My Winter at the Forge

April 3, 2017
By Sanders BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
Sanders BRONZE, Bristol, Pennsylvania
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Jonathan Bailey is thirty three years old and is a husband to Laurel Bailey. He wants to be free from Britain and to join the army. He is scared of losing his life and his wife dying. He is a farmer and provides food for the colonists. He is also the tone joker. He dreams of surviving the war and not having to pay high taxes.

     “Dearest Laurel,
              We the army survived the first minor battles. Don't fret but I was shot in the leg. Thankfully we have a doctor and he got the bullet out. I also had a case of smallpox. The doctor said I was lucky to survive the disease. The general has ordered us to rest so we can start to train. I can't wait for this war to be over so I can see you again.

                      Love, Jonathan”

Three months ago: “Jon don't go I need you” Laural pleaded Jonathan not to join the army. Jonathan ignored her and went to go sight up. The last thing Laural saw of her husband was him marching with the army to go fight the Redcoats.

The march to Valley Forge was painful and long for Jonathan. In the previous battle we was minorly  shot in the right leg. On the way he found beautiful and rare bottle caps. When he got to camp the doctor got the bullet out and put a bandage on it. At that moment in time Smallpox was spreading like wildfire. Unfortunately Jonathan caught a case. The doctor managed to cure Jonathan.
Later that week, Jonathan’s corps was being trained. Jonathan was easily the best in his corps. He “killed” twenty dummy's in fifteen minutes, a camp record. Unfortunately for the army Jonathan was contract was up and he decided to go home.
When he arrived at home he was in critical condition. Laural cared for him and in no time he was nursed back to health. That spring on Laural’s birthday Jonathan gave her the bottle caps he found while marching. Also, he went back to farming. He secretly gave the American army food so they could survive. When the Bailey family found out the American’s won Jonathan told General Washington he supplied the army with the food. The General thanked him and gave him extra gold coins as a thank you gift. When Laural found out she thank the general for his generous gift. Jonathan told the general he was honored to serve under his leadership. Sadly, later that year Laural died and Jonathan couldn’t deal with the pain and died shortly after she did. General Washington made sure he had a honorable funeral and attended it himself. The general had the remanding soldiers shoot into the air for Jonathan.George Washington was secretly proud of Jonathan. George Washington was upset to see a good soldier like Jonathan die unexpectedly. General Washington was proud to be Jonathan’s general in the war. He was the reason the army never lost hope. Jonathan was always cheerful and kept the army in great spirits.he had a great sense of humor and told jokes the had everyone holding their sides laughing. The entire army was sad to see him leave. The survivors were even more surprised to see their old buddy die so soon. Everyone knew it would be dull without Jonathan.
The week after the funeral the town soon felt effects of little to no joking. They knew it would be hard for the pain to leave their little town. They felt that the humor was leaving the town. They knew that without Jonathan it would be hard to joke around because all of their jokes reminded them of what they lost: Jonathan. They knew deep down the pain would never leave.

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