Family of witches

April 5, 2017

Elise Bantar screamed and shouted as the villages preacher took her mother out of their home. Her mother has been rumored to have practiced witchcraft.  Elise and her older sister denise knew what happened to women who were rumored to be witches, they were burned. Just the thought of losing her mother killed her inside. Although Elise was against her mother's religion and has tried many of times to push her away from that path because she knew the outcome, her mom never listened. I knew this was going to happen, Elise thought to herself.

     Elise took no part in the witchery but her older sister did. She blames her sister for part of the reason that her mother was going to be set on fire. She claims Denise encouraged the bad witch craft and so did their mother. Although her mother loved her dearly, she favored Denise more. That angered Elise so she decided to take a stand against all of the bad juju.

“SHE'S A WITCH TOO!” yelled Elise as she yanked her body out of Denises strong hold.
Denise was so shocked that her only sister would betray her in that way. The churches people then took Denise and covered her face with a potato sack and a noose wrapped around her neck, ready to be hung and burned along side her mother.

  One of the villages people yelled “BURN THEM ALL!” referring to Elise. Once he had spoken up many other people started to chant, “BURN ELISE.”
Elise scared for her life knew what she had to do, run not knowing that their punishment would only get worse. She ran with all her might until she tripped on the hem of her long dress. She knew that her time was up.

    As they brought Elise back with a bag and noose around her neck, they brought them all to the bridge. Elise listened to the creek water rush as she had drank water from and swam in as a child. She never thought th
is would be where it ended.

   The preacher said many prayers, blessing them for their sins. Then took the bags of their heads and, the sight was frightening. They all had an evil grin on their face even Elise as the hunters proceeded with their execution. With their devilish grins on their faces they stood still as the preacher tied weights to their ankles.

    “We will return.” they all said in unison as they were pushed off the bridge and the weights weighed them down into their death.

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