The legendary of Patrick Henry

April 5, 2017
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My name is Patrick Henry. I was an American attorney, planter and politician. During the revolution, I was more like an orator during the movement for independence.
I was born at Studley in Hanover County, Virginia, on a family farm run by my father John Henry. This was the beginning of my extraordinary life.
My early life was a tragedy. I longed for some high education when I was a child, but I had just attended local schools for a few years. After my precious time in school, I could them only learn things from my father. However, what farming could  teach us things like how to get a good harvest. First I began career as a planter. My main house was destroyed by a fire. Then, I tried to manage my own mercantile store, but it also failed. After all of this, I chose to became a lawyer and this was the turning point of my life. In 1765, I was elected by Louisa County for the House of Burgesses, the legislative body of the Virginia colony.
Insomnia kept perplexing me after the passage of the Stamp Act. The Parliament of Great Britain wanted to imposed a direct tax on our people regardless of our feeling. After my election, I decided to lead the opposition to the Stamp Act. So I realised that I have to do something in the current session.
The night before the session, I was sitting in the House of Burgesses, thinking about the Virginia Stamp Act Resolutions I was going to introduce the next day. I was trying to annul the Stamp Act completely. However, the plan, as yet, was embryonic. I had no doubt that my wording had to inflammatory enough to find resonate with others. Only that can I propose my opinions successfully. After my deliberation, I decided to begin the speech with ‘If this be treason, make it most of it!’ 
In my meditation came my good friend, Patrick Bryson, who was a conservative. But he did not interrupt my meditation. Faded was his smile when he saw my draft for tomorrow. It was too late to realise what had happened. He came to me with my draft, and we stared at each other for a second. I saw despair inside his eyes. “I knew I can not stop you now.” he said, “So after my deliberation, I decided to denounce you to those people who still held the loyalty to the Great Britain.”he continued.  He placed me in such a dilemma. If he expose what I thought to his people, what I have done would  be nothing, and our people would keep getting sticking with the unfair treatment forever. I did not know what to do know. I felt like I were a dead body walking. But I felt something strong standing behind me, pushing me to do something, something requisite. I stabbed behind my friend. I knew I should not do that, but I had to do that. It was raining outside, mixing with the rain was my friend’s blood. I did not feel guilty about everything I had done yet, for reasons wherein destiny played a part. Like nothing had happened before, I continued heading to my draft, thinking about some agitative words, listening to the rain. Gradually, grief liked the dark light creepy up on my heart. My hands were shaking, with my friend lying beside me. I could not bear it anymore. I ran out of my house, overwhelmed by the rain, and shouted ‘ Give me liberty or give me death!’
The next day was nice, everything running just like yesterday, but it was not the same as yesterday. I attended the session with my bloody draft. In the session, I performed my speech with all my ardor, staring at the only one absent sit in the session. Every time when my audiences heard some words like “treason and death”, they would act like primitive men, shaking their hands, jumping under their seats, and shouting with anger. Although I got many opponents at first, I was finally successful in passing my proposal, and it became the most anti-British American action to that point.

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