Cold Soul

April 5, 2017
By Archerrrrr BRONZE, Shenzhen, Other
Archerrrrr BRONZE, Shenzhen, Other
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Arnold became a ghost.And he found lots of things he didn't notice in when he was alive.

Chapter 1: Benedict Arnold

It is a story about Benedict Arnold.

"The quisling is over there! Go! Catch him!", a solider shouted.

Oh gosh!Bless me, my lord! Arnold ran behind a tree.But it didn't matter, the soldier found him immediately and brought Arnold to justice.

The tree was big enough for Arnold to play a

 spooky game with the soldiers.

"Who is gonna save me? Please…anybody is ok!" Arnold thought despairingly. He leaned on the tree and move slowly so that the soldier couldn't sense his action. Then, he stepped on a piece of grass he had stepped on before.

"The glass is so strange!" He put his foot on this mysterious object, applys a tremendous amount of pressure.

"What the hell!!!"  Arnold fell into an extraordinarily deep hole. After a while, everything around here became deathly silent.

"Where did he go?", one of the soldiers said delusively.

"It is very strange…as if he had disappeared!"

"Jesus Christ, I cannot believe that we've totally lost him!"The soldier left with heave great sighs.

"Where am I?", pondered Arnold opening his eyes and looking around. It was too dark 

 to see anything. Then he remembered what 

 had happened. He got up and groped everywhere around him. But the only thing he could find was a corpse.

"Whose corpse is it?" He searched the dead person's body to see if he could find something useful. A moment later he found a lighter excitedly and threw it away quickly.

He picked up the lighter and opened it again.

And looked at the dead man's face and deeply lost in thought.

"Am I dead?", Arnold touching the dead man's face and trembled.

"Who am I?", Arnold asked himself in alarm.

He stood up, found his body was very soft and light.He could jump very high, high enough to the entrance of the cave.

"Those soldiers are gone, maybe I should seek what I am now." He went back his home and tried to find some food.But he found that all of the people around him ignored him. Frankly, they couldn't see him at all!

"So that must be my soul now. I can't find my reflection in the mirror either!"

After he found the truth, he began to float aimlessly in the place where he had lived before.

He found lots of interesting things he hadn't notice before, such as, his wife didn't love him at all.

After his death(People had thought he just ran away), his wife immediately married with a young and wealthy military officer.

"It is ironic.", he said to himself again.

Nobody was sad about his disappearance.

He suddenly remembered a lot.

His wife brought it with his money.

The soldiers who once fought with him now he betrayed him one by one.

"It is ironic", Arnold smiled.

He suddenly got enlightened.

From the moment he became a soul, hell was with him.



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