Escaping Boston

March 31, 2017
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Denise Miller was separated from her family at a young age to become a young slave. An just as she thought things were getting better things start to get worst...

Chapter 1: Escaping Boston

I was 7 years old when I was kidnapped from my home in West Africa. For weeks I was cramped between people on a boat watching some get beat and others getting sick and even dying. I met a few people on that boat, one they call ZJ Miller the other Aidan Hernandez. A faint memory of us being dragged and pulled off the boat and straight to an auction was replayed in my mind. There we were all torn apart and sold to different masters. I saw the anger in ZJ’s and Aidan’s face and they saw the same in mine being sold gave me the worst feeling ever. I snapped out of my thoughts and continued to wash the clothes is the back yard. When I am done with all my chores master’s wife Mrs.McNichols is going to help me with reading and writing that is what I look forward to all day long. Once I finished I walked to the dining room to see Mrs.McNichols waiting for me with a stack of books we read for an hour or so. Then I went to the Kitchen to go fix dinner then I went to my pallet on the floor to sleep.

I awoke to the smell of smoke and screaming Mr.and Mrs.McNichols ran to the door seeing lots of commotion on the streets of Boston, Massachusetts. There were women and children screaming and crying and running away from the fires the overtook many houses. The sight of people dragging their favorite belongings with them caught my eye. Then it started to dawn on me the church bells didn't ring. They didn't ring because they were taken by the soldiers to make musket balls. As Mr.and Mrs.McNichols were trying to figure out what happened through the thick smoke that made it harder to see. I saw two faces I thought I would never see again ZJ and Aidan. I quickly walked over to them so that Mr.and Mrs.McNichols wouldn’t notice my absence. As I approached them I heard them talking about an escape route. They soon realized I was in front of them and tried to convince me to join their attempt at free. After thinking about it for a minute or two I decided to go with them. They told me to meet them back there at 10:00pm. After that I left and went back to Mr.and Mrs.McNicholas who were still talking to the neighbors. After they finished we went home and I cooked dinner. After everyone was sleep I waited until 9:40 and snuck out and met with ZJ and Aidan. The plan was to run to the waterfront and get onto row boat and go as far away as possible. We ran all the way to the waterfront and all of us got on the boat. As soon as we were far enough away we looked back to see Mr. And Mrs.McNichols watching us leave. Then we looked forward and went to wherever the water took us.

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