. She took him over to a fallen tree where they sat down, this is where they had met. She started to speak but then hesitated, she was not sure of her choice. “It is too late now” she thought.“I can not do this anymore they secrets, the lies, the distance. It is just too hard.” Maura says in a serious tone. Willard was confused but understood. He decided to make a deal with her, They would wake up early tomorrow morning and meet in the same spot, they would get married.

Chapter 3: The Valley of Death: Chapter 3

*The next morning*
    It was was a somewhat nice day on December 19th, 1777. Maura was just about to sneak out when George Washington came to her cabin and announced that we will go to today to fight Great Britain at Valley Forge. She was disappointed, today was going to be her special day. Her plans were ruined, “well not everything goes your way when you are in war”. After that she changed into her gear for war and got out all the supplies she needed to fight. She left her cabin and met up with the rest of the soldiers and they got in their perfect formation. They started marching towards Valley forge. They walked for what seemed like centuries. When they finally got there they were so tired that they didn't even have the strength to fight… but they kept fighting. They thought for a while that they were going to win because of the limited supplies that the he United States had. They were wrong. The British army was dying down by the second. Maura managed to stay alive but was also worried about Willard. She wanted to win the war but that means Willard might have to die. As the war went on more British soldiers came but also many more died. After a long while the United States started running out of bullets, the on reason they wear winning was because of them. British took the win now because of this. Maura was hype but also very worried for Willard. After the battle completely ended Maura searched desperately for Willard but he was nowhere to be found. After a long search she was about to give up when she saw lying on the ground, Willard…

Chapter 4: The Valley of Death: Chapter 4

Maura was devastated after truly finding out that willard was gone. On the bright side she helped win the battle and made it through this heartbreaking fight. Once the sun went down she thought for a long while and decided to be go home and quit the British army. She packed her bags and left bright and early the next morning. As she walked she wondered how no one had noticed her secret, that she was a girl all along fighting in the Revolutionary War while disguised as a grown man. Little did they know.

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