Valley Forge

March 31, 2017

It is a great story about Desmond's brother Michael decides to join the Continental Army and is placed at Valley Forge. Desmond starts to miss his brother and decides to join too. Desmond is also placed at Valley Forge but cant find his brothe?will Desmond find his brother

Chapter 1: Run Away!

Once upon a time there was a family of four, the Cornstalk family. They had two sons named Desmond, and Michael Cornstalk, the parents name were Albert and Mary. Albert had enlisted into the American Continental Army and was placed at Valley Forge for a whole year. He left his two kids and wife in New York. Alberts enlistment for the American Continental Army, Revolutionary War was up and he was coming home to his wife and two kids. When Albert got home Desmond, Michael, and Mary were happy to see him, but all the excitement ended when Michael told his dad he was going to join the Continental Army and fight at Valley Forge. Albert and Mary were not happy with Michael's decision, considering the Small Pox has been going around at Valley Forge. Michael was 19 so he could do what he wanted now and he said “ I am joining because why should others fight and die and I am sitting at home doing nothing about it.” When Michael had left to go to Valley Forge Desmond missed his older brother to much. After one month of Michael at Valley Forge, Desmond decided to join up just to see his older brother. Unlike Michael, Desmond didn't tell his parents and just packed his bags and walked out of the door and screamed  I’m joining the Revolutionary War.  His mom tried to  catch up but Desmond had already made it down 4 streets running.Desmond eventually got to Valley Forge. Before he started looking for his older brother Michael Desmond had to fill out paperwork and get a tent to sleep in. Desmond did all the paperwork and then he began looking for Michael. After one day of searching for Michael, Desmond began getting worried. Desmond said to himself “first thing tomorrow i'm going to George Washington to find out what happened or where my brother, Michael is.” 6:30 Desmond was awaken by a siren that went off everyday so all troops were awake and ready for training. After Desmond had gotten his breakfast which was fire cake, he then went to George Washington.  When desmond asked if he knew anyone named Michael Cornstalk, George Washington replied “ Private Cornstalk?” Desmond said “yes that's my brother.” George Washington said in a sad remark “ he died from smallpox about a week ago.” “ He was the company commander, he was a high ranking in the Continental Army.”  Desmond had no response and walked away because he was so shocked. That meant Desmond had to stay at Valley Forge for the next nine months without his brother. While Desmond and his fellow troops were training, George Washington pulled Desmond aside and said “we are sending your brother's body back home so your family can properly bury him, you have a choice to make stay here at Valley Forge, or go home with your brother.” Desmond asked “can I have a day to think about it?” George Washington replied “I would but we are sending your brother home in a hour.” Desmond said “okay” and walked to his tent to think long and hard about the decision he has to make in such a short period of time. After about a half of an hour Desmond decided he was going to go home so he could watch his brother get buried and pay his respects. Desmond had caught up to George Washington and told him his decision and George Washington said “good choice son.” Desmond hurried back to his tent so he could finish packing. The time had came were Desmond and his brother next to him in a coffin started walking home or at least Desmond was walking home. There were about five other men walking home with Desmond helping carry the coffin. Desmond and the five troops had to walk 106.8 miles from Valley Forge all the way to New York carrying a 200 pound body.When Desmond arrived with the coffin his mother and father ran out of the front door in tears. Desmond told his mom and dad Michael had died from smallpox, and that they would have to have the funeral soon or Michael would decay. Desmond's family had the funeral the next day to bury Michael. The rest of Desmond's family and friends came to the funeral and the gathering. Desmond got a letter in the mail from George Washington asking if he was coming back to Valley Forge or if he was going to stay home. Desmond wrote back “I am going to stay home because we are all still sad about losing Michael, I might come back if it gets better here.”

Desmond never went back to Valley Forge, in fact Desmond never rejoined the Continental Army. He was too scared that he was going to die and his parents would have to faith with his death. If his parents lost Desmond it would be to hard on them to handle losing both of their kids in the fight for freedom.

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