A Personal Diary of a Continental Army Soldier

April 5, 2017
By 72cacao BRONZE, Shenzhen, Other
72cacao BRONZE, Shenzhen, Other
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June 25,1778
General Washington wants 4000 men to be an advance force to strike at the British rear guard. And I'm one of them...
But, ughhhhhh! The war is not even started yet and I already want to go home.
Marie, Marie, Marie...
Don't you miss me? Why is there no letter for me?
I saw a young lady today with an aqua blue dress — a dress just like the one you wore on the day that we went to see the birth of your goat's baby.
You know, it's crazy. I could be reminded of your smiley faces by almost everything. The clouds, the birds, the big old trees, and the little white flowers by the road.... I want to hear you call my name. I want to have you hold my hand.
But it's such a complex feeling...
I want her to be by my side so bad, but I'm also grateful that she decided to settle for staying back there.
It's just too dangerous near the battle field. And it's not suitable for her.
She belongs in the fields and hills back there. And I, I will win the war, return proudly, and ask for her hand.
The strike is happening tomorrow.
We'll make it.
June 27, 1778
Joe got injured yesterday. His left arm was fixed and wrapped up, and he wasn't able to go outside today but just stay in the tent.
Well, at least he could stay under the shade.... So many of us are kind of sick already due to the heat. I can say that it must be more than a hundred degree Fahrenheit out there. You can't even see things clearly. Like, the ground is waving.
...Ughhhhh! Oh my god! Alex just took off his boots and it smells horrible! Oh my lord! That stinks!...
Seems like the battle is starting tomorrow. Hope everything goes well.
And, if Marie has the same feeling as I do, her letter must be on the way. Maybe it would be here tomorrow!
June 28, 1778
We fought in the hot weather for hours, but our attack was kind of in chaos.
Brigades of our men started to retreat before the order came, and it ended up to being a retreat.
It's just too hard, especially when the sun is killing people.
Joe was in the battle as well. It must be even harder for him... His arm was already infected when the doctor came to check it tonight.
...I'm too tired now... I'll add more things sometime later.
June 29, 1778
Yes, yes. I feel much better now.
I got heat exhaustion yesterday. It's kind of shameful... But thank god Molly Pitcher brought us spring water! Otherwise, I might not have been able to regain consciousness.
Almost everyone's talking about her now. She's like our savior. How can anything be more precious than clean water in such a burning battle field!
Alex seems to be her big fan already. He told me so much about her.
Her real name is Mary Hays, and she's here for her husband John. He's one of our artillerymen. She's a pretty unusual women — she smokes pipe and chews tobacco, and she even took his place at the cannon yesterday after John was carried off the battlefield wounded!
John is so lucky to have her.
Oh! And also! Marie's letter is here today! It's such a wonderful thing!
She told me that my parents were doing well, her family's corn stalks were growing well; and the little baby goat was doing well!
I can't wait to see her again....
The war is almost over, and I will soon be back! And let me ask for her hand when I return!

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