You let them kill me

March 31, 2017
By Anonymous

this girl Natalia was is a slave she is captured by a prison ship and meets a guard Juan he wants to take card of her but when she tries to escape he makes a mistake that he will always regret.

Chapter 1: you let them take me

Natalia was a Slave she had a light brown skin color, black hair with tight curls, and bright brown eyes. She had just been captured by a prison ship. Now she is just laying cramped with a bunch of other slaves that had been captured when someone yells “line up!”
I wake up to the sound of someone who yells “line up” I don't know if they’re talking to me and I don't know what to do I am new to this but their voice sounds strict so I think I better listen so I get up and look around everyone is in line so I head to the back of the line. One of the guards walk down the line he eyes everyone and when he gets to me he looks at me and asks what my name is I stutter out “my name is Natalia” then he steps aside and points with his thumb behind his shoulder and tells me to step out of line my heart is beating out of my chest i’m really scared I didn't think I did anything wrong. Once the guard is done he sends the slaves outside on the deck he walks up to me and puts his hand out and says “my name is Juan.”
The weeks passed Juan kept Natalia out of pain he took good care of her she started to fall in love with him. But people on the ship started getting suspicious and Juan started to worry that they would find out. He told Natalia that they would have to breakup if someone finds out. So that's when Natalia started to make a plan so that they wouldn't have to breakup.
I have to make up a plan so I can escape with Juan and be free from this prison ship. I hope Juan will come with me and help us escape. I’ll go check out the ship right now and look for a place to escape while everyone is sleeping. I try to be a silent as I can but right as I get to what looks like a door there are guards standing there with bulky weapons I start running away but they notice me and start chasing after me I look back for a second they are close behind then I turn a sharp corner I run into something and fall down when I look up I see Juan I quickly jump up “thank god it's you” I say quickly and hug him but he pushes me off when he hears the guards coming. He looks at me with a guilty look and yells out “I found one” I look at him confused when the guards take me away.
They torchered Natalia until she was dead. Juan knew he made a mistake but it was too late.

The author's comments:

I hope people like it I am not that good at writing.

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