Awakened Destiny

April 3, 2017
By Maryssa3433 BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
Maryssa3433 BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
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      Once upon a time far away in a distant land lived a young lady named,  Adeline Griffins. She was born on December 17, 1760, on a cold winter night. If only this precious child knew the lifetime ahead of her. She hadaZp- 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Her mother and father's names were Gillian and William Griffins.
       While growing up Adeline always believed in equality. She was always trying to play with her brothers and she was always trying to hang out with her dad. She didn't
\care about getting dirty. Adeline loved to wrestle and run with her brothers on her free time, but her real interest was in soldiers. She loved how heroic they were and how they would risk their life for people.
         Later on in life Adeline becomes a teacher but then quits to help out with the revolutionary war. She finally can do what she's meant to do; what her destiny calls for. She just has to find a way to help with the war without getting noticed so much. She dresses up as a man and no one recognized her. She then joined the Continental army.
        One day she was just keeping watch in a small town. She saw this one guy that looked very suspicious. She saw him steal food, but she didn't arrest him at first. She followed him and saw that he was giving it to a little girl. She waited for him to stop talking to people and to walk away. She was kind of nervous. This was her first mission anyways.
         She finally got to talk to him. He called her sir so she knew her disguise was working well.  She got his name ,and in her mind she thought he was cute. She wish she didn't have to meet him this way. All she knew about him was that he steals and his name was Ace Walters. In her head she was thinking that she would never meet him again, but little did she know that this wouldn't be the last time.
        She woke up to a bang; she heard tons of screams. She hurried and looked out her window.. there was smoke and tons of destruction. The British attacked. Adeline didn't know what to do, she wasn't in her disguise she looked ;like herself she went to get dressed, but her house was then hit with a catapult. It hit her floor and the floor caved in. She fell through the floor and then came the pain.
         “Hello, is anyone in here?”, someone yelled. It sounded like a manly, familiar voice.  Adeline was kind of out of it. By the time she was fully aware of her surroundings she noticed that her house was hit multiple times. Her house was destroyed! She blacked out once again. “Adeline! Can you you hear me?” She heard the voice. She was finally becoming conscious. She woke up and saw General Washington, he had a weird smirk on his face. “Adeline Griffins, also known as Steven smith. You will be rewarded for showing me and many people that a woman could do a man’s job just as well, but you have been majorly injured and you won't be able to help with the war anymore.” Adeline was shocked. She thought she would get in a lot of trouble.
         A few months later she recovered, but during that  time she got really close with Ace and one day something happened that would change her life.
“Adeline, over these few months I've learnt to love you and i want to spend everyday of my life with you. Will you marry me?”
                          To be continued…...

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