Spying on the Continental Army

April 3, 2017
By Hailey3 BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
Hailey3 BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
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As Nathan walks home he is ready to tell his parents about signing up. He walks in and yells “Mother, Father can we talk” as his parents walk down the stairs, they come to a stop and his mother says “What’s wrong Nathan” Nathan says “Please come down here, I want to tell you and father something.” His parents walk down the stairs and sit on the sofa and we talk. When they finished talking Nathan decided he would just come out and say what he had to say and gets right to the point.


Nathan gets to the point and says “I joined the Continental War”. His mother fainted and his father was in shock. When Nathan’s mother awoken she forgot what happened so his father explained to her slowly so she would not faint again. Nathan’s father and mother came to an agreement and told Nathan they were happy about his decision even though they know how dangerous this is they asked him what he was in the army and Nathan said “I don’t know yet but when I find out you will be the first to know.” His mother and father were terrified for his safety but they knew to believe in him.


Nathan went to go meet Washington. Nathan met George Washington and they talked and George Washington said “Nathan I want to know, how would you want to be a spy for the Continental Army” Nathan responded and said “I would love to be a Spy” Nathan Hale became a spy and wanted to run home very fast to tell his parents but George Washington stopped him and asked “Where are you going Nathan?”I was going to head home and tell my family about my position” George Washington said “You can’t come home you’re here now there is no going back. Get ready because first thing tomorrow morning you’re going to start your training.”

George Washington went and got Nathan Hale early in the morning. Nathan got dressed and headed out with George Washington to start training. George Washington thought Nathan Hale was ready to be a spy but when Nathan was put on a practice run he failed so George Washington told Nathan “You needed a few more days for training” but Nathan responded “I have been training for about two weeks now. I’m tired I just want to start my job or i’m leaving” George Washington was mad about Nathan's attitude towards George Washington and yelled to him “If you want to get killed fine i’m trying to make sure you live so either you go out there and get killed or you stay here for a least two more days of training. Nathan told him “I will stay for two days of training anymore than that and I will just head out with or without your consent. George Washington agreed with him.


After George Washington agreed they started more training for the next two days Nathan was in training. Nathan went through his practice and succeeded Nathan was very happy about his success got ready for England right away. Washington told him what he had to do and gave him some stuff and said to write him whenever he got information. Like Nathan promised he wrote whenever he got information or just when he wanted to. Nathan got information that the British were going to attack and he ran back to George Washington and told him personally. George Washington told him to go back and find more information on the attack.


Nathan went back to get more information about the attack. He learned a lot of things about the attack and wrote George Washington he told them where they were attacking him and the weapons they used. George Washington wrote back to Nathan and said,

    Dear Nathan Hale,
Thank you for all this information we greatly appreciate it. We are getting our army ready for the attack we have had enough time to prepare and you can return anytime you want.

Sincerely ,
George Washington


George Washington sent the letter when it reached Nathan it was the next day and the British were going to attack. That day they found the letter and were furious. As the British rushed down to Nathan’s room they had to make a plan and what they would do with him. The British decided they would hang him because if the tortured him he might get away. British were determined to hang Nathan because he would forever be gone after this.


The British busted into his room to find he was not there so they searched for him they came to an agreement and searched at the postal office. They marched all the way to the postal office and when they got there they saw Nathan mailing a letter. The British went and arrested him and threw him in jail. They had the letter Nathan was going to mail so they opened the letter and read it. The letter said:


Dear Mom,

I miss you dearly but I will be home soon I promise. George Washington has me working as a spy. I’m spying on the British George Washington hasn't written me back yet I'm worried for him.


The british were so angry about this they decided they were going to hang him first thing the next morning. The British sent word around about the hanging of a spy and when Nathan's mother and father heard of this the broke down in tears because they note was how Nathan Hale a spy for George. Washington would be hung in the morning. The next morning Nathan Hale woke up and was walking up to be hung he fought for his life but he was getting hung no matter what.The british hung Nathan and everyone was quiet and went back to their homes to be in silence. His mother and father were in tears and they didn't know what they would do next.

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