Shot heard around the world

April 3, 2017
By xxingyao BRONZE, Shenzhen, Other
xxingyao BRONZE, Shenzhen, Other
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Chapter 1

It was a warm Spring morning. Joseph slipped in a room discreetly and hided in an out-of-use factory.

William and Paul had already been there for a while. When they saw Joseph come in, they anxiously stepped forward.

Joseph talked as he was walking forward, “I’ve just learned from a source inside the British high command that Redcoat troops will march tomorrow night on Concord. We all know that as more and more measures aimed at a rising revenue from our 13 colonies, colonists have been for a long time resisting. It was not until last year when Bostonians paid for tea dumped overboard that the British reopened their harbor. But for now, Concord is in danger.”

“So what can we do now?”, asked Paul.

“You two, go back to Concord and alert those residents. Now!”, replied Joseph.

Chapter 2

Before long, Paul arrived at Concord. He jumped off his horse and ran towards the center of the town.

“Fellow colonists, come here! Come! Now, listen. British troops are now coming towards us. They will probably arrive tomorrow night. Don’t you remember those acts released against us? Aren’t your chests filled with fury? Don’t you desire to fight back?” Paul shouted.

Passions were ignited. More and more people gathered around Paul.The crowd yelled out loud, throwing their hats up high in the air.

Paul paused, then continued, “Now here comes our chance. In the name of our own privileges, in the name of our dead friends in previous conflicts, in the name of America, let us stand up and fight!”

The crowd boomed. Farmers raised their hammers and butchers raised their knives. A smile spread on Paul’s face. He knew it would be a success.

Chapter 3

Slowly, the crowd went away. Paul picked up his baggage and began to start off.

“Hey, where are you going?”

Paul looked up and saw his old friend George. George was the acknowledged leader now, for apparently all of the colonists were glad to follow whatever he said. Actually, George had once worked for the British government, but was not properly appointed. America was where his wit could be truly recognized and respected. Paul had been friends with George for several years.

“As you’ve seen, dealing with those Red-Coat stupid British columns.”,  answered Paul.

“I know, I know. But how is it going? I mean, why how many of them are coming?”, George kept on.

“Well, actually I don't know. Probably hundreds of people, or maybe tens of thousands. Go ahead and wear your arms. Oh yeah, would you please go and gather those who are ready for the war on the Town Green. Tell them to disperse when the first shot is heard.”, insisted Paul.

Chapter 4

At dawn, seventy seven militiamen had been waiting on the Town Green.
Some 700 British troops arrived in Lexington. A British major saw them and yelled, “Throw down your arms! Ye villains, ye rebels.”

But no weapon was thrown.

The silence was deafening.

It was silent until a shot was fired.

No one knew who had shot it, but everyone began shooting there afterwards.

Paul kept running forward, but smoke was everywhere. No colonists knew how to properly shoot. No one knew where to hide themselves either. They had not suffered a battle before. Paul shouted while running, “Shoot! Shoot forward!…..”

When the fire cleared, nine colonists were wounded or dead with only one redcoat dead.

The British then continued into Concord. They searched for arms, but only found few. The majority of weapons had been reallocated by the colonists. The British gathered the weapons they found and burnt them all.

The majority of militiamen were still on the high ground outside of Concord led by George. The fire sent an incorrect message to George that the whole town would be torched. George and his men began hustling back.

Suddenly, a man ran to George and said, “Hey look! Isn't that the British troops?”

They stopped. Soon, a confirmation was made. It was the British troops.

“George! Make the order! Come on!”, said a soldier.

George issued the order after a few seconds of hesitation.


This time, the militiamen were firing at the British from behind trees, stone walls, houses and sheds.

The remaining militiamen came out of the town. Paul recognized it was George’s arms and ran towards him. George saw him, too.

A redcoat shoot at Paul. George called out, but it was already too late. Paul had fallen down.

A group of colonists ran forward and picked up Paul.

“Which part is hurt?”, asked one of them.

Paul did not answer. He had already fainted.

“Carry him back. Others, stay at the battlefield.”, commanded George.
It was not until midnight that the battle ended.

Chapter 5

Paul woke up a week later.

As soon as he opened his eyes, George rushed to him.

“We’ve killed 250 redcoats with only 90 wounded!”

“That’s a great success.”, whispered Paul.

“News in Lexington has spread throughout the world now. You know, it is pretty astonishing to have someone fight against the mighty Great Britain.”

The two of them laughed.

“And,” continued George, “ our enemy was the greatest army in the world, Paul. Get well soon. The war has just begun.”

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