Brothers for Life

March 31, 2017

The two brothers, Michael and Logan, joined the Batle of Cowpens. Many things happened and it became very difficult for Logan.

Chapter 1: The beginning

On January 10, 1781 two brothers, Michael and Logan, Michael who of which was the older brother of Logan, were spending the day together. Michael told his brother that he was going on vacation to Hawaii and he didn't know when he would be back. Since Logan was home by himself, he thought about what he could do to keep himself busy. He remembered that the Revolutionary War was going on right near where he lived. Logan wanted to help win the war and he was determined to join the war. He wanted to help people stay alive and he wanted people to get their own rights. Luckily, Logan was just old enough to join the war. Logan, who was 18 was turning 19 in a few months. You need to be at least 18 to join the war. Logan thought about everything and made the final decision that night that he was going to join the war. He started to pack everything he had to take with him so that he wouldn't have nothing at all. As he arrived to where all of the huts were built he started to get ready for the war to begin. Meanwhile, as Logan watched everyone else get ready he got really nervous. The Battle of Cowpens was the next battle happening, that means that Logan would be joining the Battle of Cowpens. Everyone was ready and all set up for the battle and Logan looks to his left and sees something he wasn't expecting. Out of Logan's surprise he saw his older brother that lied to him and said that he was going on vacation, it was Michael.

Chapter 2: The middle

    It had been many weeks since the two brothers seen each other. They most definitely missed each other and they both were very, very happy to see each other. Michael and Logan gave each other a hug, they didn't have any time to waste though, they had a battle to win. The brothers were very nervous to fight in this battle. They were risking their lives, losing their family and most importantly, losing each other. The brothers were ready and all set up with their guns and they had the job of working the cannons. Now they just had to wait until the commanders and other soldiers were all set up and ready. Everyone was ready for the battle to begin. All of the guns were loaded with gunpowder, cannons were ready to be fired, and all other weapons were ready to be used. On the British side, their commander, Banastre Tarleton, gave the ready signal to start the battle. On the other hand, the Continental Army commander, Daniel Morgan, gave the ready signal too. The battle of Cowpens was about to begin, and many peoples lives would be lost. Gunshots were fired everywhere, and the bullets were scattered everywhere along the field. Soldiers were seen falling to the ground left and right. Screams were heard from everyone and from every which way. All of a sudden one of the gunshots that were fired were louder than any of the other ones shot. Logan looks all around him and sees his brother lying down on the ground next to him. Logan sits down on the ground and tries to do everything he can to keep his brother alive. Unfortunately, he was not able to do anything to help save him.

Chapter 3: The end

    Since Logan wasn't able to help his brother he had to keep fighting without his brother. If he didn't keep fighting, he would end up dying too, and he wanted to help everyone get what they deserve. He wanted to make his brother proud of him for staying strong and not giving up. He had to come up with a plan so the Continental Army would win the Battle of Cowpens. He had to tell everyone his plan so everyone knew what to do so they could finish off the battle and win. His plan was to have all of the soldiers that were still alive and in the Continental Army spread all throughout in the field. If everybody was spread out in the field, it would be more difficult for the British to shoot and hit the Continental Army soldiers. It's harder to hit a moving target than a stationary target. Everyone was ready to fight back, and to win the war, they weren't giving up. All of the soldiers that were still alive fought back and killed many people almost winning the battle. Only a couple more people were left to kill on the British side of the battle. Enough of the British soldiers were killed and the Continental Army won the battle. At the end of the battle, around 110 British soldiers were killed, and around 25 American soldiers were killed. Logan was very proud of himself that he stayed strong through the the whole battle. Most importantly, Logan lived through the whole battle. He knew that it was going to be a hard task to complete but he accomplished his goal. His goal was to help people and he helped people by winning the battle. Winning the battle changed many things that were going on during the Revolutionary War.

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